Beers Biographical Record On-line

The People who Made this Possible

You ask, "Who has made this whole project possible?"

The answer is "Motivated volunteer genealogists from all over the world." Anyone using the Beers Biographical Record On-line owes a debt of thanks to these folks. They have transcribed, scanned, edited, supported, and encouraged.

Thanks to you all!

Donald Ackley
Barbara Bower
Anna Cauffield Burns
Cathy Cadd
Alexander Caldwell
Cherie Clark
Virginia Edwards
Dorothy Elwood
Dale E. Enlow
Terry Fillows
LuShelle Fletcher
Wilbur Frye
Sara Greer
Bobbi Harville
Larry Jones
Sharon McConnell
Marilyn K. MacKendrick
Jack McNatt
John R. Mort
Neil & Marilyn Morton
Rhea Nagorski
Sherry Norton
Kathy Petty
Al Roberts
Jacie Ailes-Runyan
Richard Singhaus
Karen Souhrada
Bobbi Steele
Paula Talbert
Betty Stewart

Tawna Brown
Elizabeth Burns
Matha Burns
Linda Carroll
Liz DuBois
Tom L. Forest
Patti Godesky
Theresa Hallam
Dick Howell
Julie Jolly
Ed Macke
D. M. Madsen
Georgeann Malowney
Bob Masters
Jean Suplick Matuson
Kathy McDowell
Gina Nestor
Barbara Osz
George A. & Mary Ann Plance
Marsha Richins
Marcia Rothman
Nelda Rowland
Lee & Judy Schaeffer
Marion L. Smith
Victoria Smith
Justin Tharp
Laura M. Thomas
Dawna Trainor
Linda Vourlogianes
Lee Weller

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