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Original Photo Receipt

Below is a copy of an original receipt for publication of a lithograph portrait in the Commemorative Biographical Record. The receipt was sent to us by William R. Blackstock of Houston, Texas. It is made out to Matthew McConaughy, an ancestor of Bill's, for publication of his father's, Alexander McConaughy, portrait which can be found on page 643 of the book.

On the back of the receipt is written the name M Goorich Agent. The original blank receipt was dated 1892 but changed to 1893 supposedly when he paid this sum. We assume the majority of the promotion for the publication was done in 1892. Matthew also requested fifty extra copies. Beers only offered fifteen with payment.

The text of the receipt appears as follows:

$85.00  [McDonald] P. O., Penn., [Jan 19] 1892.

          In Consideration of their undertaking the publication of an Illustrated Work entitled
therance thereof, I hereby authorize J. H. BEERS & CO. to RESERVE SPACE FOR and insert in said work a 
LITHOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT [of Alexander McConaughy (decd)] for which I promise to pay to them, or order,
                                                           Eighty Five Dollars

payment to be made on publication of said volume and delivery of fifteen [strike, 50] extra copies of said portrait to me, or at
my residence or place of business.  I also agree to furnish the photograph within ten days from date hereof.
          Book not included in this contract.
[Robinson] Township                                         [M. McConaughy]

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