Distribution of Estate of Israel Bebout

The following was submitted by John E. Mellick of Merritt Island, FL for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in March 1998.

John writes:

I recently received from Beverly Lange, a Bebout researcher of Pullman WA, a photocopy of the Distribution of Estate of Israel Bebout, who died intestate in Paris, Washington Co PA in 1895. We had finally found the parents of William Ward 1816-1862 of Licking Co OH, to be John Ward and Elizabeth Bebout. We were attempting to put that family together, and were making some progress guessing at their children by reading the Martinsburg Presbyterian Church records of Knox Co OH. Then came the D of E, which listed Elizabeth Bebout's children as heirs, and pretty much confirmed the names of her family, that we had been guessing at. I retyped the D of E to send to my cousin Jackie, so its now digital. Beverly Lange said I could share anything she gave me. This was originally typed by Mrs H E Faulk, 288 Buffalo St, Beaver PA, date unknown.


(AUDIT BOOK 1 PAGE 194) ISRAEL BEBOUT born 1810 died Aug. 30, 1895 Paris PA. DISTRIBUTION OF THE ESTATE AS FOLLOWS: 1-NANCY, sister, Paris, Pa. $229.46 2-RACHAEL ABRAHAM, Bellefountaine, Ohio. $229.46 3-JACOB BEBOUT, heirs HAMILTON BEBOUT, New Brighton, Pa. $114.73 of this $26 to John Boots WILLIAM BEBOUT, (deceased) heirs (not all ascertained) $114.73 4-ELIZABETH BEBOUT WARD, (deceased) heirs, Samuel Ward, Vinton, Iowa $32.78 Elizabeth W. Elliott, Edson Ohio $32.78 Rispah W. Brown, (heirs not ascertained) Israel Ward, (deceased) heirs, Lizzie M.Konkle, Birmingham, Ala. $16.39 Mary Best, Shelby, Iowa $16.39 Thomas Ward, heirs, Eddie Ward, Rochelle, Ill. $10.92 William E. Ward, Chicago, Ill $10 John W. Ward, Los Angeles, Cal. $10.93 William Ward, heirs (not ascertained) John Ward, heirs, Mrs Mary Whitmer, Canton Ohio, $16.39 Maggie Gibbs, Canton, Ohio, $16.39 5-RISPAH BEBOUT BUCHANAN, heirs, Benjamin Bebout Buchanan, Paris, Pa. $114.73 Hannah B. Buchanan, Paris, Pa. $114.73 6-ABRAHAM BEBOUT, heirs, (not ascertained) $229.46 (Alexander Flick's line) 7-SAMUEL BEBOUT, heirs, Will S. Bebout (minor) guardian William Campbell, Hamden Jct. Jackson Co. Ohio $229.46 8-PETER BEBOUT, heirs, Elizabeth R. Warden, North Robison, Ohio; Joshua Bebout (not ascertained); Hannah Wilson, (not ascertained); Vincent Bebout, (not ascertained); Nancy Barnes, (not ascertained); Peter Bebout, (not ascertained); Abraham Bebout, Hopkins, Nodaway Co. Mo.; Rachael B. McGuire, Clorinda, Page Co. Iowa; Sarah B. Scott, Clorinda, Page Co. Iowa; 9-JOHN BEBOUT, (deceased) heirs, James Bebout, (not ascertained); John Bebout, (not ascertained); Stewart Bebout, Waterford, Ohio; Benjamin Bebout, Logan, Ohio; Mary Jane Austin, Monticello, Ind.; Elizabeth Bushfield, (not ascertained); Thomas Bebout, 212 Grove Alley, East Liverpool Ohio; all $32.78 J.P.McCalmont, EXECUTOR $500.00; Attorney J.F.McFarland $34.00; COLLECTED AND COMPILED BY MRS. H.E.FAULK 288 BUFFALO ST. BEAVER, PA. Courtesy of Beverly Matson Lange, Pullman, WA Retyped by John E. Mellick, 1-21-98

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