Robert Caldwll Estate Sale

The following compiled by Ray Plunkett, 3rd great-grandson and Ed Macke, 4th great-grandson, and submitted for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in February 1998.

Did your ancestor attend this Estate Sale in Strabane township in 1804? Name spelling is as it appeared on the vendue list.

John Allison Thomas Arthor Jean Caldwell (the widow)
William Caldwell (son) James Carr Lemuel Coneley
Henerey Crites Robert Crouts John Frier
James Gallougher John Gilmor Isac Gowday
Alex Hamilton (s-in-l) James Hamilton George Kirk
John Madden Alexander McClean James McNutt
James Milleney John Milloney John Munn
James Neel Nathaniel Paramore James Patterson
John Patterson (s-in-l) Thomas Paxton Daniel Quivey
John Ralph Peter Shakle William Sheets
William Sparks Edmond Thomas

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