Company I
Fifth West Virginia Cavalry
Coal Center & California, Pa.

The following was submitted by Glen Dixon of West Yellowstone, MT for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 2000.

Glen writes:

95% of the information below was obtained from a very rare out of print book entitled:  "History of the Fifth West Virginia Cavalry, -Formerly The Second Virginia Infantry"  by Frank S. Reader, and Published in 1890 by the Daily News in New Brighton, Pa.  I transcribed the article in question from the muster roll that was located in the book.  The other 5% of material came from other independent sources.  The book is very rare and I have seen one copy at the Library of Congress in Wash. D.C. and one copy at the California, Pa. Area Historical Society, in California, Pa. 


Company raised from Greenfield (modern Coal Center) and California, 
Washington Co., Pa., in July 1861.  Mustered out in July 1864.  Saw 
action at Cross Keys, Ceder Mt., 2nd. Bull Run, Rocky Gap, Droop Mt., 
Salem Raid and Cloyd’s Mt.

RANK             NAME                  REMARKS

Captain          SMITH, Lewis E.       Resigned Nov. 23, 1862.  Struck by piece of shell at Cross keys.        
                                       Captured at Fauquier Co., Va., Aug. 1862.  Taken to Libby
                                       Prison,  where his health was broken down.  He was later             
                                       paroled and  exchanged. 
1st. Lt &        TRUXAL, Norval W.     Promoted from 1st. Lt. To Captain, Dec. 27, 1862.
Captain                                Elected Captain Nov. 24, 1862.
1st. Lt.         DEVORE,               A.A.     Resigned Oct. 10, 1861.
Sgt. & 2nd.Lt.   BILLINGSLEY, Jas.K.   Promoted  to Capt. Co. C., Apr. 15, 1863.  Wounded in Ankle at  
& 1st.Lt.                              Cross Keys.
1st. Lt.         DAY, Charles H.       Transferred from Co. H & E, May 24, 1863.  Elected 1st.Lt. Dec. 3, 
1st. Lt.         WILLIAMSON, D.F.      Transferred from Co. K.  Resigned.
Sgt. &           MONTGOMERY, Jas. B.   Promoted from Sgt. To 2nd. Lt., Dec. 25, 1862.
2nd. Lt.
Corp. &          HUTCHISON, O.M.J.     Promoted from Corp. to 1st. Sgt., May 25, 1863. 
Ist. Sgt.
Sgt.             KENT, Jacob                     
Sgt.             QUALK, Jacob          Discharged for disability, Dec. 15, 1861.
Sgt.             HORNBAKE, Jacob       Wounded in arm at 2nd. Bull Run.
Sgt.             LATTA, Alexander           
Corp. &.         UNDERWOOD, Geo.       Captured at West Union.  Paroled.  
Corp.            AMALONG, Samuel       Discharged for disability, Feb. 18, 1862.
Corp.            BIGELOW, Jas. T.      Prisoner
Corp.            DWYER, Theophilus     Wounded at Rocky Gap & Captured, Aug.26, 1863.
Corp.            KENT, Samuel          Wounded at 2nd. Bull Run, Captured at West Union.
Corp.            GARTON, William       Wounded at 2nd. Bull Run, Captured on Salem Raid, Dec. 1863, 
                                       Died in Andersonville.      
Corp.            LEADBEATER, Abrm.     Discharged for disability, Oct.  1861.
Corp.            LICHTEBERGER, Elijah  Prisoner.
Corp.            LOPP, John            Discharged for disability, Jan.22, 1863.
Corp.            MAYHORN, Robert       Captured at West Union.
Corp.            WARD, Stephen H.      Prisoner.
Corp.            WEAVER, John H.        
Wagoner &        DOWLER, James R.

Private          AILES, John F.       	Killed by falling tree, Nov. 27, 1861.
                 AMMON, Jesse          	Captured on Salem Raid, Dec. 1863.
                 BARNHART, Henry     	Wounded at Beverly, Apr. 24, 1863, Died of wounds.
                 BENEDICT, Sidney J. 	Deserted.
                 BILLINGSLEY, Jacob D.	Re-enlisted, Jan. 5, 1864.
                 BEE, Thomas         	Captured at 2nd. Bull Run.
                 BOYD, George D.      	Captured near Centerville.
                 BUNTING, William      	Re-enlisted Jan.5, 1864.
                 BALDWIN, Nathaniel    	Transferred to Invalid Corps, Nov. 1863.
                 BLAIR, James W.           
                 BILLINGSLEY, W.H.   	Wounded at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863, Captured.   Died at              
                 CARPENTER, David O. 	Trans. From Co. B., July 1, 1863?, Re-enlisted as veteran, Jan. 5, 
                 CHESTER, Joseph W.         
                 CLARK, Augustus      	Captured at Rocky Gap, Aug. 26, 1863.
                 CLENDANIEL, Silas J.
                 CLENDANIEL, Geo. W.	Recruit, July 5, 1863.  Trans. To Co. G., July 19, 1864.
                 CONNARD, John H.           
                 CROW, John N.        	Re-enlisted as veteran, Jan. 5, 1864.
                 CRUMRINE, Marion     	Re-enlisted as veteran, Jan. 5, 1864.
                 DEHAVEN, Jehu
                 DEVERS, Henry E.   	Also listed as H.E. DEVORE.
                 DOWLING, Michael    	Also listed as M. DOWLING.
                 EVANS, John C.      	Discharged for disability, Jan. 1, 1863.
                 FITTSIMMONS, G.H.
                 FREEMAN, Louis, M. 	Died of Typhoid Fever, Feb. 14, 1862.
                 GEHO, William        	Captured at West Union.
                 GORDON, James H.     	Discharged for disability, May 31, 1862.
                 GRAHAM, Dewitt C.    	Discharged for disability, Jan. 22, 1863.
                 HARRIS, Andrew, J.  	Wounded at 2nd. Bull Run, Discharged Nov.21, 1862.
                 HARRIS, Andrew, J.  	Recruit July 5, 1863, Transferred to Co.G., July 19, 1864.
                 HARRIS, William J.   	Captured at West Union.
                 HERRON, Robert
                 HIXENBAUGH, Chas. S. 	Captured at Rocky Gap, Aug. 22, 1863. 
                 HOWDEN, Noble       	Also known as N. HOUDON.
                 HOWE, Daniel       	Killed by Guerrillas at Bull Pasture, Va., Apr. 26, 1863.
                 HOWE, Lemuel B.     	Recruit July 5, 1863.  Wounded & captured at Rocky Gap, Aug.    
                                  	27, 1863.  Died in Andersonville.
                 HORNBAKE, William H.  	Musician.
                 JOBES, Andrew, N.              
                 JOBES, Joseph         	Captured at West Union.
                 JOBES, Albert        	Left at Armory Square Hospital, Sept. 25, 1862. Discharged.
                 JOBES, Samuel  
                 JOBES, William        	Discharged for disability, Sept. 8, 1862.
                 JOHNSON, James      	Discharged for disability, Nov. 15, 1861.
                 JOHNSON, Joseph            
                 JONES, Edward         	Wounded at Bull Run.  Captured.
                 LANCASTER, Hugh    
                 LATTA, William L.
                 MARKER, George       	Re-enlisted as veteran, Jan. 25, 1864.
                 MAYHORN, Joseph E.   	Discharged for disability, Jan. 22, 1863.
                 McCAIN, Isaac C.      	Recruit, July 5, 1863.  Trans. To Co. G., July 19, 1864.
                 McCOY, Robert A.
                 McCOY, William
                 McDONALD, Robert A.
                 MILLER, Sansom       	Deserted.
                 MOORE, Allen
                 McLAUCHLIN, John    	Discharged for disability, Oct. 26, 1861.
                 McCAIN, James P.
                 NORCROSS, Albert    	Recruit, July 5, 1863.  Trans. To Co. G., July 19, 1864.
                 NORCROSS, William
                 PATTERSON, Nathaniel 	Discharged for disability, Jan. 22, 1863.
                 PETERS, John        	Discharged for disability, Sept. 27, 1863.
                 PHILLIPS, David R.
                 QUALK,  Hiram       	Shot through right lung, May 1864.
                 READER, Frank S.    	Captured
                 READER, James       	Discharged for disability, Oct. 22, 1861.
                 RIMMEL, Frederick   	Captured at Bull Run?
                 RIMMEL, John. S.    	Wounded at 2nd. Bull Run.
                 RIMMEL, John Jr.
                 RUSSEL, Felix
                 SHAFFER, Augustus    	Discharged for disability, Aug. 8, 1862.
                 SHOWALTERS, William  	Deserted.
                 SIKES, Nehemiah
                 SIVERT, Charles W.   	Wounded in leg-amputated.  Fauq. W.H. Sulphur Springs, 
                                                                                Aug.26, 1862.  Discharged, Jan. 9, 1863.
                 SOULSBY, Cuthbert   	Killed at Grafton, July 7, 1863.
                 THOMAS, Phillip       	Recruit.
                 TRUXAL, Henry F.   	Recruit Nov. 15, 1862.  Died of Typhoid Fever at Beverly, 
                                                                        Dec. 31, 1862.
                 TRUXAL, John W.    	Recruit, Nov. 15, 1862.  Trans. To Co. G., July 19, 1864.
                 UNDERWOOD, Elihu    	Re-enlisted as veteran, Jan. 5, 1864.  Bugler.
                 WALKER, Thomas J.   	Wounded in leg at Bull Pasture, while out with foraging party.
                 WEAVER, Abraham V.        
                 WEAVER, John
                 WELLS, Hiram A.         
                 WILKINS, William R.  
                 WILLIAMS, John R.
                 WISE, Elloit Finley
                 WORRELL, William H.
                 YOUNG, Nathaniel
                 YOUNG, Robert
                 YOUNG, Thomas       	Orderly.  Trans. To Ewing’s Battery, Nov. 13, 1861.

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