DAR application of Sarah Eleanor Kelly
to the Pittsburgh, Penna. chapter.

The following transcription of a DAR application was submitted by Clair John "Bill" Thompson, Sr of Lincoln Park, MI for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in February 1998.

Bill writes:

This document was used by a descendant of William Kelly b. Ireland d. Shippensburg, PA to establish her eligibility for the Daughters of the American Revolution. It is being submitted for its genealogical value and in hopes that other William Kelly descendants will be able to establish their own eligibility to either the DAR or the Sons of the American Revolution should they want to do so. Descendants of William's son, James Kelly, of the Buffalo Township, "S"-bridge Kellys, are very numerous in Washington Co., PA. I would very much like to contact the applicant, or her siblings/descendants. Photocopy was sent to me by Mary Jane (Roberts) Kelley of Colorado, and I am grateful to her--cjt. Please visit my Kelly / Kelley searchable outline at: http://www.fuggit.com which will provide additional names, dates, places etc. for new applications. (Note: William Kelly is my 4th great grandfather.)

                                         OF THE
                             DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
                                     WASHINGTON, D. C.
                 RECORD COPY                          State               Pennsylvania
                                                      City                Pittsburgh
                                                      Name of Chapter     Pittsburgh
National Number   485097  

(Miss)     Sarah                          Eleanor                                 Kelly
         (First Name)               (Middle or Maiden name)                    (Last Name)

Wife ___    Widow ___  Divorced ___ 
Residence     5141                    Fifth Avenue                  Pittsburgh 32, Penna.
             Number                       Street                         City      State

                                       DESCENDANT OF 
                                       William Kelly                                                                 

The undersigned have investigated and approve the applicant and her application.

                                                            Marion K. Olds (Mrs. E. A.)
                                                                     Chapter Secretary
                           Oct 20, 1961         Gertrude F or L Philby? (Mrs. C. A. Jr)
                                                                     Chapter Registrar 
                                                            Sara R. Konntz (Mrs. B. H.)
                                                                     Chapter Secretary

Application, duplicate, and Fees received by Treasurer General                     Nov 13, 1961
Application and duplicate received by Organizing Secretary General                 Nov 13, 1961
Application and duplicate received by Registrar General                            Nov 14, 1961
Application verified and approved                                                  Nov 24, 1961
                                                                      Marcha B. Hayward
                                                                            Registrar General

Accepted by the National Board of Management                                       Dec 6, 1961
                                                                  Betty Newkirk Seimes?
                                                                   Recording Secretary General

Endorsement for membership at large:
         State Regent

     Nominated and recommended by the two undersigned members of the Society in good 
standing, to whom the applicant is personally known.  Endorsers must be of same Chapter;
if joining At Large, of the same State.

                              ENDORSED IN HANDWRITING BY

Name       Genevieve D. Lippincottt (Mrs. H. C.)             Name Hellen W. Garber (Mrs. H. R.)
Residence          6330 Wilkins Ave                                      4725 Bayard St.
Chapter                 Pittsburgh                                         Pittsburgh



     I,  Sarah Eleanor Kelly  being of the age of eighteen years and upwards, 
hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of lineal desecnt in the following
line from William Kelly who was born in Ireland on the ____day of ____ , 17___ and 
died in Shippensburg, Pa.  on the 1st day of  Nov, 1779  His place of residence during 
the Revolution was Cumberland Co., Penna.
        (Please give all dates by numerals, month first, and given name in full)    

                               I am the daughter of
1.  Harry F. Kelly______________________ born on Dec 14, 1888 at Pittsburgh, Penna.
     died at ______________________on________________and his (first or              ) wife
     Eleanor Butler _____________________born on June 19, 1895 at Pittsburgh, Penna.
     died at ______________________on _______________ married on Feb 3, 1915

2.  The said   Harry F. Kelly    was the child of
     Andrew Jackson Kelly, Jr.      born on Nov. 1, 1856 at Buffalo Twp. Washington Co., Pa
     died at  Pittsburgh, Penna.    on  Nov. 1, 1927 and his (first or              ) wife
     Julia S. Kuhn       born on Jan. 5, 1859 at Pittsburgh, Penna . 
     died at   Pittsburgh, Penna.    on      March 25, 1947   married on  _____________ 

3.  The said  Andrew Jackson Kelly, Jr.   was the child of
     Andrew Jackson Kelly, Sr.      born on         1832 at Buffalo Twp. Washington Co., Pa
     died at  Buffalo Twp, Washington Co. on   Feb. 15, 1911 and his (first or      ) wife
     Margaret-Ann Bower Matthews    born on         1839 at   Washington Co., Pa
     died at  Buffalo Twp, Washington Co. on        1870      married on  _____________

4.  The said  Andrew Jackson Kelly, Sr.   was the child of
     James Kelly                    born on March 1, 1779 at Shippensburg, Penna.
     died at  Buffalo Twp, Washington Co. on   bet.-1860-70 and his (first or       ) wife
     Catharine Rogers               born on         1795 at              Penna.
     died at Living Wash Co Pa census     on aft 1810 census  married on  _____________

5.  The said  James Kelly                 was the child of
     William Kelly                  born on              at  Ireland
     died at  Shippensburg, Pa           on     Nov. 1, 1779 and his (first or      ) wife
     Martha McCourtney              born on     1757     at  Ireland
     died at  Washington Co., Pa         on 1-2-1827          married on  _____________

6.  The said  William Kelly  Revolutionary War Soldier

                                 REFERENCES FOR LINEAGE

     Give National Numbers of mother __________; grandmother_______________; or
any other close relatives credited with this ancestor ___________.

     Give below Authorities, published or unpublished, covering all names, dates,
places and connections between generations inthis line from the grandparents
through the generation of this Revolutionary ancestor.  Send one certified,
attested or photostatic copy of each piece of unpublished data.  Cite published
authorities by title, author, edition, volume and page

    [Here are hand scribbled (very hard to read and interpret) references to the 1850, 
     1860 and 1870 census reports of Buffalo Twp., Washington Co., Pa, Beers' Commemorative 
     Biographical Record of Washington Co., Pa and DAR records of tombstones in 
     Washington Co., PA] 

     Give, if possible, the following data:  My Revolutionary ancestor was married
(1) to Martha McCourtney               at   Ireland              , 1_______

                      (by each marriage, if married more than once)

    Names                      Date of Birth             To Whom Married, noting if
                                                           Married more than once

Mary                                                   Richard Mounts
Jane                                                   John Mounts
Sarah                                                  Robert Marshall
Elizabeth                                              Wm. Montgomery
John                                                   ? ?
James                           3-1-1779               Catherine Rogers

Proof of above marriages is found in the census records of Washington County,
Penn.  1850-1860-1870

John was in Washington Co.-Penn. by 1793

     I was born on February 9, 1935 at Pittsburgh, Pa
married on ____________ at _____________ by ____________________
to _______________ who was born on ______________

Divorced on ___________________ at __________________________

                                ELIGIBILITY CLAUSE

                                ANCESTOR'S SERVICES

     My ancestor's services in assisting in the establishment of American Inde-
pendence during the War of the Revolution were as follows:

My ancestor's (William Kelly) place of residence during the Revolution 
was Cumberland Co., Penna.

                       (See below for further information)

     Wm Kelly - private - Cumberland Co. Pa May 24, 1779
                     Capt Thomas Askey's Co. 1st Batt
                     Col. James Dunlap

Returned with duplicate paper; 35 p. data

     The said William Kelly
is the ancestor who assisted in establishing American Independence, while act-
ing in the capacity of Private A class roale of Cpt. Thomas Askey's Co. of the
first Battn of Cumberland Co., Militia Commanded by  James 
Dunlap.  (May 24th, 1779 - 8th Class - Wm. Kelly)

     Give references by volume and page to the documentary or other authorities
for -- MILITARY RECORD:  Where reference is made to unpublished or inaccessible
records of servie, the applicant must file the official copy.
Vol.        6     pages 60,61-62 - Penna Archives, 3rd 5th Series
     The following form of acknowledgment is required:
     Applicant further says that the said William Kelly
(name of ancestor from whom eligibility is derived) is the ancestor mentioned in 
the foregoing application, and that the statements hereinbefore set forth are true
to the best of her knowledge and belief.
     The applicant also pledges allegiance to the United States of America and
agrees to support its Constitution.  This applies to aplicants for membership
within the United States of America and its territories.

           (Signature of Applicant)    Sarah Eleanor Kelly
     Subscribed and sworn to before me at Pittsburgh, Pa.
this         17th         day of    July      A. D.    1961
[seal]                                                       Dorothea Crane
                                                       Dorthea Crane, Signature of Notary

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