Will of John DeFrance of Cross Creek Village

The following transcription was submitted by Charles T. DeFrance of DeLand, FL for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1997.

Charles writes:

Additions to the transcription are enclosed in parentheses ( ). Questions of readability are enclosed in brackets [ ]. The will recorded in Washington Co, PA Courthouse Vol 5, Pg 436.

In the name of God Amen 
I, John Defrance of Cross Creek Township in County of 
Washington and State of Pennsylvania. Being weak in Body, but 
of sound mind and memory. Blessed be Almighty God for the 
same do make and publish this my last Will and Testiment in 
Manner and form following, [...]. 
Item It is My Will and I do order that all my just debts and 
funeral expenses be paid and duly satisfied as soon as 
conveniently can be After My decease. 
Item It is my Will. and I do order that as soon as 
conveniently can be after My decease, My Executors herein 
After named shall [at] publish [....] sell all my real and 
Personal Estate. 
Item I Give and bequeath unto My beloved wife Martha 
Defrance all my house hold and kitchen furniture, and one 
hundred dollars in money. 
Item I give and bequeath unto my son Hugh Defrance three 
hundred and fifty dollars. My Silver Watch, and all my 
wearing appearel. 
Item It is my Will and I do order. that the remainder Of My 
Estate be Divided equally Amongest My children to wit. Hugh 
Defrance, Sarah M.Carty, Allison Defrance, Rebecca Defrance, 
Ann Crea, Jane Allender, Mariah Ewing and the heirs of my 
Daughter Martha Donehoo, deceased, namely her two children 
John and Nancy Donehoo. 
Item I allow and order that before the last mentioned equal 
distribution of my estate be made that my Grand Child Thomas, 
Son of my Daughter Ruth, deceased, receive out of my estate 
fifty dollars. to put out at interest as soon as convenient 
After my decease, and to be given him as soon as he arives at 
the age of twenty one years. 
Item One Mare that Jane Allender got to [...] for the sum of 
sixty dollars in her share. 
Item It is further my Will that if My Wife or any of My 
heirs should bring in any plea of debt against My estate, 
further than in my will their part shall be only twenty 
I nominate and appoint my Trusty friends James Simpson of 
Smith Township, Washington County, Pa and James Donehoo of 
Cross Creed Township in same County of Washington, the 
Executors of this My last Will and Testiment. In witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty 
eighth day of June in the year of our Lord One thousand eight 
hundred and thirty eight. 
(Signed) John Defrance 
Signed sealed published and pronounced by said Testator as 
his last Will and Testament in the presence of us, who in his 
presence and at his request have subscribed as Witnessed 
herein to. 
(Signed) B.F. Murray 
(Signed) William [Magill]
Washington County Pa. Be it remembered that on this [8th] 
day of [december] A D 1838 before me [...] Cunningham 
Register for the probate of wills and granting letters of 
administration in and for said county came B.F. Murray and 
William [Magill] the subscribing witnesses to the within 
[....] Will and Testament of John Defrance dic. who being 
duly [.....] on the law directly do [....] and say that they 
were personally present and did see the Testator therein 
named execute the will and did hear him publish pronounce and 
declare the same as and for his last will and testament. That 
at the time of [....] [....] he was of sound mind and 
disposing mind memory and understanding to the best of their 
knowledge [..........] and belief. 
Affirmed to and subscribed before me 
(Signed) [G...] Cunningham Regr. 
(Signed) B.F. Murray 
(Signed) William [Magill]
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