Deposition in the Case of Mary Frazee

The following was submitted by Terry (McClintock) Fillow of [TBD] for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in July 1998.

Terry writes:

It is the deposition of the Widow Application of Mary McKinney Frazee for the Pension of Jacob C. Frazee. Seems full of information! It was originally transcribed by Dorothy Morris in Nov. 1978 and was retyped by Terry Fillow in January 1998.

Deposition A, Case of Mary Frazee
No. 594,522
From Cert. #435,710,
Nat'l Archives, Wash. D.C.,
Section A, Bundle 8, Box 42507
Widow of Jacob C. Frazee, Co.D, 140th Pa. On this 24 day of November, 1896, at Lone Pine, County of Washington, State of Pa., before me, Elmer E. Helman, a Special Examiner of the Pension Office, personally appeared Mary Frazee, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to her during this Special Examination of aforesaid pension claim, deposes and says:

My full and correct name with its correct spelling is Mary Frazee. I have no middle name. My age is 66 years. I reside with my children, and my P.O. address if Lone Pine, Washington Co., Pa. I have no occupation.

My parents were Oliver McKinney and Rebecca McKinney, maiden name Barker, now dead. I was born near Lone Pine, Washington Co., Pa., Feby 8, 1830. I have always lived in the Lone Pine community, never was away from it.

My late husband's full and correct name was Jacob Christopher Frazee but he never used the initial "C" in pension matters, but did in other matters.

Jacob C. Frazee was born near Hickory, Washington Co., Pa., April 11, 1828. His parents were William Frazee and Mary Frazee, maiden name Fox, I believe, now both dead. Jacob C. went to Ohio with his parents, near Coshocton, Ohio, and lived there until he was about 14 years old, then returned to Washington Co., Pa., with his brother, David, now dead, made his home with his uncle, Col. David Frazee, now dead, and worked out among the farmers, and always lived in Lone Pine community after that.

I was married to Jacob C. Frazee on Jany. 12, 1850, by Rev. Lyman P. Streator, who preached at Christian Church, Lone Pine, Pa., and elsewhere, and now resides near Washington, Pa. We were married at house of David Frazee, dead, son of Col. David Frazee, now dead. Owen Pike, Sarah Curry, Leah Frazee, John Frazee, and others, living and dead, of Lone Pine community, saw us married.

I had not been previously married. Jacob C. Frazee had not been previously married. I knew him all of 10 years before I married him.

I lived with Jacob Frazee, as his wife, from date of our marriage until he died. We were not divorced. We never separated, legally, or otherwise.

Jacob C. Frazee died April 2, 1894, and is buried in Lone Pine Cemetery, but has no tombstone yet. Wm. Wylie, Washington, Pa., was the undertaker. I have no marriage certificate, and no record of my marriage, or of the date of my husband's death. Rev. Streator has a record of my marriage.

Jacob C. Frazee's life was not insured, and I received no insurance or benefits at his death. He was G.A.R. man, and the expenses of his funeral were paid by Washington Co., Pa., under a state law, providing for burial of indigent soldiers.

Jacob C. Frazee died from a cancer on his face and neck, from which he had suffered for 6 or 7 years. It first appeared on his lip.

Jacob C. Frazee left no real estate. He never owned any property at all, real estate. He was a farmer by occupation. He left no money in bank, no personal investments of any kind.

I was raised by Col. David Frazee, dead, my husband's uncle. When he died about 1855, he left me, by will, a life estate in about 37 acres of land, partly in Amwell, and partly in West Bethlehem Townships, Washington Co., Pa. At my death such estate goes to my children equally. I lived on such farm with my husband until he died.

On the place is a house, frame, of 4 rooms, erected by us in about 1872, also a stable, erected after the house, also some other buildings, small. No one lives on the farm now. The land was put into hands of a trustee by old Col. Frazee. The Col's son, David, now dead, was first trustee. After my husband's death, my son Thomas Frazee was appointed trustee. David Frazee died about 10 years ago. After his death there was no trustee, until my husband die, then my son Thomas was appointed.

The place is now rented to my son David Frazee, P.O. Lone Pine, Pa. I do not know the rent.

For all matters concerning my land, taxes, expenses, income from farm etc, I must refer you to my son Thomas J. Frazee, who is trustee of my life estate.

Outside of my life estate in this land, I own no real estate anywhere, and I have no right, title or interest in any other real estate anywhere. I have no personal property in the world, except a little old cow. I have no money in bank, or at interest, and have no source of income outside of my land.

I have not remarried since soldier died, or have not lived with any man as his wife since then. Jacob C. Frazee left no children under 16 years of age when he died.

There is no one legally bound for my support. There is no written or verbal agreement on part of any one or more of my children, or on part of anyone else for my support.

Jacob C Frazee was a soldier of late war. He served in Co. D, 140 Pa. Vol. Inf., in Btty C, Pa., L.A., and in Btty B, 1 R.I. Arty. Here is his discharge showing that he enlisted Aug. 22, 1862, and was discharged June 8, 1865. He had only one discharge certificate. He was at home on furlough once during his army service, can't recall time. He never served in the Confederate army or navy. He didn't go to the army until 2 year of war, and didn't come home to stay until war was over, so I know that he never rendered any military or naval service other than the above.

I am an applicant for pension as widow of Jacob C. Frazee, but do not know under what law. I do not know wherein the farm in which I have a life interest fails to support me. I have not wanted for the necessaries of life since soldier died. My son, Thomas J. Frazee, is my trustee, and looks after my affairs. He is not my guardian, or committee. I have no such thing. He is trustee over my property. I do not desire to be present when witnesses are examined in my pension claim, but my son Thomas J. can do so if he wishes. I have understood all questions. The foregoing has been read to me in full and my statements correctly recorded.

Mary Frazee

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 24 day of Nov., 1896, and I certify that the contents were fully made known to deponent before signing.

Elmer E. Helman
Special Examiner

[I have a copy of the original record, typed above, from the Archives in D.C. It consists of 4 handwritten pages, numbered 10 through 13. Dorothy Morris (Terry Fillow's Mom)]

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