Will of John Donaldson

The following transcription was submitted by Mike Donaldson of TBD for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in May 1998.

Will of John Donaldson (1800-1880)
In the name of God, Amen, this July the nineteenth, one thousand eight hundred 
seventy seven (1877), I John Donaldson of Allen Township, Washington County 
and the State of Pennsylvania, being of sound mind, do make my will as follows 
to wit: 
First I will that all my just debts be paid out of my estate and all my 
funeral expenses and that I be burried in a Christian like manner. Second, I 
will to my son William Donaldson, now residing in Montgomery County, Missouri, 
my farm in Montgomery County, Missouri containing one hundred and sixty acres, 
more or less, and that shall be his full share and portion of my estate. 
Third, I will to my son James Donaldson, a lot of land commencing at his coal 
house and running sixty feet along the publick road then a line parrelel with 
his lot to the river. Fourth, I will to my daughter Martha J Donaldson, all 
the land together with the building and improvements beginning on the river 
shore at the corner of the above described lot of James Donaldson's thence 
down the river to the lower corner of the garden, thence parralell along the 
garden fence to the road, thence by said road to the corner of James 
Donaldson's lot. 
Fifth, I will to my son James Donaldson, the land commencing at the lower 
corner of the garden thence down the river to thefirst crop fence thence by 
said fence any a walnut tree to the public road thence up said road to Martha 
J Donaldson's corner, near the barn. And I also will to my son James 
Donaldson all the surface of my land above the public road together with three 
acres of Merchantable coal at the mouth of the Pit.. 
Sixth, I will all my land below the the public road from the land above 
described of James Donaldson down to Samuel Clark's line at Clark (illegible) 
together with all my coal except the above named three acres to my children, 
namely Alexander, John and Martha Donaldson, Catherine internamed with 
Benjamin Crow and the children of Lucinda internamed with James Krepps, now 
deceased, to be equally divided between the above namedAlexander, John, and 
Martha Donaldson,and Catherine Crow, and the children of Lucinda Krepps, is to 
have their mothers share. 
Seventh, I will that my son James Donaldson shall (pay ?) four hundred dollars 
to Olive B. Park when she arrives at the age of twentyone years, but if she 
should die before she is of age, the four hundred dollars shall be equally 
divided between all my heirs except William he gets none of it.. And the land 
of James Donaldson shall be bound for her interest in my estate. 
Eighth, and lastly I will that all my personal estate, Goods and Chattles of 
whatever kind and nature to James, Alexander, John and Martha J Donaldson, and 
Catherine Crow, and the children of Lucinda Krepps. Said children shall have 
their mothers share which shall be equal to the rest of my children.. 
And I do hereby appoint my son James Donaldson and James L Krepps exectors of 
this my last will and testament, revolking all former wills by me made, in 
witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twentieth day of 
July one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven.
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