Revolutionary War Pension Papers for Ephraim Wilson

The following transcription was completed and submitted by June Herron of Green Valley, AZ for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in October 1999. The original papers are located in the National Archives Revolutionary War Pension file.

EPHRAIM WILSON -- Rev.War Pension S-32609

-- under Law of Congress June 7, 1832:

PA Line -- Applied 1833 in Ripley Co, IN [cannot write] Attested by Mishack Hyatt, clergyman & Edward Pendergast. Henry B. Hukill, Probate Judge; David P. Shook, Clerk

Born 18 July 1756 - Sussex Co, DE; Died 22 Mar 1850 - Ripley Co, IN.

[No parents, wife or children given...nor any clues re same!!!]

Volunteered 1774 - Washington Co, PA; then known as, Yahagany Co, VA.

Moved in 1795 to KY [no County given] lived there 22 years, then

Moved ca 1817 to Ripley Co, IN.

Entered service: Washington Co, PA (then known as, Yahagany Co, VA)

(1) first term in May 1774 [yes, 1774] - til July 1774 (2 mos + 2 wks) - Volunteer - under Capt. Richard Johnson, Lt. George Shilling & Ensign John Stergus - was Northwest of Ohio River against Delaware Indians.

(2) May 1778 - Drafted - guard at garrison at mouth of Mentures Run on Ohio River 12 miles below Pittsburgh - under Capt. Zadok Wright, Lt. Dan'l Jacobs (30 days); another month as Sub for Dan'l Brooks - under Capt. Mahany Ivins, Lt. George Shilling (1 mo.)..

(3) Mar-April 1779 - Sub for John Dunkins - under Col. John Cannon, Maj. Gabriel Cox, Capt. David Richy, Lt. John Hull. (1 mo.)

(4) June-August 1779 - Volunteer - 2 mos. - against Muncy Indians - under Col. David Broadhead, Maj. Cox, Capt. SPARKS, & Lt. Peter Frey. Destroyed two Muncy towns & 150 acres of their corn. [These were near the fork of the Allegheny River & French Creek. ]

(5) Mar 1780 til May or June - 2 mos. - Drafted - against Indians on NorthWestern frontier - under Capt. Nathan Ellis, Lt. Jeremiah Ellis; and marched to Tuscarora garrison of Major Butler.

[Total service = 9 months]


1.) Ephraim states that he has proof 'at home' as given to him by his parents. [Perhaps, a family Bible?]

2.) No date as to why, when, or with whom, he moved from DE to PA, but he lived there more than 21 years - in Washington Co.- til 1795.

3.) In 1795 moved to KY - for 22 years; then,

4.) Moved to IN ..... died March 1850 in Ripley Co, IN.

Note: FTM-CD#145 - RW Pension Lists: 1840 Census of RW - IN -

Ripley Co, Johnson twp - Ephraim Wilson, age 84, in hh of Henry Wilson.

Service: Penn. WILSON, EPHRAIM Number: S.32.609

[unreadable except: Del. Yahagany Co., Pa.]

[next sheet is cover of packet] 22104 Indiana

Ephraim Wilson of Ripley Co. in the State of Indiana who was a private in the com commanded by Captain Johnson of the rgts commanded by Col. Cannon in the Penn. line for 7 months.

Inscribed on the Roll of Indiana at the rate of 23 Dollars 33 Cents per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1834.

Certificate of Pension issued the 3rd day of Oct. 1833 and S S Harding Versailles

Arrears to the 4th of Sept 58.32 [+] Semi-anl. allowance ending 4 March 11.66 [=] $79.98

{Revolutionary Claim, Act June 7, 1832} Recorded by Danl Boyd Clerk Book E Vol. 7 Page 134


[next sheet (#3) is pre-printed form -not typed herewith- with calculation of months of service]:

1774 for 2 mos 14 days - Private - under Cap. R. Johnson; age at present 77; entered in PA -- [this time is not counted toward his pension.]

1778 - 1 mo. - under Cap. Wright; 1 mo.; 1779 - 1 mo. - under Col. Cannon, Cap. Cox; 2 mos.; 1780 - 2 mos.; total - 7 mos.]

26.740 Declaration for a Pension

State of Indiana - Ripley County} SS

On the 13th day of May in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and thirty three personally appeared in open Court before the Honorable Henry B. Hukill, probate judge of the Ripley County probate Court sworn oathing Ephraim Wilson a resident of the County of Ripley and State of Indiana aged Seventy seven the 18th day of next July who having first duly sworn according to Law doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. He entered the service in the month of May in the year of 1774 as a volunteer and was commanded by Captain Richard Johnson, Lieut. George Shilling, & Ensign John Stergus. He left the service the first tour the last of July same year as he entered, after serving faithfully for two months and two weeks. This service was rendered on the frontier, North West of the Ohio River against the Delaware Indians. He then in the month of May 1778 was drafted for one month to stand as a guard at the garrison situate at the mouth of Mentures Run on the Ohio River 12 miles below Pittsburgh being this 2nd tour of service he was commanded by Capt. Zadok Wright, & Lieut. Danl Jacobs. When this term of thirty days was expired he entered himself for another month and served as a substitute for one David Brooks. During this term he was commanded by Capt. Mayhany Ivins, & Lieut. George Shilling. He was thus dismissed after serving one month as a substitute for David Brooks and one month on the draft, which added to the first tour of two months and half makes the term of Four months and half. He then a third time entered the service as a substitute for one John Dunkins in the month of March in the year Seventeen hundred and Seventy nine and left the service the last of April same year after faithfully serving for one month more which added to his other terms of service makes five month and half. He was commanded this tour by Col. John Cannon, Major Gabriel Cox, Captain David Richy & Lieut. John Hull. He then a fourth time, the last of June in the year (that the Muncy Towns were destroyed by Col. Broadheads Regiment (this applicant by reason of the loss of memory cannot fix the year by any other event) entered the service as a Volunteer and served for the full term of two months against the Muncy Indians. He left the service the last of August same year. One thing which causes this applicant to fix the season of the year is that at the Muncy town, the company to which he belonged, destroyed about 150 acres of standing corn which belonged to the Indians, and the corn was hardly fit for Roasting Ears at the time. He was commanded by Col. David Broadhead, Major Cox, Capt. Sparks, & Lieut. Peter Fry. This tour of two months added to the other tours makes the term of Seven Months and one half. He then in the month of March in the year of Col. McIntosh campaign, (This applicant by reason of age and the consequent loss of memory cannot fix the time by any other event - but he thinks that it was in the year of 1780). He was drafted and served for two months more against the Indians on the North Western frontier. He left the service for this tour in May or June same year after serving for two months at least. He was commanded by Capt. Nathan Ellis & Lieut. Jeremiah Ellis, and march to the relief of the Tuscarora garrison then under the command of Major Butler. This tour of two months added to the other tours makes Nine Months and a half for which he claims a pension.

He resided at the several times he entered the service in Washington County Pensylvania[sic] (he thinks that it was then called Yahagany County and was considered to belong to Virginia). The 1st & 4th tours of service he was a volunteer, the part of the 2nd and the 5th he was drafted, and a part of the 2nd and the 3rd tours he served as a substitute, for Daniel Brooks and John Dunkins. He was in the Battle of the Wopatomico Towns. During his first tour he marched from what was then termed Yohogany County to Cat Fish camp [aka Augusta Town; now, Washington], from thence to the mouth of the Wheeling Creek, from thence he crossed the Ohio River and went to Indian Meanding[?], from thence to Wills creek, from thence to Still Water, from thence to the River Muskingham, just below the mouth of Wopitornaco [or ?] Wakatornica [?] creek where the Indian town of Thacnome[?] stood. When they destroyed the same from thence he marched back to Pittsburgh and was dismissed by his captain. During his second tour he marched from Pittsburgh to Mentura Run on which stream the garrison was situated, and remained stationary for two months, where he was discharged. During his third tour he marched from Major Gabriel Cox's to Pittsburgh where he remained for some time when he was discharged. During his fourth tour he marched from Catimmoni[?] (now called Armstrong) from thence to the Mouth of French Creek, from thence to the Muncy towns, where the Soldiers destroyed the two towns and about one hundred and fifty acres of standing corn, from thence he marched down the Allegany River to Pittsburgh where he was discharged by Col. Broadhead. During his fifth and last tour he marched from Pittsburgh to Tuscaroras garrison under the command of Major Butler. They relieved the garrison and then marched back to Pittsburgh where he was discharged. There were no Continental Regiments or companies, with which he served. There were no regular officers with troops where he served. The general circumstances of his service has been stated within. He has no documentary or written Evidence, and he knows of no persons whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. He hereby relinquishes any claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the present, and he declares that his name is not on the pension Roll of the agency of any state.

Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.

his mark "Ephraim [ E ] Wilson" [his 'E' mark is very smooth; cursive]

We, Mishack Hyatt a clergyman residing in the County of Ripley and State of Indiana, and Edward Pendergast residing in the same County and State, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Ephraim Wilson who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to be 77 years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution, and that we concur in that opinion. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid. [signed by] M. Hyatt Edward Pendergast

And this Court does hereby declare his opinion, after the investigation of the matter, and after putting the interrogations prescribed by the War Department, that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states. And the Court further certifies that it appears to him that Mishack Hyatt - who has signed the preceding certificate is a clergyman resident in the County of Ripley and State of Indiana, that Edward Pendergast who has also signed the same is a resident in the same County and State, and is a credible person, and that their statement is entitled to credit. [signed by] H. B. Hukill P. Judge {seal}

Answers to the Questions prescribed by the War Department - Answer to Quest. 1st I was born in the County of Sussex in the state of Delaware on the 18th day of July 1756. Ans. to Quest. 2nd I have a Record of my age at home, the one that my parents gave me. Ans to Quest. 3rd I was residing at the time I entered the service in Wasington[sic] County Penn. (then called Yahagany County and thought be in Virginia), and continued to reside there until the year 1795. Since that time I resided in Kentucky for 22 years when I removed to Ripley County Ind. where I now reside. Ans to Quest 4. The 1st and 4th tours I was a volunteer, a part of the 2nd and the 3rd tour I was a substitute for David Brooks & John Dunkins. A part of the 2nd and the fifth and last tour I was drafted. Ans to 5th Quest. There were no regular officers, or continental or malitia[sic] companies where I lived. The general circumstances of my service is stated within. Ans to 6th Quest. I recd no other discharge than a certificate of my service, each time, those certificates I always left with Col. John Campbell our paymaster, from whom I drew my pay. Ans to 7th Quest. Enquire of William [?]Sh__[?], Col. Radimore, Col. John Hunter, John Johnson Esgn and all who know me.

I, David P. Shook clerk of the Ripley County Probate Court, do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the regional proceeding of the said Court in the matter of the application of Ephraim Wilson for a pension, and testimony thereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal of record this 13th day of May 1833. [signed by] David P. Shook, Clk

[Note: my transcription comments in brackets]

[Danl or David -? Brooks]

[Ephraim's tours included one into Ohio, south of & near Coshocton area.]

[His "E", is cursive with curved top, and bottom with slight loop. If we find documents with 'live' signatures, we will be able to identify his.]

[There is another Ephraim Wilson, b. Mar 1756 MD. He is not to be confused with this Ephraim, b. July 1756 DE.]

[Following letter: Beginning & Ending format changed to save space.]

[Heading] July 3, 1934 Ephraim Wilson - S.32609 BA-J/AWF

[To:] The Quartermaster General, Memorial Branch, War Department, Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir:

Reference is made to your request for the Revolutionary War record of Ephraim Wilson, who served with the Pennsylvania troops, and died March 22, 1850 in Ripley County, Indiana. With your request was enclosed the original application for headstone for Ephraim Wilson, which is returned herewith; there was no correspondence enclosed.

The data which follow were obtained from the papers in file in pension claim, S.32609, based upon the Revolutionary War service of Ephraim Wilson.

He was born July 18, 1756 in Sussex County, Delaware; the names of his parents are not given.

While residing in what was later Washington County, Pennsylvania, but was then called Youghiogheny County and was considered a part of the state of Virginia, Ephraim Wilson enlisted early in the Revolution and served two months and two weeks in Captain Richard Johnson's company on the frontier against the Delaware Indians. In the spring of 1778, he served one month in Captain Zadock Wright's company and one month in Captain Mayhany Ivins' company, as a guard at the garrison on the Ohio River about twelve miles from Pittsburgh. He enlisted in March, 1779, served one month under Captain David Richy and Colonel John Cannon and from June, 1779, served two months under Captain Sparks and Colonel Daniel Brodhead against the Indians. He enlisted in March, 1780, served two months under Captain Nathan Ellis and marched to the relief of the Tuscarora Towns.

Ephraim Wilson moved in 1795 to Kentucky, where he lived about twenty-two years and moved to Ripley County, Indiana.

He was allowed pension on his application executed May 13, 1833, then living in Ripley County.

There are no data in this claim concerning the family of Ephraim Wilson, nor are the date and place of his death shown.

Very truly yours, A. D. Hiller, Assistant to Administrator

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