GAR form: Civil War veteran from Washington county, Pennsylvania

[This transcription was contributed by Karen Souhradaon 26 Oct 1997.]

Karen writes:

I wish you could see the real form. It was all crumbly, yellowed and rolled tightly into a shoe box. I very carefully unrolled it, ironed it onto special backing paper and had it color copied before I took it to an archival place to mount it. It is now back in Pennsylvania with the cousin who found it, but I treasure the copy none-the-less! Wish we could find the other GAR ledger books that such membership forms were put into. That would be a lost treasure! This is for my 3rd Great Grandfather, George Robson, 1st. Sgt., Company E of the 22nd PA Cavalry (Ringgolds Battalion) out of Washington County. The Atchesons mentioned were later to be his brothers-in-law.

[Form copyrighted 1890, and so this veteran would have been around the age of 51 and reflecting back to his service days when he was 23 years old.]

This Blank is to be used by the Comrade and Post Historian In preparing the Sketch to be transcribed to the Record Book.

Full Name: George Robson U.S.A.

When & Where Born: January 26, 1839, Louzern Co., Pennsylvania

When did you first enter the service? On the 12th day of September, 1862.

Where did you first enter the service? At Monongahela City, Washington County, Pa

What was your rank upon entering the service? Second Duty Sergt.

What was your Company, Regiment, Battery, or Ship? 'E', 22nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Cav. (Ringgolds)

What offices or ranks did you hold while in the service? First Sergt.

What was your rank at close of the war. 1st General Duty Officer

Did you re-enlist or were you again commissioned? No

To what organization were you at any time transferred and when? None

When were you finally discharged, and where? On nineteenth day of July, 1865 at New Creek, W. Va.

By reason of what were you finally discharged? General Order No. 83, C.S.A.G.O. War Dept.

What was the first battle in which you were engaged? Stumps Mills, W. Va., near Moorefield November 9th, 1862 State second, third &etc., including all engagements in which you participated: Moorefield Nov. 30th, 1862; Winchester, December 25, 1862. Principle Battles: Petersburg, W. Va., January 3rd, 1864; Piedmont, Va., June 5th 1864; Lexington, Va., June 12, 1864; Lynchburg, Va., June 18th & 19th, 1864; Opequan Creek, August 20th, 1864; Fishers Hill, September 22nd, 1864; Mount Jackson & Cedar Creek, W. Va., October 19th, 1864; I can not give you one half the engagements ...... I forgot Gettysburg 2, 3 &4 of July.

....of your most intimate comrades in the service? Were John & Samuel Atcheson, ..., John M. Sutman, James Boy(d), Clinton Teeple & ...[missing sections due to age]

...most important events in your service? The Hunters Raid to the Rear of Richmond and Lynchburg, W. Va.

Is there any other matter or event in connection with your military or naval services? If so, state it fully but concisely? During my 3 years service I participated in 48 battles & scirmishes, but the principle ones were Winchester, Fisher Hill, Cedar Creek, Piedmont, Monocacy Junction, Md. July 10th, 1864.

My Dear Comrade I hope you will excuse my poor writing and try and make this out. With my Kindest Regards, I Remain Your Obedient Servant, George Robson No. 2835 Larkins Alley, Pittsburg SS, Penna.

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