Gettysburg Reunion Letter

The following transcription was submitted by Terry Fillow of [TBD] for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 1998.

Terry writes:

My mother Dorothy Jane (Sweeney) Morris received this copy from a descendant
of Jacob Frazee, in the 1970's. Submitted by Terry (McClintock) Fillow.

Copy of letter dated 7 Sept. 1889 from Jacob C. Frazee to his wife, Mary
(McKinney) Frazee while he was at a reunion of the soldiers who fought at

I hope all is well at home,
At the Reunion of the soldiers who faught there.
Gettesburg, Sept. 7th 1889
Dear Wife

I seat my self to let you know that I am well and sound. There ar a good many
of oald comrads arived tonight. They are all from & meriment, salutes, &
shaking of hands all the sosibility among the comrads all looks like ald
times. Our camp is lit up by Electrick light & is nise and lovingely. On
Friday our mess visited the ald Battle line of the 2nd army corps. I helped
to fight in it. All looks just as it did in 1863 but no _____ here to night &
thank God for that. I spent two days a visiting two lines of Battle not half
through yet. it would take me 3 weeks yet to take it all in. I should like
if all of my family could see it. It is one off the finest sightes ever seen.
I want to view the first days fight when Gen. Rynalas fell. today, Sunday, and
Monday I will view the last time of 2nd army corps. it commenced to reign
today at noon. I just where Genl. Kasaw Zook fell & we had to return to camp.
it reigned all night and up till to day at noon & is a cleering off tonight.
I was up on big round top & seen the field we incamped in when we broak camp
for the Battle field. they have an observitory up on top the mountain about
50 feet ____. it is a plain view of the valley & the mountains for miles
around. Gettysburgh or one off the finest & most attractive place in the
world. There is a jentleman on the ground said he had visited all of the
foren goverments in the world and he said that this beet all of them.
Gettesburgh would be the most attractive off all. I believe it all. I have
run all off the cooking for our mess. We baught our grub at Harrisburgh.
Coffey & hard tack and ham onion pickels and soft bread and butter. we have
plenty to eat a good tent to sleep in. today Sunday I just Returned from
Reviewing the Battleground off the 2nd army corps I helped to drive Lee from
here. I am very tyerd. I travled about ten miles today. There is the best
monuments Erected hiare. one the veris lines off Battle Ever was Erected.
the ald comrads ar a coming in to there is no Sunday here as it is all sight
seeing. Laideys ar hiere and jentelmen ar all ingaged in looking at the verius
lines off Battle. it is a grand Sight to see. it has cleered away and is
nise. I was at the Devils den today and at the valley off Death. this valley
is a nise valley and tomorrow I will finish up off sight seeing. I will leave
for home Wensday evening. I could stay 3 months & not see all. There will be
a large crowd here with in the next three days. my box is not com yet or will
not come that Raskell never put it on the train. I have all i want to Eat
and a good place to sleep & plenty off good water to drink. there is a heep
off seeding dun down here. I hope that all is well with you all. Nomore at
present but goodby at present.

Yours Respectfully
J. C. Frazee

To Mary J. Frazee
Written at Gettesburgh September 7th 1889. I left home on Sept. 4, 1889

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