Pension Papers for George Robson

The following transcription was submitted by Karen Souhrada of Pittsfield, NY for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1997.
Karen states:

Military Pension #1046713. The following information is for my ancestor GEORGE ROBSON, and as extracted from his pension records file, and subsequent widow's pension records, for his Union service during the Civil War.

"It is hereby certified that in conformity with the laws of the United States GEORGE ROBSON who was a 1st Sergeant Ringgolds Battalion Pennsylvania Cavalry and Company 'E' 22nd Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, is entitled to a pension at the rate of thirty dollars per month to commence January 26, 1914." [Note: Following his death, his widow MARGARET ROBSON was paid a widow's pension at the rate of $25 per month until her death April 28, 1920]

Name: GEORGE ROBSON [brother of HENRY ROBSON; brother-in-law to JOHN & SAMUEL ATCHESON all mustered out of service with Company 'E' of the 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry]; [residence in 1898 given as 2835 Larkins Alley, Pittsburgh, So.]

Born: January 26, 1839 Luzern Co., PA Died: September 15, 1916 at 2239 Brownsville Rd., Carrick, Pennsylvania

Enlistment: Monongahela City on the 12th day of September, 1862, as a private in Company 'D' 22nd Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry; for term of 3 years; at muster out was shown on roll of Company 'E' with note that he transferred into this company March or April of 1864. From enlistment to muster out, he held the rank of private, sergeant, 1st sergeant. Shown on the rolls as present during the enlistment period, except for December 31, 1862 when shown as in the hospital, sick; and June 30, 1864 shown as "with General Hunter in the valley".

Discharge: Honorably on 19th day of July 1865 at New Creek, W. Virginia.

Physical Description At Time Of Enlistment: 5'8" tall, light complexion, blue eyes, auburn hair, and occupation listed as coal miner.

Wife's Name: SARAH CLARINDA ATCHESON ROBSON; b. 4/12/1842-44 at Gastonville, Washington county, PA.; died April 28, 1920 at 2239 Brownsville Rd., Pittsburgh, PA

Marriage: at Limetown, near Gastonville, PA, Washington county, on June 27, 1860 by Justice of the Peace Wilson Kerr; neither previously having been married, hence no impediment to the marriage.

Other Pension Witnesses: WILLIAM T. WAITE (son-in-law; residence in 1916 at 2239 Brownsville Rd., Carrick, PA), JAMES L. ROBSON (son, residence in 1916 as 201 Giffin Ave., Mt. Oliver, PA)

Children of Marriage: SUSAN, b. 9/13/1861; MARGARET, b. 12/16/1864 (Cumberland, MD); JAMES L. ROBSON, b. 2/20/1867; CATHERINE, b. 7/3/1869; MINNIE, b. 1/20/1873; GEORGE ALBERT, b. 10/11/1875; J. EDWARD, b. 1/3/1882

Residences since leaving the service: Monongahela City from 1865 to 1868; in Pittsburg, PA ever since (dated 1912)

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