Pension Papers for Henry Robson

The following transcription was submitted by Karen Souhrada of Pittsfield, NY for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1997.

Karen states:

Military Pension # 767394. The following information is for my ancestor HENRY ROBSON, and as extracted from his pension records file, and subsequent widow's pension records, for his Union service during the Civil War.

Name: HENRY ROBSON, [brother of GEORGE ROBSON; brother-in-law to (MARGARET ATCHESON ROBSON, wife of GEORGE ROBSON); brother-in-law to JOHN & SAMUEL ATCHESON; all men who served together in Company 'E' 22nd PA Cavalry]

[residence in 1890 & 1911 shown as Gastonville, Washington county, PA and he lists 'merchant' as occupation]

Born: July 19, 1841, Allegheny County, PA; Died: August 28, 1920 at Gastonville, PA

Enlistment: Monongahela City on the 19th day of September, 1862, as private in Company 'D' 22nd Regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry; for term of 3 years. Muster In at Wheeling, W. VA.; transferred to Co. 'E' 22nd PA Cavalry as bugler, March 1864; muster out as private and bugler.

Personal Description at Time of Enlistment: 5'6" tall, medium complexion, auburn/brown hair, blue eyes, occupation coal miner.

Discharge: Honorably on 19th day of July 1865 at New Creek, W. Virginia.

Places of Residence Since Leaving Service: Westmoreland and Washington Counties, Pennsylvania

Wife's Name: MARIAH ATCHESON HIGBE ROBSON, b. February 27, 1834 at Union Twp., Washington Co., PA; died August 21, 1921 at Gastonville, PA

Marriage: July 20, 1877 at Monongahela City, PA; marriage performed by Squire R. C. Stephens/Stevens of Elizabeth Town, PA. MARIAH ATCHESON married previously to HENRY A. HIGBE who died May 10, 1873, Washington County, PA. HENRY ROBSON previously married (August 1862) to ESTHER ATCHESON who died August 26, 1876 at Monongahela City, Washington County, PA

Children of Marriage #1 between ESTHER ATCHESON ROBSON & HENRY ROBSON : HARRY G. ROBSON, b. 9/4/1864 in Allegheny Co., MD; (? Dead possibly by date of affidavit July 1916); ANNETTA ROBSON, b. 3/11/1866-7 in Washington, PA; EMMA ROBSON, b. 1868 in Washington, PA and died in infancy; ELLA MAY ROBSON, b. 1/28/1870 Washington, PA, and died 1915; THOMAS L. ROBSON, b. 10/23/1872 in Washington, PA, died at age of 32 years (abt. 1904); J. JOHNSON ROBSON, b. 7/28/1874 in Washington, PA; EV...(illegible), b. 1876 in Washington, PA, and died in infancy.

Child of Marriage #2 between MARIAH ATCHESON HIGBE ROBSON & HENRY ROBSON: LULIE ROBSON, a daughter, born to us last,1/21/1878. [It would then appear that there were no children born to the marriage of MARIAH ATCHESON & HENRY HIGBE]

Also included was a report of his "roll call" status and locations, from the time of enlistment in 1862 to discharge in 1865. Including the following:

"Present on roll for enlistment period, except for August 31, 1864 when he was show in hospital at New Creek, W. VA, sick."

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