Sara Wallace Kelso & George Kelso's
Little Notebook (1850 -1890)
Washington and Allegheny Counties, PA

The following transcription was submitted by Thomas Grant Kelso of Washington Co., PA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1998.

Transcriber's notes:

"This notebook measures about 2.5" X 4" and was in the possession of my Aunt Sarah Wallace Kelso Schary. I assume she obtained it from her grandmother Sarah Jane Wallace Kelso who authored it along with her Husband George Kelso at the time they lived in Cecil Twp. Washington Co., PA .

Thomas Grant Kelso
December 7, 1998
Doylestown, PA."

G. Wallace preached ARC April 18th 1852. Scripture Genesis 18 - 8.12
Sermon Jeremiah 17-9
The heart is deceitful about all things and desperately wicked - who can know it.

Died Maggie A. H. Kelso Sept 25th 1872
Loved by all that knew her

Rebecca Brown
Consort of David Brown died Oct. 20th 1854
Wm. Brown died of consumption Feb 6th 1854

May 25th 1854
John Nichol took his own life by hanging himself
Margaret Jane  McElheron? Nichol died Sept. 19th 1854of dysentery.

Married Nov 1863, Benj. Kelso to Mary A. McConaheh by Rev. A. R. Anderson

Married May 16th 1856 by the Rev. Pollock, Rev. Jas. Kelso to Miss Lizzie Boyde.
By Rev. J. Grier?
M. H. Savage to Miss. J. Anne Wallace March 18, 1858
Moved May 13, 1856

Picture taken June 5th 1856
G. Kelso & S. J. Kelso & son James

A. J. Wallace Babie born September 29, 1855

T.G. Kelso April 28th 1894

Mrs. Nancy Kelso Sr. died July 25, 1855
James (her son) 28th 55
Infant of Elizabeth Lindsey 29th , 1855
Daughter of B. Kelso29th 1855
All of cholera
Nancy consort of B. Kelso died July 30, 55 of Cholera

John Cook Sr. 
died Aug 4, 1861
Benj. Kelso died April 1st 1869
In his 79 year

Receipt for curring inter-
Mittent? fever or chill
Or ague
35 grams quinine
1/2 oz sulphuric acid
1/4 oz Laudanum
2 1/2 oz Holland gin
Extract of winter green
To disguise
One tablespoon full to
Be taken 3 hours before
The expected chill
Another 2 hours  & another
1 hour before the chill

Benjamin Kelso
commenced School
May 15 1855 at
Rowen School
house Washington
Co. Pa

Anne J. Murdock
Arrived at fathers
May 14th 1855

Late May you return to heaven
A.G. Wallace
Oct 16, 1857
Brother Benj. Commenced        Note: These three lines are crossed out in the original - T.G. Kelso 
Teaching School
May 15th 1855 

Nancy Mack
Arrived her Jan
29th 1854
Started for Home 
Dec 15th 1854
Mary Smith arrived
Jan. 23,  55
Started for John McConnells May 15 

Rect for Curing Beef
To 1 Gal of water
1 1/2 lbs. Salt
1/2 lb sugar
1/2 oz. Saltpeter
Soak in pckle???
12 hours
John Comin preached
At Robinson Run 
Church Oct. 6, 1861
Rom. 8.25
Psalm 57.4

Wm. Hall Jr.
Aug.?? 1870
Jas. Lockhart
Feb. 3, 1880

Jane is my name
America my station
Millers Run my dwelling place
And Heaven my expectation
Mattie? Nan? Wallace
Sept. 30th 1869

Sept. 8th 1857
Dr. Saml. Martin
Visted B. Kelso Sr.

Treason against the
United States shall 
Consist only in ??????
Was against them.
?? adhering to their
enemies, giving them
aid and comfort.

April 16th Sabith
Cold snowed all
Snowed March 27, 1855
Great snow
Jan 12-13, 1856

In 1850 the A.R.C.
Had 11 Synods, 20 Pres.,
219 ministers
332 churches
26,340 members
Associate churches
1 Synod 16 presby.
120 ministers
216 churches
18,000 members

Bought the property
Of John Rowan dec.
Dec. 23, 1858

John McConnell
Ordained to the
Office of ruling 
elder in the U.P
Church of Venice
January 26, 1859

March 16 / 80
Rudolf Claske
Died of cancar

Margaret Kelso
Died April 9th
185? Six O clock
in the evening (Sabbath)
Nancy K. Herron
Died june 10th (Sabbath
evening) - 1855

The final pasage 
Of the Nebraska
Was on Thursday
Night May 25th

Maggie Kasper
Feb. ? 55
John Cogan
Jan 29 -88

Moved to the 
Property of J. Rowan
Dec.  April 5, 1859

Miss Mary McPike
Died Nov. 2nd 1860
Wm. Jas. Mc peak
Father of the above
Died June 15 / 80

Mrs. Mary Ann Kelso
Died March
20th / 80 of 
heart disease

The number of 
Inches in a
Bushel    2150
Wine Gallon     231
Beer gallon   282
Dry Measure    268
Bush coal measure 
Of Ohio      2688

Nov 3rd 1880
Meeting of the
Citizens of Cecil
Township to organize
A bible Society
At Venice Church

August 28, 1851
Endeaver to do your
duty while in this world
and at last may you receive
a crown of glory for your reward

December 16th 1851
Thermometer 10 deg.
below zero
January9th 1856
17 deg. Below zero
Ambotype pictures
taken June 27,1856

John Slater
March 29 / 83
Aged 73
Mrs. J. Slater
April 3rd 83

John Morehead
Feb3 - 1883
Buried at  Robinson
Run graveyard

Dassa Cowden
March 3/ 83
Daughter of F. M. Cowden
of Dyptheria 

May 27 - 83
Visted by Mr. & 
Mrs. Mcenvey??? 
Of New Wilmington

9 yd Gingham
2 Sundowns
hat for George

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