The Lynn Clan Reunion

The following transcription was submitted by Helen S. Durbin of Greene Co., PA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 1998.

The Charleroi Shopper, 75th Anniversary Edition.
The Lynn Clan Has Reunion, August 11, 1965

The descendants of John and Laura Shaffer Lynn, Peryopolis, held their annual reunion, Sunday, August 1, at the residence of Kemp Lynn, Fredericktown. Dinner and supper were served family style.

The afternoon was spent playing ball and later in the day there were games for children and adults with prizes awarded to the winners. Prizes were also awarded to the following: Couple expecting first child, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch, Belle Vernon; Traveling the farthest distance, Mr. and Mrs. George Lynn, Cayohoga Falls, Ohio; Married the least years, Mr. and Mrs. L. Shipley, Mt. Pleasant.

Attending were: Ray , Larry and Sonny Lynn; Gladys , Kemp and Jack Lynn; Lila , Raymond and Billy Scoty; Theakston , Mary Agnes, Henry , Dougie and Henry Lee Geller; Mary , Junior and Janet Lynn; Maude , Shirley and Ruth Kelly; Joyce , Don and Butch Kelly, all of Fredericktown; Laura , Paul , Jennie and Bobbie McCarty, Scenery Hill; Doris , Steve , Frankie , Sandy , Steve and Pam Yourcheck, Mr. and Mrs. James Lynn, Pitt Gas; Mr. and Mrs. George Lynn and daughters, Patty and Cathy , Cuyohoga Falls; Jack , Shirley and Alice Lynn, Belle Vernon.

Eleanor , Bob , David , George , Nancy , Brice and Barry Monger, Smithton; Bertha , Gloria , Dennie and Thomas Shipley, Ruffsdale; Sandy , Jerry , Jerry Jr. and Kimberly Wyno; Betty , Louis and Danny Shipley, Mt. Pleasant; Darlene , Frank , Jeffrey , Terry and Frankie Gwynn, Irwin; Mrs. Wallace Heath and child, Bob Heath, Greensburg; Mareta Kalbnick, Herman Kalbnick, Mark Kalbnick, Dayton, Ohio; John S. Guppy, Evelyn Guppy, Charles Guppy, Pittsburg.

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