Marriage Contract for
Nacca Hyatt Virgin and Col. Henry Heaton

The following contract was transcribed by Anna Lynn Cauffield Burns of Anaheim, CA and submitted for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in June 1997.

Anna writes:

The following is the text of a marriage contract between Nacca Hyatt Virgin and her second husband, Col Henry Heaton. The original belongs to a family member.

Inside the envelope, which is formed by folding the letter paper:

We the undersigned Naca Virgin and Henry Heaton about to enter into a
marriage in a few days believe it to be best for the peace and quiet of our
Children to make a written Marriage contract and we have agreed to the
following conditions. First that our affections for each other make the main
motive for Marriage. We both disavow that property has any influence.
Therefore we agree that all the property owned and possessed by Naca Virgin
shall be entirely  at her own disposal. Henry claims no  part of her Real or
personal Estate in consequence of her marriage except so much as may be
necessary for her own support and the raising educating of such of her
children as live with him. Nacca Virgin acknowledges herself that she is to
have no claim on the Real or personal Estate of  Henry Heaton but they most
solemnly agree that all the property of Every description belonging to Either
party Shall be for the support of both during their lives or at least so much
as will be necessary.  Henry agrees that all the property of Nacca shall be
subject to her own disposal except so much as shall have been necessary for
her support in testamony of the above we have set our  hand on this
eighteenth day of February 1822
John H Virgin           Henry Heaton (initials of Charles Porter) 
Delinda Virgin          Nacca Virgin (initials of Charles Porter)
[Other side of paper]
Fayette County  Com  Pa
Before the subscriber case of the judge of the court of common pleas in and
for said countycame Henry Heaton and Naca Heaton both of full age and
acknowledged the written instrument of writing to be their act and bid to
desire it might be recorded as such---
In testimony whereof I hereunto put my hand and seal this 17th day of
December AD 1825
                                                        Charles Porter
[Below on left]
Fayette Co, Pa
Recorded in the office for recording deeds in and for said County in Book N
page 397 Witness my hand and seal of said office the 4th day of January Anno
Domini 1826 Alexander MCLean Recorder
[Below middle]
Contract between Henry Heaton and Nacca Virgin
Recd for Record 4th Jan 1826
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