Will of John McAdoo

The following was submitted by Michele L. Buckholt Anderson of [tbd] for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 2000.

Michele writes:

The following is a copy of the hand written will for John McAdoo as found in Washington County Courthouse, Washington, Pennsylvania. The will is found at Volume 16, Page 316 in the Will Books.

Will of John McAdoo

I John McAdoo of Donegal Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania hereby do make this my last will. First, I direct that my just debts be paid by my Executor hereinafter named as soon as may by him be found convenient.

That to my wife I do leave my household goods and the use of the house in which ____(unable to read) stable and other buildings, garden and fruit for her own use that grows on the on the place with the privilege of keeping two cows and some f_____ the cows to be pastured in the fields conv___(unable to read) to the house with rough feed for the cows delivered at the stable during her life time.

That to Oliver B., my youngest son, I give my real estate the old homestead and place of which I live on the following conditions that he pay Margaret, my wife, one hundred dollars annually that he complies with the afro______(unable to read) as to the cows, but if she sees fit to give up the house to him and go elsewhere to live, then he is to pay her one hundred and fifty dollars annually and to get full possession this to be in lieu of her right of dower.

That he gives up to my Executor a note that he holds on me the same to be destroyed.

That to my eldest daughter, Margaret E. Maldoon, he pays nothing as I have given her her interest in money in my life time.

That to my second daughter, Julian Defrance, he pray one thousand dollars to be paid within three years.

That he pay my third daughter, Catharine R. Maley, twelve hundred dollars within five years, the same to bear interest, the last two years at ____(unable to read) five percent.

That to John P., my eldest son, I give my gr(unable to read the rest) and writing desk and his choice of three of my books.


That to James, my second son, the next choice of three books.

I have given those two their interests in money in my lifetime.

That after my executor has settled with my estate and put up such stones or monument to my grave as he may think proper their if there is any money left, he is to divide it equally with my six named bodily heirs.

That I _____(unable to read) John P., my oldest son, I _______(unable to read) living to be my Executor without bond of this will if he is not living then James and Oliver B. in testimony where I hereto set my had this 31st day of March in the of our Lord 1896. ---------------------John McAdoo (seal)

Signed and published, as his last will by the said John McAdoo who in his presence and in the presence of each other hereto subscribed over names as witnesses.

A.W. Clemens

John Rogers

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Washington County, ss:

Be it remembered that upon this 16th day of June 1898, before me O. M. Hartley Register for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration in this and for said county, came A.G. Clemens and John Rogers the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing attached Will of John McAdoo, deceased, who after being duly qualified according to law, depose and say: That they were present at the execution of said Will - saw the testator sign the same - heard him publish it as and for his last Will and Testament; that they at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other , subscribed their manes thereto as witnesses; and at the time of the doing thereof said testator was of sound, disposing mind, memory and understanding, to the best of the affiants' knowledge and belief. Sworn and subscribed before me. John A. Rogers

A. G. Clemens

O.M. Hartley, Register

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

Washington, County, ss:

Personally appeared before me, O.M. Hartley, Register for the Probate of Wills to in and for the County of Washington, John McAdoo who after being duly qualified according to law, deposes and says that, John McAdoo, late of Donegal twp. Died on the 22nd day of May 1898, between the hours of five and six o'clock a.m.

Sworn to and subscribed before me, John P. McAdoo

This 16th day of June 1898.

O.M. Hartley, Register

And now June 16, 1898 It being adjudged that said Will has been duly proved, Letters are issued to John P. McAdoo in said testament named who was duly qualified.

O.M. Hartley, Register

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