Will of O. B. McAdoo

The following was submitted by Michele L. Buckholt Anderson of [tbd] for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 2000.

Michele writes:

The following is a retyped copy of the will of Oliver Bidwell McAdoo as found in the Washington County Courthouse, Washington, Pennsylvania. The same is found in Volume 29, Page 278 of the will books.


I, Oliver B. McAdoo, being in poor health and realizing the shortness and uncertainty of life, do hereby make my last will and testament.

1st, I direct that I shall have a modest funeral, corresponding with my circumstance and manner of life.

2nd, I direct that my personal property be sold, except the household goods - which I give to my wife and the proceeds used to pay my funeral expenses and just debts, and that whatever remains from the sale of said property after the above obligations are satisfied, shall be given to my wife, Florence M. McAdoo, to use as she may see right and proper.

3rd, I direct that the surface of my two farms, with all coal and mineral rights except the Pittsburg vein of coal, be appraised separately by competent qualified appraisers, and that my oldest son, Allen C. McAdoo, shall have the right to buy the home farm, 190 acres, more or less, and my second son, Robert E. McAdoo, shall have the right to buy the farm upon which he now resides, 68 acres, at the price fixed by the said appraisers. Each to be given give (yes, that is what it says) years to pay for same, at an interest rate of five per cent on all back payments. Should one or both elect not to accept the said farms at the price fixed by the appraisers, than my son, John W. McAdoo, shall have the right to accept either farm on similar terms and conditions. If none of my sons should see fit to accept the above farms, I direct my executors to sell said farm or farms to the best and highest buyer, and further direct that they shall be allowed three years, if necessary, to dispose of same in. I also direct that the deeds for both farms shall be made subject to the usual coal rights for the sale and removal of the above mentioned Pittsburg vein of coal under said farms.

4th, I give and bequeath to my wife, Florence M. McAdoo, all income from the surface of my two farms, before they are sold, less the taxes on each, and repairs necessary to keep the same in good condition; and the interest of the money which they bring when sold, which I direct shall be invested in some standard security, and held in trust by my executors during her life-time. Should it be found that the above mentioned income was not sufficient to keep my wife in plenty and comfort, I authorize my executors to use the principal, as her needs may direct.

5th, I direct that at the death of my wife the money remaining from the sale of the above land shall be equally divided between my five children, Allen C. McAdoo, Robert E. McAdoo, Mrs. Dessie A. Jones, Mrs. Leanora Carson, and John W. McAdoo, share and share alike.

6th, Disposition of Pittsburg vein of coal:

I direct that the Pittsburg vein of coal under the above farms be held for a period of five years, unless the coal surrounding the same should be sold before this time shall have elapsed. The taxes to be paid by borrowing, and giving said coal for security. At the end of this period the coal may be sold, as determined by a majority of the heirs. The money received from the sale of this coal, I give and bequeath to my five children named above, and my wife, to be divided into six equal parts, share and share alike. The deed of said coal to contain the right of removal and passing through for the other minerals underlying said vein of coal. The above income from surface of farm and share of coal money is given to my wife in lieu of, and upon condition that she waive her dower rights in my estate. In case my wife should die before the coal is sold, I direct that her share be divided equally between our five children.

7th, I direct and instruct my executors to hold in trust the principal of my son, John W. McAdoo's share in my estate, until he is twenty-five years old.

8th, I desire to make mention of the partnership between myself and my son, Robert E. McAdoo, the same beginning and ending in the fall of the year; his share of the partnership includes one-fourth of the grain and crops, and one-fourth of the increase of the sheep.

9th, I appoint and direct my son, Allen C. McAdoo and Joseph M. Timmons to serve as my executors.

Signed this 27th day of April, 1916 ------- O.B. McAdoo

Witnesses: J.A. Rogers

E.M. Jones

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,

Washington County, SS:

BE IT REMEMBERED, That upon this 16th day of June 1916 before Boyd C. Parshall the foregoing attached will of O.B. McAdoo, deceased, who, after being duly qualified according to law, depose and say: That they were present at the execution of said Will -saw the testator sign the same-heard him publish it as and for his last Will and Testament; that they at his request, in his presence, and in the presence of each other, subscribed their names thereto as witnesses; and at the time of the doing thereof said testator was of sound, disposing mind, memory and understanding, to the best of the affiants' knowledge and belief.

J.A. Rogers

E. M. Jones

Sworn and subscribed before me,

Boyd C. Parshall, Register.


Washington County, SS.

Personally appeared before me, Boyd C. Parshall, Register for the Probate of Wills & in and for the County of Washington, Pennsylvania, Jos. M. Timmons who after being duly qualified according to law, deposes and says, that O.B. McAdoo late of Donegal Twp. Died on the 28th day of May 1916, between the hours of 8 and 9 o'clock, a.m.

Jos. M. Timmons

Sworn to and subscribed before me,

This 16th day of June 1916

Boyd C. Parshall, Register.

AND NOW, June 16, 1916, It being adjudged that said Will has been duly proved, Letters are issued to Allen C. McAdoo and Joseph M. Timmons in said testament named, who were duly qualified.

Boyd C. Parshall, Register.

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