Collection of Information about the Mounts Family

The following transcription of a DAR application was submitted by Helen S. Durbin of Greene Co., PA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in March 1998.

Helen writes:

This collection of notes is extracted from notes I made at Citizens Library about 1983 from the Lacock Papers. They have been updated with new information resultting from on-going research.

 Richard MOUNTS, Maryland to Washington Co., Pa, 1773.
     m. Mary  Kelly/Keley, (b. on Atlantic). They had 9 children.

Their son Richard R. MOUNTS, b. West Washington; d. 1878, aged 66. 
(b1812) m. Margaret Johnson of Lancaster Co., Pa. She died 1887, aged 67. 
They had:

1. Richard M.; Sarah m. William Wier, d. 1904; William d. 1863; and 
James A. James A. m1. Martha Chambers, 1866 she d. 1890. they had 5 
children: Margaret m. Brook Anderson; Harriet m. P. Reeves; Jennie, 
res. Illinois; Jumella m. Howard Maddox & John W. James A. m2. Ella 
Jane Anderson, 1897. they had 2 children Richard Wm., d. inf. and 
Sarah Elizabeth.

From Mrs. Crosbie, Sr. on Mounts:
JOHN MOUNTS from Md. 1785. had ch: Richard, John, Mathias, Enoch, and 
William, (1777-1872) who m. Elizabeth McMonnis 1808. They had Children: 
Anna m. Wm. Uhler; John; James (To Indiana); Enoch; Mathias; Jane m. 
Thos. White; William; Elizabeth m. Elisha Lacock Vankirk; Richard; and 
Maria m. Wm. Ravencroft.

JOSEPH MOUNTS b. 1793 m. 1817 Elizabeth Montgomery Their ch: Sarah, m. 
James Coulson [B. 2.3.2. (208)]?; Margaret m. Sam Carson; Martha; Nancy 
m. James Prigg; James S. m. Susan Weirich; Rebecca m. William Prigg; 
Martha J. m. John Logan; Maria A.; Rachel and Joseph.

WILLIAM KELLY m. Martha McCourtney. Their ch: Mary m. Richard Mounts; 
Jane m. John Mounts; Sarah m. Robert Marshall; Elizabeth m. Wm. Montgomery, 
1817; John; James m. Catherine Rogers b. Mar. 1, 1779.

Commomerative  Biographies, pp 1430
Richard MOUNTS b. Md. 1757, to Wash. Co., Pa. 1773. m. Mary Kelly. Ch: Wm.' 
Mary' Jenny (Boyd); John; James; Matilda; Richard R. (of whom further; Joseph; 

Richard R. MOUNTS m. 1835 Margaret Johnson (she d. 1887, a. 67) d. Nov. 
5, 1878, aged 66. Their Ch: Richard M. (of whom further); Sarah, m. Wm. 
Weir; William d. 1863; James A..

Richard MOUNTS, b. Jul. 10, 1836 m. 1873, Charlotte Chambers their ch: 
Robert, Katie; Millie.

Commomerative  Biographies, pp  498, 516
[I]  James S. MOUNTS b. May 6. 1835, m1.  Oct 20, 1861Susan Weirich 
(Jacob-Susan Foster) Ch: Melvin; Warren M.; Fannie m. Ed. Elwood; Nancy; 
James. James S. MOUNTS m2. Feb. 4, 1892 Lizzie Wright. (Fa Marquette).

Commomerative  Biographies, pp  498
Joseph MOUNTS b. Nov. 30, 1793, d. Aug. 5, 1877 m1. Elizabeth Montgomery, 
July 28, 1817.Ch: Richard; Mary Jane; Elizabeth. Joseph MOUNTS m2. Nancy 
McLaughlin Apr, 1824 (dau of James) She was b. Apr. 7, 1808. Ch: Sarah A. 
m. James Clouson; Margaret m. Saml. Carson; Eleanor m. David Clark; Martha 
J. m. Jno. Logan; Martha; Nancy C. m. Jas. Prigg; Maria A.; Rachel; Joseph.

Commomerative  Biographies, pp  935 &1055
William H. MOUNTS b. 1-14-1800/6-19-1800 d. June 1884/Jun. 22, 1885 (of 
Franklin Twp. m. Mary Malone, Oct. 1823/ 1828 (Fr-David) d. Sep. 7, 1882. 
Ch: Sarah Jane m. J.C. Johnson; William; Adam (of whom further) Richard; 
Mary A. m. Robt. Hutson; Marguerite m. Abraham Huston; Elizabeth m. Chas. 
Kelley; Martha m. Saml. Parker; Thos. Theodore; Isaac C. b. May 31, 1855 
m. 1879, Laura V. Coogle 4 ch.

Adam MOUNTS b. 2-23-1832 m. Susan Miller (dau of Jacob) 2-23-1860. Ch: Mary 
A. m. Bernard Ramsey; William C.; J. Melvin; Alvin; Harry B.; Cora; James A. 
and Flora B.

Commomerative  Biographies, pp  647 
John MOUNTS Md. to Pa. 1785 Ch: Richard; John; Mathias; Enoch; William b. 
1777 d. 1872 m. Elizabeth McMonnis, 1808 d. 1860 Ch: Anna m. Wm. Uhler; 
John; James; Enoch; Mathias (of whom further); Jane m. Thos. White; Wm.; 
Elizabeth (m. Elisha Vankirk); Richard; Maria m. Wm. Ravencroft. Mathias 
MOUNTS b. 1821 m. 1852, Arsenath Baker. Ch: Mary E.; Eunice J.; Sophia; 
Joseph; Anna; Hollace G. and Martha.

Commomerative  Biographies, pp  744 
Richard R. MOUNTS m. Margaret Johnson. Ch: James A. Mounts b. Jan. 14, 1845 
m. Martha Chambers, 1870, d. Jan.27, 1891. Ch: Margaret m. Brook Anderson; 
Harriet m. Mike Buckley; Jennie; Nellie and John W.

Scenery Hill Cemetery: On seperate stones: Newton H. Mounts 1864-1936 and 
Agnes 1869-1923.

Data from Mrs. Wm. Crosbie: Horne Papers:
John & Elizabeth Mounts; Md. to Pa. 1769, with 3 sons and 2 daus. Just 
below this chart is:

Richard Mounts b. ca 1757 m. ca 1798, Mary Kelly, b. ca 1772, Removed from 
Luth. Cem to James K. Mounts lot in Washington Cemetery. Ch of Richard and Mary: 
1. Wm. H. Mounts b. 6-19-1800; d. 9-7-1882 m. Mary Malone d. 6-22-1885.
2. Mary Mounts d. 3-31-1872 (113B) m. Francis Fitzwilliam, 1824 b. 1801; 
   d. 4-15-1875.(113B)
3. Jennie Mounts m. Geo. Boyd.
4. John Mounts.
5. James K. Mounts b. 4-3-1808; d. 6-12-1879 (86G) m. 3-24-1836, Caroline 
   Rogers b. 4-1-1820; d. 7-15-1898. Ch:
	1. Andrew Quincy Mounts.
	2. Mary Jane m. Wm. Greer.
	3. Ann Eliza b. 7-4-1842 d. 3-15-1926, m. 5-15-1866, Bernard 
         Todd v. 1-18-1837; d.5-12-1913.
	4. Sarah m. Geo. Purdy.
	5. Richard Clay m. Elizabeth Elwood.
	6. William m. in Mo.
	7. Matilda m. Warren Brownlee.
6. Matilda Mounts m. Levi Bowman.
7. Richard R. b. 1812; d. 11-5-1878 (86G) m. 1835, Margaret Johnson b. 
   1820; d. 1887
	1. Richard M. m. Charlotte Chambers.
	2. Sarah m. Wm. Wier.
	3. Wm. d. 1863.
	4. James A.
8. Joseph Mounts.
9. Martha Mounts.

Info from Glenn W. Mounts, Box 501, Wash. R.5 May 19, 1963
Source of Information The Washington Observer, Aug. 28, 1903.
William R. MOUNTS, born Feb. 23, 1824 died Aug. 28, 1903, married 
Elizabeth Lacock, died Dec Dec. 2 or 3, 1910. Their children:
	1. Samuel L. Mounts born Feb. 8, 1850 died Jan. 13, 1925.
	2. Elizabeth Jane, wife of H.M. McIntyre.
	3. Ira Mounts.
	4. Emma, wife of James Harvey.
	5. Newton H. Mounts.
	6. Hattie, wife of B.A. Bebout.
	7. Minerva, wife of ____ Huffman.
	8. Stephan Mounts.

File #580 Vol. 19, page, 487, Washington Co. Court House
There is a will on file in the Wash. Co. Court house for Wm. R. Mounts, 
which leaves the entire estate to Elizabeth, his wife. Witnesses were: 
R.W. Knox and Mrs. Lyda Dietterich. Executrix of will: His wife, Elizabeth.

Source: Washington Cemetery
Wm. R. Mounts is buried in Washington Cemetery. Also the following in 
the same lot:
Date: Oct.  7, 1885: Stephen B. Mounts.
Date: Jun.16, 1890: Infant McIntire.
Date: Jul. 25, 1890: ____ Mounts * 
Date: Aug. 28,1903: R. Wm. Mounts (This probably shouls read Wm. R.)
Date: Jan. 23, 1906: Ira Mounts.
Date: Aug. 16. 1910: Elizabeth Jane McIntire.
Date: Dec. 3, 1910: Elizabeth L. Mounts.
Date: Jan. 13, 1925: Samuel L. Mounts.
*The death notice of Samuel L. Mounts (Jan. 13, 1925) said he was one of 
a family of 9 children. Whether this was an error or not I don't know, but 
this grave is the grave of an adult. In your previous letter you said Wm. 
R. had 8 children. William R. Mounts, Wash Cem 1824-1903 m. Elizabeth Lacock 
1825-1910 (d/o Ira and Anna Bane Lacock) Ch:
1. Samuel Lacock Mounts, bur. Wash. Cem.
2. Elizabeth Jane, (Mrs. H.M. McIntyre).
3. Ira J., bur. Wash Cem. unm.
4. Emma (Mrs. Jas. Harvey).
5. Newton H. 1864-1930, bur. Scenery Hill, Agnes, 1869-1923 bur Scenery Hill.
6. Hattie, (Mrs. Beden Bebout).
7. Minerva, (Mrs. Huffman).
8. Stephen B., bur. Wash. Cem.

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