Orphans Court Records, Washington Co.

The following transcription was submitted by Paula Chodacki of Almont, MI for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in October 1998.

These records were transcribed from microfilm (obtained from the LDS library) of the original documents.

340. Henry Heartsock. East Bethlehem Twp. Jan. 18 1812. 
Filed Feb. 25, 1812 
Wife--Susanna. Children: Ann, David, Daniel, John, Henry, 
Catherine, wife of William Dawson, Susanna, Elizabeth. 
Letters granted Zephaniah Beall Jr. 
No account. (Renunciation by widow Susanna on Feb. 21, 1812)

341. William Thompson. Nov. 29, 1811 
Filed Feb. 25, 1812 
Wife--Jean. Children: Robert, Jean, Sarah, wife of Mr. Burget, 
Isabella Montgomery, Mary Boils, Thomas, Ann. 
John Riddle & son Robert Thompson appointed. 
Account--- T-29-1816.

343. Mary Vincent. Hopewell Twp. Jan. 24, 1812. 
Filed Mar. 7, 1812. 
Legacy to "Friend", Jean Crothers. 
Sisters: Anne Smilie, & Sarah Vincent, & Jenny Vincent. 
Brothers: James, Joseph, John, Thomas, Samuel, deceased. 
Matthew Morrow appointed. 
Account--- V-19-1815 
[Mentions money in hands of brs. Samuel ex. & also money in 
hands of my fathers exec.]

344. Joseph Holmes. [The 'l' is crossed out]. Moon Twp., Beaver Co. 
Feb. 3, 1812. 
Filed Mar. 7, 1812 
Nephew Joseph Holmes of Moon Twp., Beaver Co. Children: 
John and Maria; Nephew Jazarus Holmes of Washington Co., 
who had children: Joseph, Grizella, Matilda. 
Matthew & Robert Bowland of Chartiers Twp., appointed. 
Account--- H-40-1813.

346. John McClintick. March 6, 1812 
Filed Mar. 12, 1812. 
Friend Archibald McCann. 
Father --- John McClintick. Brothers: William deceased 
and Alexander (in Ireland). 
James Miller of Mt. Pleasant Twp., & General Thomas Atcheson 
No account.

347. Samuel Pollock Sr. Strabane Twp. March 26, 1810 
Filed Mar. 23, 1812 
Wife --- Jean. Children: William, Samuel, Mary House, Agness 
Pursley, Grissal Johnston, Jean Crow, Margaret McNary. 
Granddaughter: Sarah Work. [Hard to read could be York.] 
John Colmery & David Little appointed 
Account --- P-13-1824

350. Hartman Horn. Buffalo Twp. Oct. 4, 1811 
Filed Mar. 25, 1812 
Wife -- Elizabeth. Children: Elizabeth, wife of Philip Dennes, 
wife of Peter Ely, Martin, Christin, Isaac, Joacob, Joseph, 
Benjamin, and a daughter, deceased, who was the wife of 
Lodwick, alias Lewis, Hewit. 
Martin Horn & Lodwick Hewit appointed. 
Account --- H-43-1843

352. James McJunkin. Hanover Twp. Dec. 10, 1810 
Filed Mar. 26, 1812 
Wife-- Isabella 
Grandson -- Samuel Colwell. 
William McClurg & John McClurg appointed. 
No Account.

354. Jeramiah Booth. East Bethlehem Twp. Nov. 9, 1811. 
Filed Mar. 39, 1812 
Wife -- Elizabeth 
[The rest is cut off.]

B-307 Thomas Brown, Estate. Widow, Margaret Brown, admr. Ann McClure under 14 yrs. Her grand-mother Hannah Long. John Haggerty Sr. appointed. Samuel Sayre under 14 yrs. John Carmichael appointed. Charles Henderson. Widow, Hannah Henderson. Mary, Jean, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Charles under 14 yrs. Thomas Irwin appointed. Moses Cox. Philip over 14 yrs. Choice John Neil, and Erasmus Allison. Ebenezer Goble. Elizabeth, Phoebe, and John D. over 14 yrs. Choice William Craig of Morris Twp. B-308 Vincent Colvin. Widow, Elisabeth Calvin. Harriet under 14 yrs. James Mitchell appointed. Moses Cox. Daniel under 17 yrs. By his brother Moses Cox. Enoch Wright appointed. B-313 Orphans Court. Last Monday in October 1813. Thomas Marshall Estate, Widow, Elizabeth Marshall, admrx. Henry McDonough admr. Account. Levi Jones Estate. Jacob Griffiths, admr. Account. B-314 John Ritchie Estate. William Welch, Admr. Account. Henry Harzog Estate. Zephaniah Beal, Admr. c.t.a. Account (reciepts) Widow, Susannah, Children: Daniel, John, Henry, Catherine, wife of William Dawson, Susanna, Elisabeth, Ann, wife of Thomas J. Jones, and David. (See 42-H-1813) Daniel Swickard Estate Martin Swickard Admr. 1. Martin & Daniel 2. Mrs. Philip Sallsons 3. Mrs. Isaac Lash 4. Mrs. Jacob Marbough 5. John B-315 Samuel Lyle Widow, Mary Lyle. Martha, Sally, Anne, Mary, and Samuel under 14 yrs. James Kerr appointed. Abraham Fry. (wife dead) Elijah, Smith, and Ester under 14 Yrs. James Mitchell appointed.
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