Raccoon Honor Roll, Dedicated 

The following transcription from The Burgettstown Enterprise, November 1943 was submitted by R. Harmison for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in September 2001.

Raccoon Honor Roll, Dedicated 

One hundred and twenty eight men 1 Wac and 3 Waves in the service of the United States were honored by Raccoon citizens on Sunday when a beautiful honor roll inscribed with their names, was dedicated with appropriate services.  C. J. McFarland presided as Master of Ceremonies.  Tech. Corp. Mike Lucas and Seaman William Metz andStephen Zak stood at attention during the Flag Raising ceremony which was conducted by members of the Burgettstown Post 698 of the American Legion.  The unveiling was preformed by Mrs. Andrew Balogh and Mrs. Andrew Orgavan, mothers of 4 sons in service, as Ensign Elizabeth Alias of the U.S.N. formed an honor guard.


Group singing was led by Mrs. C. P. DeValkeneer, general chairman for the Dedication.  Selections were played by the U.H.S. Band.  The invocation and benediction was pronounced by Rev. R. C. Sutton.


Dedicatory addresses were delivered by Harry L. Tennyson, supervising principal of schools and Rev. W. J. McCashin.  Rev. McCashin spoke on “Our Boys in the Service.”  Names on the roll were read by W. R. Proudfit, Principal of Raccoon School. 


Two Gold Star mothers were present at the dedication, Mrs. Salvatore Loraski, whose son, Pvt. George Loraski died at Camp Chaffe, Ark., March 1942 and Mrs. Joseph Ramacker whose son, Pvt. Harold Ramacker died somewhere in Africa, September 3, 1943.  Other mothers, who were introduced during the ceremony were Mrs. Samuel Hanna, mother of 5 sons in service, Mrs. Andrew Balogh, Mrs. Andrew Orgavan and Mrs. Joseph Koleno, each a mother of 4 sons in service.  It was announced the Pvt. William Tonetti has been listed by the War Department as missing in action in Italy.


The Raccoon Honor Roll was sponsored by the Victory club with Mrs. C. P. DeValkeneer as chairman, assisted by Mrs. Clyde Watton and Mrs. Fred Harris.  Funds were solicited from the homes and a rummage and bake sale was held with total donations of $453.77.  Plans were drawn and the stone mason work was done by John Dafol of Burgettstown.  Painting was done by George Swanik, Jr., of Burgettstown.  The sponsoring group will accept additional contributions to the fund, as plans are being made to build a cement walk and steps to the Honor Roll.  Names inscribed on the roll are:  Raymond C. Adams, Frank Allison, Stanley Allison, Leo Antonopolus, Mario Alouise, Steve Baloga, Andrew Balogh, John Balogh, Joseph Balogh, Charles Balogh, Paul Bozic, Elizabeth Bozic, Merle Brick, Steve Barish, William Colesberry, Victor Cagnon, Angelo T. Christy, Avenear Christy, Fred Cavalier, Oscar Camp, Merle K. Culley, Verne Culley, Roy Chappell, William Chappell.


Andrew Danek, George A. Danek, John C. Danek, Alfred P. DeValkeneer, James Dellaria, Frank Dellaria, Frank Dellaria, Frank DeCook, Andrew DeCook, Joseph DeCook, Paul Duran, Louis Diley, John Demo, Sam Donaldson, James Donaldson, Paul DePaul, Elizabeth Elias, John Furno, John Gratchen, Mario Gobleck, Earl Green, Frank Gobleck, John Hanna, Michael Hanna, Gabriel Hanna, Norman Hanna, George Hanna, James Harris.


Joseph Kuzior, Theo. Kuzior, Chas. Koleno, John Koleno, Mike Koleno, Fred koleno, Mike Kvak, John Kvak, Melvin King, Edward King, Robert King, William Kota, William Kraeer, Paul Kovach, George Kovach, Stephen Kophazi, Louis Kun, Stephen Kandray, John Kandray, John Krocsko, Steve Krznorche, Joseph Krznorche, Alex Kamplan, George Loraski, Raymond Loraski, George Lukas, Mike Lukas.


William J. Metz, Eugene McFarland, Jack Maltony, Albert E. Moore, Joseph Moore, William Moore, Mike Mikula, Jennie Maslyk, Louis Maslyk, Severino Nicoletti, Joseph Orgavan , Frank Orgavan, Louis Orgavan, Joseph Pikulski, Leonard Pikulski, Edward Pikulski, Charles Paul, Edgar Plance, Ray E. Phillips, Albert Pendrackey, John Pendrackey, Ruth Rommes, Harold F. Ramacker, Andrew Ralston, Joseph Rozestangel, William Shiel, William J. Scott, Mike Sherockman, George Sherockman, Andrew Sherockman.


Angelo Scariot, Tony Scariot, Pate Scariot, Joseph Smydo, Nicolas Smvdo, Peter J, Secco, Armido Scopel, John Scopel, Martin Soltez, Thomas Tookey, William Tonetti, George Velegdon, Herman Vermeulen, Clyde Watton, Mervin Williams, Frank Williams, William Weaver, Charles Yanek, John Zibritosky, Emil Zvonik, Emil Zilich, John Zilich, Anton Zilich.


Copied from the Burgettstown Enterprise 1943.