Will of Martha Ramsey DeFrance of Cross Creek Village

The following transcription was submitted by Charles T. DeFrance" of DeLand, FL for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1997.

Charles writes:

Additions to the transcription are enclosed in parentheses ( ). Questions of readability are enclosed in brackets [ ]. This will was recorded in Washington Co, PA Courthouse Vol 7, Pg 568.


I Martha Defrance of Cross Creek Village Washington County 
Pa. do make and publish this my last will and testament, 
being in the enjoyment of a sound mind first I direct my 
executor to pay off my funeral expanses and lawful debts from 
the first money of my estate coming into his hands after my 
decease. I then will and bequeath to my daughter Eliza 
Donahoo all the residue of my property that God has entrusted 
me with both personal and real with my wearing apparrel 
without any reserve and direct my executor to make it all 
over to her soon as practicable after my decease. [Item] I do 
hereby make and ordain William Donahoo of Cross Creek Village 
my executor of this my last will and Testament and further I 
direct him to comply with his duties in the above will 
without appraisers or the interference of Court. In witness 
whereof I Martha Defrance the testator have to this my will 
written on one sheet of paper set my hand and seal this 
nineteenth day of June 1850 
(Signed) Martha Defrance 
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of each other 
attest (Signed) Alex S Berryhill 
(Signed) Aaron [Beebout]
Washington County 
Be it Remembered that on the 18th day of February 1857 before 
me John Meloy Register for the probate of wills and granting 
letters of [Administon] in and for said County came Alex S 
Berryhill and Aaron [Beebout] the subscribing witnesses to 
the will of Martha Defrance are who after being duly 
qualified according to law [depose] and say that they were 
present at the execution of this same will and saw the 
Testatux sign her mane thereto. That at her request in her 
presence and in the presence of each other they subscribe 
their names as Witnesses thereto, That they heard the 
Testatux publish [pronance] and declare the foregoing 
Instrument to bee for her last will and testament and at the 
time of her so doing she was of sound mind [and ] 
memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge 
observation and belief. 
Sworn to and subscribed before me (Signed) John Meloy 
(Signed) Alex S Berryhill 
(Signed) Aaron [Bebout]

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