Letter from J. S. Rankin

The following letter was transcribed by Kathy Tucker of Seattle, WA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in March 1998.

Kathy writes:

This is a letter from J.S. Rankin to my g-g grandmother Nancy Jane Thomas during the Civil War

Parole Camp 
March 21,64 
Dear friend Nannie 
          I received a letter from home which among other things contained 
sad news the death of your dear mother. You have sustained a loss the 
magnitude of which those who have never been deprived of a kind and 
lving mother know anything. And while I appreciat the fact and 
acknosledte that I know but little of the dread realities of your 
situation I feel like speaking a world of comfort to you. You have at 
least the comfort of knwoing that your mother was a christian and that 
she is perhaps now in that land where sickness and death never come and 
where partings are no more. It is also a great consolation to know that 
you are not parted from your mother forever for when a few short years 
pass over us according to the laws of nature we too must die and bid 
farewell to earthly scenes and if we spend our time rightly we shall 
join that happy throng whose constant delight is in singing praises to 
our blessed redeemer. I have now been cack in camp a little over a week 
and although U.S. does not require us to do any duty I find plenty of 
work it its not military but litterary work. This is about the first 
time that I have had an opportunity for studying since I enlisted and 
will have no objections to remaining here for some time. It is not equal 
to home however for the only pleasure I have here is in studying and 
teaching. There is a school taught in camp which I attend and which does 
much to take away the monotomy of a life like this. I hope you well 
remember that God has sent the present affliction upon you for some wise 
purpose. God moves in a mysterious way his wonders to perform. His wasy 
are not your way nor his thoughts our thoughts Please give my complimets 
to Bella (if she is at home) and the rest of the family 

     Truly Your Jim Rankin

There is some prospect of an exhange and then Isaah will jervat? of the rebel’s prisons I had a pleasant time at Steubenville Bella received me with her usual kindness I hope you will write soon for I have no friend here for whom I care much An err can sequently will have to have this deficiancy made up by shy correspondants

     Truly Yours
     J.S. Rankin
     Parole Camp
     Camp G ?

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