Last Will of James Regester

The following transcription was submitted by Barbara Long Emery of Willard, OH for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in December 1997.

Barbara writes:

The following is the text of the will of my g.g.g.grandfather, James Regester. It is typed exactly as written. At time his name is shown as Register and there are mispellings, also: On the front - Last Will of James Regester, dec.

I am descended from James Regester's son William. Aaron was married to Sarah Horton. It looks as if Aaron died prior to the death of his father.

                        Registered in Will Book, No. 5, pages 57 & 58
                        March 6th (I believe), 1833

In the Name of God Amen, I, James Register of Washington County East
Bethleham Township, and State of Pennsylvania being frail in body but
perfectly in My Right Mind and Sences, and calling to mind the
Mortaltity of my Boddy and that it is appointed for all ment ot die,
believeing it to be my duty to Settle my Estate both Real and personal I
ordain and Make this My Last will and testament, after Committing My
soul to God who gave it and my Body to Receive a Decent Burial, as to My
worldly good which God has endowed Me with, I Bequeath as follows, Viz
First after My decease the Escpences to be paid.  My will is that My
well beloved Wife Mary Regester Shall have all My Real Estate at May
Decease also one horse and one Cow and Such houshold furniture as She
may think propper to keep= to my Son Joseph I bequeath one horse and one
Cow. and Sixe Sheep and all the farming utentials, the Remaining part of
the horses Cows Sheep hogs or Stock to be Equally devided among my othe
sixe Children, John, Hannah, Aaron, Sarah, William & James Regester.  My
will is at the Death of my Bloved Wife that My Real Estate Shall be My
Son Josephs  If he Should decease before My beloved Wifes Death, and
without an Heir, then, My son James to have the place on My Real Estate,
but Should My Son Joseph live untill after his Mothers Death then he is
to have the Real Estate, and is to pay forty Dollars yearly for Sixe
years that is to Say forty Dollars to, John, the first year, and at the
End of the Second year forty to Hannah, and So on year after year,
untill the Sixe, Children has Each of them gotten forty Dollars apeace -
then Returning Back, to John again, at the End of the Seventh, year and
pay him forty Dollars More, and So on yer by year, untill Eech one of
the Children Receive Eighty Dollars, which amounts unto four hundred and
Eighty Dollar in the Whole and will take twelve years to Bring the
payments Round  But Should the plae (sic) of Real Estate fell into My
Son James hands on account of the Death of Joseph, without an heir, then
my son James is to pay four hundred and Eighty Dollars to the Remaining
five Children Exactly in the Same manner and payments that My Son
Joseph, was to-do had he Lived - it is my will and pleasure to Constute
- My Son Aaron and William Regester esecutors to Fullfil all my Wishes
as touching there things.
                                    In Witness hereof I have Set my hand
this 8th                                        Day of October 1824

Witness                             James Register

Robert Hawkins
Thomas Horton
Aaron Horton

This next part is difficult to read, but it deals with Robert Hawkins
presenting himself to John Grayson, Register, deposing that James
Regester was of sound mind; when the will was written.

The next paragraph was easier to decipher.

March 6, 1833 - Letters Testamentary with copy of this will and probate
____________, opened to William Regester, executor therein named (the
other executor being deceased) who on same day was duly affirmed.  John
Grayson, Reg.
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