Closed Washington Co. Schools

The following transcription was submitted by Lisa Bonar of Pittsburgh, PA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in October 1998.

Lisa writes:

These are from my Great Aunt's scrapbook. The book is mostly a pile of crumbling bits of paper. I don't know what newspaper they came from. I hope someone out there enjoys them.

The following are schools of local townships which have been closed during the last two decades, amoung 140 one-room schools of the county which sprung into existency, filled their need and passed out again. Blaine - Greenwood, 1937; Neely, 1937. Buffalo - Science Hill, 1920. Donegal - Tunnell, 1919; Byers, Stoolfire, McAdoo, Dutch Fork and McMillan, all in 1932. East Finley - Marshall, 1935; Stony Point, 1939; Newland, 1940. Hopewell - Oak Ridge, Maple Grove, Templeton and Pleasant Grove, all 1920; Hopewell H.S., 1922; White, 1932; and Farrar, 1937. Independence - Manchester, 1929; Scott, 1935; Boyd, 1936; Fallen Timber, 1937; Penowa, 1937; Jamison, 1938. Morris - Ringland, 1928; Craft, 1932; Wilson, 1932; Archer, 1928. South Franklin - Bethel, Jolly and Dickerson, 1928; Lindley and Point Lookout, 1930. West Finley - Taylors, 1928; Harmony, Liberty, Maple Glen and Davidson, all 1937; Beham, Knob, Kimmins and Gunns, all 1938.
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