The Hugh Scott Family and Connections of
Nottingham Township

The following article was submitted by Thomas E. Gallentine of Fairfield, California for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in September 1997.

(1) Hugh Scott was of Scotch blood and was born in the northern part of Ireland. He came to America about the year 1670; perhaps earlier. He settled in Chester county, Pa.. The original county of Chester has bee divided and subdivided many times since. Hence we see, in local histories of the Scott family, the names of Lancaster, York, and Adams counties mentioned, area embraced in original Chester, and also Cecil county, Md., contiguous territory.

On Dec. 26th 1874, at his home in Bucyrus, Ohio, Judge Scott wrote:

 "Hugh Scott , the Patriach, is to me like Melchisedec, without father or mother;-I presume the Great Sprit must have made him. He came to this country as tradition saith, from the North of Ireland, and settled in Chester county, Pa., in the latter part of the 17th century, probably about two hundred years ago. He was a Presbyterian, of the Scotch-Irish, John Knox type, who loved liberty, civil and religious, feared nothing but God, and whose name, if not found in the books of this world's heraldry, is plainly inscribed, I trust, in the heavenly register, among the sons and daughters of the Lord Almighty. Let us venerate the memory of this Father of our Tribe. (1) Hugh Scott had one son by the name of (2) Abraham Scott, born 1677, in Chester county, Pa., died 1760. He was a worthy God-fearing Presbyterian. His children were: Ann, Samuel, Thomas, Alexander, Grace, Hugh, and Josiah. Hugh and Josiah were among the Washington county's early immigrants.

(2) Ann Scott, born Oct. 1699, died 1792. She married Arthur Patterson about 1720, he died in 1763. Their children were William Patterson; Rebecca Patterson; Samuel Patterson, born 1727, died Nov. 15,1820; Arthur Patterson; Ellen Patterson; James Patterson, born Feb.7, 1731, died May 18, 1789; Catherine Patterson; Elizabeth Patterson; Jane Patterson, born 1739, died May 2, 1800.

(2) Samuel Scott, born 1705 (found no proff of date of birth or of his being a son of Abraham). Tradition has that he removed to Va. With his brother Alexander.

(2) Thomas Scott born 1705, Hon. James Wilson, of Adams county, gave a statement to Abram Scott, of Gettysburg, that Thomas, Hugh, and Josiah, were brothers and sons of (2) Abraham Scott. It also stated that Thomas Scott, in the organization of Washington county, March 27th, 1781, was the first Prothonater: and that he was the first member of Congress from that District. He had previously been a civil officer in Westmoreland County. He died in 1796. His descendants yet live in that section.

(2) Rebecca Scott, born Dec. 17, 1707, married James Agnew in 1737. She had become the second marriage of James. He was a Scotch-Irish immigrant who settled near Gettysburg. Their children were: Samuel Agnew, born Jan. 29, 1738, married Elizabeth Johnston (6 children); Martha Agnew, born Sept. 9, 1740, married Samuel Patterson (4 children); James Agnew, born May 1, 1742, married Mary Ramsey (8 children); David Agnew, born July 17, 1743, married Mary Erwin (12 children); Margaret Agnew, born Aug. 27, 1745, married James Patterson (9 children); Rebecca Agnew, born May 3,1747, married John McLanahan (2 children); Sarah Agnew, born May 15, 1749, married Archibald Douglass (2 children); Abraham Agnew, born Dec 23,1750, died March 11,1753; (2.D9) Anne Agnew, Oct. 3, 1753 married Rev. John Smith (10 children); Rev. John Smith and his family were at one time residents of Washington county. Ephraim Johnston Agnew, of Chartiers township, is a grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth Johnston. Dr. Agnew, of Philadelphia (President Garfield's physician), was a descendant of James Agnew, Sr.. Smith Agnew, Esq., of New Castle, Penn., who died in September, 1881, aged ninety years, was a son of David and Mary Erwin.

(2) Alexander Scott, born 1716, removed to Va., tradition has it that he had a brother. Samuel who accompanied him.

(2) Grace Scott, removed with her brother Alexander to Va.

(2) Hugh Scott, was born in Chester county, (now Adams) who lived on Millerstown road, five miles from Gettysburg, Penn., and emigrated to Washington county in 1773 from Peach Bottom, near where the Susquehanna River passes from Penn. into Maryland. Hugh was a left handed blacksmith and built a blacksmith shop on Mingo Creek. Dr. McMillan on the third Sabbath of November, 1776, ordained five elders in Pigeon Creek congregation, of whom Hugh Scott was one. He was a man of great piety and influence, he was one of the signers if the "Religious Agreement" written by James Edger, and one of the founders and first elders in the Pigeon Creek Presbyterian church. His name is also found in the first grand jury panel of October 2, 1781; also one of the four trustees who purchased ground from David Hoge on the 18th of October, 1781, for public buildings for the county. He was commissioned justice of the peace in November 8, 1788. He served 2nd bat., Washington co., Rev. War. He settled on a tract of land in Nottingham township (where his great-grandsons, James Kerr Scott and Hugh C. Scott, yet live), for which he received a patent dated January 23, 1799, in pursuance of a warrant dated September 22, 1788. He died October 11, 1819, aged ninety-three. His wife, Jennett (Agnew) died October 9, 1814, aged seventy-seven. Their graves are still legibly marked in Pigeon Creek graveyard. His sons Abraham and James are said to have returned to Adams county when young men, where they married, lived and died. (2) Hugh Scott, son of Abraham, born in 1726, married in 1754 to Jennett Agnew, born August 23, 1735, a daughter of his brother-in-law James Agnew, Sr., by a first marriage. Their children were: (3) Rebecca, (3) Abraham, (3) James, (3) Hugh, (3) Elizabeth, (3) John, (3) Sarah, (3) Margaret, and (3) Josiah.

(3) Rebecca Scott, born Mar. 20,1756, married 1776 to George Van Eman. Their children were:

(1) Nicholas, born April 7,1772, married Anne riddle, and had issue: Andrew, James, George, Samuel, Scott, Oliver, John Cyrus, Martha, Rebecca, Anne, and one other daughter. He was an elder in the church. Lived in Girard, Trymbull co., Ohio, dying in 1832.

(2) Scott and (3) Jane were twins, born May 24, 1783. Scott married Margaret Dawson. Two sons George and Dawaon lived in Stark county, Ohio; (3) Jane married John Dawson, and lived in Wayne county, Ohio.

(4) Andrew, born Oct. 22, 1784, twice married, first to Elizabeth Haines; issue Joseph Haines, Eliza, Ann, Mary, and Rebecca. Andrew's second marriage was with Jane Van Eman; issue: John and James both died in youth; Rev. Craig R. married to Miss McLenathan, lives in Burnet county, Texas; Harriet H. married William Walker, died in 1888, lived in Monroe county, Mo,; Andrew died in Canonsburg, Pa.; his wife Jane died at her daughter's home in Missouri.

(5) Rev. George, born April 23, 1786, was twice married, first time to Miss Cooper; issue; John, Cooper, Sarah (who married Mr. Cusic, Anne (who married Mr. Hall), another daughter (a widow) now living in Findlay, Ohio: George's second marriage was to Miss Flannegan; no issue. George was a minister in the Presbyterian Church. In the early years of his ministry he organized the congregation of Newark, Ohio. He died in Findlay, Ohio March 21, 1877, aged ninety-one.

(6) Rebecca, born Dec. 7, 1787, died Jan 4, 1822, married Hon. Joseph Lawrence; issue: Joseph, Hon. George V., Sarah and Samuel. Joseph and his wife, Eliza (Horner), died in Feb., 1842, leaving children: Miria, Elizabeth, Rebecca and William. Hon. George V.'s first marriage was to Miss Welch, in 1839; she died in 1854; two children, Mary V. and Joseph; George V.'s second marriage was to Miss Reed, in 1857; three children, of whom two, George and Carrie Bell, attained mature age; George is since deceased. Hon. George V. was elected representative from Washington county in 1843, 1846, 1858, 1859, and 1892; State Senator in 1848, 1860, 1874, 1876 and 1878; Speaker of the Senate in spring of 1863; and to Congress in 1864 and 1866; delegate-at large to Constitutional Convention, 1872. Sarah married Ard Moore, now dead. Their children were Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Robert, and Fannie. The mother now lives with her sons in Carthage, Mo.. Joseph Lawrence, Sr., was representative in 1818, thru 1823, again in 1824, 1825, State Treasurer 1835, member of Congress in 1824 and 1826 and in 1840. Died April 1 842. Buried in Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

(7) Elizabeth, born May 7,1789, married David Riddle; issue: Rebecca, John and others. Lived in Trumbull county, Ohio.


(8) Joseph, born Dec. 12, 1790, married Isabella Logan; issue: James (who died in youth), Rebecca, Samuel, Rev. George, Joseph, Mary, Logan, Cyrus (who died in youth), Margaret, Sarah. Of these (1) Rebecca married John Johnston (both dead); issue: Richard Van Eman, Bradford and John. (2) Samuel died Sept., 1891, was married to Miss Martha McConnell; issue: two sons-James J., and Joseph S (dead)- and two daughters-Bell M. and Sadie E. (3) Rev. George married Rachel Bower, second marriage to Elizabeth Progue.(4) Joseph's first marriage was with Miss Sarah Lea, and his second marriage was with Mary Anne Donaldson; now lives in Delano, Minn.; (5) Mary married Samuel Alexander (now dead); issue: one daughter, who did in adult age. (6) Logan married Jane Vance (now dead); issue: Charles, Fannie, Isabella, Joseph and James. (7) Margaret (now dead) married Israel Bebout. (8) Sarah married Samuel Bebout, East End, Pittsburgh. Joseph, Sr., died Sept 22, 1873; his wife Isabella died May 21, 1870; they are buried in Centre Presbyterian churchyard; he was a member of Session in that congregation for many years. (9) Garrett, born Oct. 3, 1792, was married first to Rachel Logen: James, Rebecca, Amelia, Rachel, Bell, Lee, Scott and Margaret; second marriage to Miss Sprowl; was an elder in Raccoon Presbyterian Church; died at Candor, Washington Co., Penn. (10) William, born June 15, 1794, married Mary bracken; issue: Rev. Thomas B., Maty Jane, and Sarah Anne (twins), Hannah, William, and Rebecca; he died in Cecil township, four miles from Canonsburg in his thirty-fifth year. (11) Sarah, born December 15, 1795, married Steven Wilkie; issue: Maria, Wilkie, and others. Maria married Rev. Jonathan Wilson, a missionary to Siam. Sarah, Sr., lived and died in Sidney, Ohio. (12) Abraham, born August 12, 1797, was an elder at Canal Fulto, Stark Co., Ohio. (13) James and (14) Hannah were twins, born July 1, 1799. Hannah married a Mr. Fulton, and lived at Canal Fulton, Ohio. George Van Eman, Sr., and his wife Rebecca Scott, lived and raised their family on a farm known as Clokey, six miles east of Washington, Penn. In their old age, they removed to canal Fulton, Stark Co., Ohio, to live with their children; they died and are buried in the old churchyard about one mile from that place.

(3) Abraham Scott died in Adams county, Penn., March 1, 1834, aged seventy-seven years. He first married Margaret McClain, who died February 2, 1789, aged twenty-six years; issue: (1) Hugh, (2) John, (3) Margaret, and (4) Jane. Second marriage to Jane Kerr, who died December 6, 1813, aged forty-seven; issue: (5) George K., (6) William M., (7) Abraham, (8) Polly, (9) James; third marriage to Margaret McMillen, who died October 25, 1833, aged fifty; no issue. Of these (1) Hugh married Betsy Kerr, and died August 17, 1849, aged sixty-five, leaving children,: (1) Abraham, (2) John, (3) Margaret, (4) George, (5) William, (6) Mary Ann. Of these, Abraham married Mary Downs; issue: James Hervey, Elizabeth Marion, Hugh Alfred, and William Elliot. (2) John married Martha McAllister (and died February 11, 1882, aged seventy-one); issue: Hugh D., John W., William, Mary, and Dr. Joseph Byron. (3) Margaret never married. (4) George died in youth. (5) William married Julia Anne Newman; a son, Newman. (6) Mary Anne married John Galbreath; issue: William and Laura. (2) John married Mary Trenkle, and bad one son and nine daughters; soon after marriage he emigrated to N. Carolina where he died several years ago; his widow was still living December 13, 1882. (3) Margaret married Moses Gourley; issue: Isabella, Jane, Margaret, and Thomas. (4) Jane married Stuart Speer, and died in Ohio, February, 1866, aged seventy-eight; Rev. J. S. Spreer, of Canonsburg, Penn., is a grandson. (5) George K., of the second marriage, born in Adams county, emigrated to Washington, Penn., in 1824, where he engaged in teaching school for several years. Afterward embarked in mercantile business, in which he was eminently successful; in 1830 he married Mary Ann Holbert, by whom he had four children: Abram B., Catherine H., John H., and George K.; the mother died in 1840, when the children were very young; he afterward married her sister Catherine (born in Maryland September 18, 1798) who proved to be a mother indeed to her sister's children, and on their part they were ever affectionately venerated her as a mother; she died in Washington, January 20, 1888, aged ninety. George K., Sr., died in 1867. Abram B. was twice married, first to Sarah Evans; issue: Mary A., William E., and Sarah. William E. married Susan Goughner; issue: Chester G., Blanche, Mary Louisa. Abram's second marriage was to Rebecca Lacock; he lives in Fairfield, Iowa; Catherine H. first married S. S. Fowler; issue: five children: (two died in infancy) Kate, Georgiana, and Gertrude; her second marriage was with W. B. Whittaker, of Fairfield, Iowa; Georgiana married James C. Hanyson, and had one daughter. John H. married Jane McCaskey, december 11, 1862, and died March 17, 1891; George K., Jr., married Grizella Beatty, November 24, 1859; issue: Charles B., Samuel Preston, Katie F., George K., Mary, May, and William Taylor. Five of those died in early life. Katie F. married Frank G. Puliver, and lives in Mobeetie, Tex. William Taylor is still single. Rev. George K., Jr., died in Mobeetie, Tex., January 10, 1889. Was a Presbyterian clergyman, licensed in April, 1858, ordained by Washington Presbytery in 1859, a home missionary in Texas. (6) William M. married Jane Kerr; issue: Dr. A. O., Margaret Rebecca, George W., Mary Jane; three died in infancy. Dr. A. O. married Jane Wilson; issue: David W., Netty R., Mary L., Jane Sherman, Clara M., Fannie and Genevie. Margaret Rebecca married John Cunningham, Esq.; issue: James, Jennie K., Elizabeth S., Mary, William Scott, Maggie R., Fannie F. (William M. died August 15, 1852, aged sixty; his wife died August 18, 1867, aged seventy-two). (8) Polly died unmarried August 28, 1875, aged eighty years.

 (3) James married Rebecca Patterson in 1790, who was born September 25, 1768; he sold his farm some seven miles south of Gettysburgh, and built the hotel there known as the "McClelland House," where he died October 1, 1806, aged forty-six. Their children were Hugh, born July 17, 1791, died March 25, 1874; Margaret, born 1793, died February 10, 1868; Dr. James Patterson, born in 1795; John, born 1798; William, born 1800, and Jane, born 1803. His widow afterward married Col. James Agnew, and died January 28, 1827. Capt. James, son of Hugh, first married Lena Spangler, and had one son, James, who was living in or near New Orleans in 1877/ Capt. James' second marriage was with Margaret Dickson. Hugh died previous to 1877, in Gettysburgh, Penn., at an advanced age. Dr. James Patterson died suddenly. Margaret died a few years ago unmarried. Jane married Mr. Ashman, and lived in Ohio. Of William and John there is no information.

(3) Hugh, born 1763, married Jane Latta, and emigrated with nine living children from Washington county, Penn., in 1811, and settled four miles south of Newark, Licking Co., Ohio, where he died in April, 1849, aged eighty-seven; his wife, Jane (Latta), died in 1837, aged seventy. Their children were John Agnew, born 1790, died in Illinois, 1876; Isabella, born 1792, died in Illinois, 1867; Sarah, born 1794, died in Illinois, 1867; Jane, born 1796, died in Ohio, 1867; William, born 1798, died in Illinois, 1870; Hugh, born 1800, died in Illinois, 1863; Robert, born 1802, died in Newark, Ohio, 1879; James, born 1804, living in Marysville, Ohio, in 1892; Abraham, born 1809, died in 1881.

(3) John, born in Adams county in 1772, married in Gettysburgh, Penn., about 1796, to Martha Patterson, who was born in Lancaster county, December 10, 1777. Their children were all born in Washington, Penn.: Margaret, born May 10, 1797, married Robert Officer, May 4, 1819, died December 12, 1880, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, where the family had resided a number of years; Jane, born May 12, 1799, died unmarried near Washington, Ill., April 19, 1869; Rebecca, born July 9, 1803, died February 24, 1818, of smallpox at Washington, Penn.; James Patterson, born November 6, 1805, married Margaret Sample, of Washington, Penn., April 23, 1835 (Patterson died August 21, 1866); his wife died April 11, 1884. They are buried in Washington, Ill. Their children were Elias Cornelius, born June 30, 1836; Martha Jane, born September 6, 1838, married David E. Seedom, December 22, 1887 (she died in Hubbell, Neb., April 6, 1890); John Workman, born September 28, 1840, died June 30, 1867; Sarah Olivia, born October 28, 1842; Elizabeth Gertrude, born September 29, 1844, married September 29, 1870, to Marshall W. Woodbury; issue: cornelius Wellington, born April 1, 1870, died August 30, 1875; Nathan Patterson, born February 28, 1881, lives in Hubbell, Neb.; Mary Roxanna, born February 25, 1846; Rebecca Violet, born May 7, 1859; Hester Ellen, born September 17, 1851, married John M. Marton, February 19, 1885, and had a daughter, Lucia Ethel, born April 5, 1887 (live in Ocoya, Ill.); Margaret Lucia, born February 4, 1854; James Patterson Scott emigrated from Washington, Penn. to near Washington, Ill., in 1837 where as a teacher and a farmer he spent his life. Dr. John, born April 20, 1808, married June 18, 1833, to Margaret sloan, of Pittsburgh, Penn., in which city he spent his after life in his chosen profession, dentistry (died October 19, 1888, on train while en route home from Duluth, Minn., where he had been on a visit to his daughter, Mrs. Cash); Hugh, born July 4, 1810; John Randolph, born December 12, 1812, married Asenath Hicks, November 25, 1847; issue: Anna Martha, born January 13, 1849, married George Tobias October 8, 1874, and had a son, born December 29, 1879, died in infancy. Quincy A., born August 10, 1850, married Lucy J. Hatfield, October 26, 1882 (lives in Wayne county, Iowa); Emma Julia, born November 19. 1854. Roenna Elliott, born July 19, 1853, died September 30, 1853; Charles Sumner, born November 7, 1857, murdered (as supposed) in July, 1880; Lincoln R., born June 23, 1860, married Minnie R. Beck, October 24, 1888 (lives In Ildalia, Col.); John Randolph emigrated from Washington, Penn., in spring of 1837, and settled on Government lands which he had entered the previous year, four miles south of Washington, Ill., where he yet resides, a wealthy, intelligent farmer. (3) John Scott, Sr., was a general trader on the river to New Orleans and returned across the country with horses and mules. He established the stage lines from Washington to Pittsburgh, to Brownsville to Wheeling, and to Steubenville, Ohio. Had three paralytic strokes at different times, and after the third could not walk. Had use of his arms but no control of his limbs; had to be lifted and fed for twenty years. He died from effects of cholera, October 17, 1834, taken the precious August; his wife, Martha Patterson, died of cholera about August 10, 1834. The father, mother and son, Decatur, are buried on the farm on which they lived, one and one-half miles east of Washington, Penn., now owned by William Davis.

(3) Elizabeth married Edward Todd. They emigrated to the vicinity of Steubenville at an early day. Mr. John Johnson, a grandson, writes under date of April 25, 1887: "My grandmother, Elizabeth Todd, died in West Virginia, opposite Steubenville, at the residence of her son-in-law, Daniel O. Neal. I have no dates. She had six daughters and one son, William, who died when a young man. The oldest daughter, Jane Carroll, died in Cincinnati two years ago, aged eighty-seven. Three of her children lived in Cincinnati: Edward Carroll, Sarah Anne Clemens and Rebecca Mansure. Rebecca (Todd) Jewett died in Illinois; her family of five sons and one daughter live in Kansas. Letitia (Todd) Finley died some years since; her husband, William Finley, and family are living near brown station, in Jefferson Co., Ohio. Sarah Todd died many years since; her husband, James Trumbull, and two daughters-Mrs. James Suratt and Mrs. John Olive-are living in Steubenville. Mr. Trumbull is very old and wealthy. Rosanna (Todd) Johnston, my mother, is the only one of the family now living; she was eighty-six years old February 22, 1887. Of mother's family there are five boys and two girls; Rebecca McKinney lives in Steubenville, Elizabeth in St. Louis, Curtis and Edward in Iowa, Daniel in Nebraska, William in Kentucky, and your humble servant in Jefferson county, two miles west of Steubenville, Ohio."

(3) Sarah married John Jordan. Of her and her family nothing is now known, save that she and her husband emigrated to the Sandusky Plains, Ohio at an early date.

(3) Margaret married James Ramsay, a captain in the war of 1812; emigrated to the vicinity of Steubenville, Ohio, at and early date; had one son and four daughters; twin daughters married brothers by the name of Maxwell-Thomas Maxwell, of Wintrvelle, and James Maxwell, of Steubenville, Ohio, are grandsons.

(3) Josiah married Jane Darrah, born Feb. 19, 1799. Josiah Scott Died of cholera Aug. 16, 1834, aged sixty-four. Jane Darragh, his wife, died Dec. 20, 1841. These parents and their son Hugh, and her parents John Darragh, Sr., who died March 11, 1814, aged seventy-seven and Margaret Darragh, who died Aug. 20, 1824, aged eighty-seven, and the daughter Margaret, died Dec. 5, 1851, aged eighty-one, widow of Dr. Thomas Baird, of Washington, Pa., are buried in the Presbyterian Mingo graveyard. Josiah's children were: (1) Margret McKinley, born Feb. 9, 1807; (2) James S. born April 27, 1808; (3) John Darragh and (4) Absalom Baird (twins) born Aug., 31, 1809; (5) Hugh, born Oct., 26, 1811, died Nov., 2 1832; (6) Archibald Darrgh, born Dec. 11, 1815; (7) Mary Jane, born Feb. 15, 1819.

(1) Marrgaret McKinley, on Feb., 1832, married Thomas Weir, born Sept. 2, 1802; issue: Adam, born Jan. 13, 1833, married May 14, 1856, to Catherine Wilson, born dec. 26, 1831,and died without issue Feb. 26,1889. Josiah Scott born April 10, 1836, married Nov. 29, 1859, Sarah Ann Hicks, born in Winchester, Ky., Nov. 30, 1839; no issue; live at Stanford, Ill. Samuel Baird, born Jan 9, 1838, on Dec.2, 1863, married Margery Winnet, born June 4,1843, died June 12, 1875; issue: Hugh Finley, born Oct. 24, 1864; Mary Lizzie, born July 20, 1866; Ada Margaret, born Jan. 13, 1873; Winnett Wallace, born Feb. 3, 1875; Hugh, born June 3, 1840. At the close of his junior year in Jefferson College (1862), enlisted in Company G, One Hundred and Fortieth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; was wounded July 2, 1863, at Gettysburgh, died in Rebel Hospital July 5, 1863; Mary Jane, born June 14, 1842; Margaret Lavinia, born April 20,1847, married Oct. 9, 1878, Samuel P Fergus, born Aug. 17, 1879; issue: Thomas Harold Weir, born Aug. 11, 187; Hugh Ernest, born Jan 16, 1881; John Addison, born July 3, 1883, died May 14, 1885; David S. Littell, born March 5, 1885,died Dec 29, 1885; Margaret Josephine, born June 20, 1887.

(2)James Smith, born April 27,1808, died Jan. 1, 1869, married Feb. 14, 1832, to Mary Cubbage, born 1809, died May 14, 1877; issue: Josiah L., born March 20, 1834, died April 3,1847; James Cubbage, born June 25, 1836, died Sept. 19, 1841; John Alexander, born March 8,1839, died Sept. 10, 1841; Almira Jane, born Feb. 18, 1841; William Wallace. Born Jan. 30, 1843; James Herron, born Aug 10, 1846; George Winfield, born April 20, 1850; Louisa Maria, born Feb. 20, 1845, died Sept. 7, 1845. Alma Jane married John B. McBride May 1, 1873, died Nov 23, 1884; issue James Scott, born Nov. 23, 1874; John Bavington, born Sept. 8, 1878; Samuel Bruce, born June 2, 1880; Mary Alice, born Sept. 28, 1883, and George Wallace, born Nov. 17, 1884. William Wallace married Mary J. Roddy May 14, 1886, at Sidney, Ohio; issue: Mary Winifred, born Nov. 27, 1870; Gertrude R., born Nov. 5, 1872; Jean Allice, born Dec. 3, 1874; William Wallace, born June 4, 1880 (lived in Sewickley, Pa.). James Herron married Mildred Agnes Bell in 1876; she died in Washington, Pa., in 1877. His second marriage was in 1879 with Frances Ramsey Kuhn, who died in McKeesport, Pa., 1n 1887; living issue; John, Mary Ellia, and Gertrude; he lives in Pittsburgh, Pa. George Winfield married Adeline Speer, Cot 26,1882 (lives in Des Moines, Iowa).

(3) John Darragh was married May 28, 1839, to Sarah Vance, born Oct. 16, 1811. John D. died March 6, 1880. He was a farmer. Issue: Sarah Jane, born Feb. 1, 1840, died Oct. 2, 1840; Mary Elizabeth, born Feb. 3, 1843; Henry Vance, born Sept. 5, 1841, died April 5, 1842; Margaret Jane, born May 16, 1845; Isabella, born May 3, 1848 John Vance and Josiah Lawrence (twins), born Nov. 28, 1850. Of these Mary Elizabeth was married on Aug. 15, 1860, to Hiram Winnett, born 1836, died Aug. 18, 1872; issue: John Hudson, born June 15, 1863; Finley Scott, born Aug. 23, 1864;Wlizabeth B., born Nov. 15, 1866; Catherine A., born Jan. 23, 1869; Sadie E., born April 1, 1872; John Hudson was twice married, first time to Rebecca Devore, born July 5, 1862, and second time, April 27, 1892, to Mary Winnett, born April 11, 1871. Scott Married Bell Waller in 1891, and lives at Columbia Falls, Mont. Elizabeth B. married James McDonough in Feb, 1891, and has one son, Geotrge Otto. Catherine A. married Frank Wright April 15, 1891, and has one son, Winnett Wilson, born feb. 26, 1892. Mararget was married Oct. 15, 1863, to Levi G. Rainey, born July 7, 1842; issue: Eunice Bell, born May 30, 1865, died Sept. 7, 1868; Frank Wilbert, born April 17, 1871; Walter Scott, born Aug. 20, 1874; Sadie bell, born Dec. 30, 1879, died Sept. 11, 1880. Isabella married Dr. Finley B. Winnett, issue: a son, Elmer, who died May 3, 1892, aged twenty-four, and a son, Ray. John Vance married Margaret Miller Nov. 30, 1876; issue: Maud, born Aug. 2, 1878; Sarah Bell, born Sept. 3, 1880; Wylie Vance, born Dec. 1, 1883; Issac S., born July 29, 1886; Waid W., born Aug. 27, 1889. Josiah Lawrence married Tillie Ross Dec. 21, 1876; issue: Pearl, born Nov. 12, 1877; Eddie, born Dec. 11, 1879; and Ely, born May 13, 1882, and John V., Tillie and Otto.

(4) Absalom Baird was married Sept. 18, 1834, to Rebecca Finley, born Aug. 11, 1811; Absalom died May 1, 1861; Rebecca Finley died Feb. 15, 1892; issue: Mary June, born Feb. 14, 1836; John Finley, born April 2, 1838; Josiah Scott, born July 27, 1840, died April 2, 1843; James Kerr, born Dec. 18, 1842; Margaret Baird, born May 24, 1845; Hugh Clemens, born Aug. 18, 1847; Frances E., born May 15, 1850; Sarah, born Aug. 30, 1852, died Jan. 29, 1892. Mary Jane married Feb. 22, 1859, John d. Henry, born Oct. 12, 1834; issue: Allie Margaret, born Dec. 22, 1859; Edwin Absalom, born April 29, 1862; Frances Rebecca, born Mar. 27, 1865; Etta Mary, born Dec. 20, 1868; Reid Scott, born May 9, 1873. They lived in Idlewood, Allegheny co., Pa. John Finley married Maggie Davis, born Jan. 16, 1842; issue: Mary Frances, born Oct 24, 1864, married Leaman Brownlee; Rebecca, born Jan. 5, 1867, died Nov. 13, 1875; George Davis, born Nov 29, 1869; Anna Maud, born Aug. 9, 1872; Hugh Baird, born Oct. 20, 1874, died Aug 5, 1875. James Kerr was twice married, first time Nov. 16, 1865, to Sarah Ellen Roberts, born May 12, 1844, died Nov. 2, 1875; issue: Laura and Albert; his second marriage was with Jennie Logan in 1891. Margaret Baird married charles Jones Nov. 25, 1883; issue: one son, Chauncey.

(6) Archibald Darragh was married Oct. 30, 1839, to Tamar Crawford, born Oct. 11, 1818; Archibald D. died March 2, 1891; Tamar, his wife, died Aug. 8, 1863; issue: (1) James Crawford, born Aug. 30, 1841, married May 4, 1872, to Mary Underwood, born Aug. 15, 1850; no issue: live in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. (2) Nancy Jane, born July 11, 1843, died June 22, 1847. (3) Mary Elizabeth, born July 30, 1845, was married Oct. 19, 1871, to Steven Beatty, who died Feb. 5, 1883. (4) Margaret Jane, born Dec. 28, 1847. (5) Josiah L., born Jan 4, 1850, was married Dec. 25, 1882, to Mrs. M. L. Wise Shields, born Jan. 22, 1862; live in East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. (6) Andrew Winfield, born May 16, 1852, married May 30, 1877, Dora P Shields, born Sept. 1, 1861; issue: Tamar Etta, born Jan 2, 1878; Archibald James, born Nov. 30, 1880; and Josiah Vance, born Feb. 10, 1882; lives in East End, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(7) Mary Jane married, in 1837, William Sample, born July 14, 1815; emigrated to Tazewell county, Ill., in 1838; William died June 5, 1871; Mary Jane, his wife, died Nov. 15, 1874; they with three of their children (save the first) are buried in El Paso, Woodford Co., Ill.; issue: Josiah Scott, born June 20, 1839, died Nov. 7, 1839; Hugh Workman, born July 27, 1843, died June 8, 1872; Theodore, born Nov. 5, 1846; Sarah Jane, Born Sept. 9, 1849, died April 18, 1875; John William, born March 11, 1858, died Feb. 14, 1881; Ida Violet, born Feb. 16, 1861. Of these, Theodore married Dec. 24, 1874, Jennie Toole, born in Ireland Jan. 25, 1853; issue: Theodore Tilden, born July 20, 1876; Ida Mary, born June 12, 1878; William Montana, born July 22, 1885, and Harry, born Oct. 11, 1888. Ida violet was married Dec. 9, 1879, to John Wesley Kennedy, born Aug. 16, 1851; issue: Walter Scott, born Aug. 15, 1882; Harry Sample, born Jan 19, 1885, and Ida Violet, born June 9, 1889, died Aug. 23, 1889. Theodore and Ida violet with their families reside in Logansport, Ind.

(2) Josiah Scott, youngest son of Abraham Scott, was born 1735 in Chester county, he re-moved to Washington county, Pa., near Washington, then called Catfish, in 1773 from Peach Bottom, near where the Susquehanna River passes from Penn. into Maryland. He lived on a piece of land in what is now South Strabaine. The warrant for his land was not taken out until Sept. 21, 1784, and was surveyed on the 10th of Sept. the next year. It was named "Oakham" and contained two hundred and ninety-nine acres, adjoining lands of Dorsey Pentecost, Samuel Workman and Matthew Steen. He was a blacksmith-a maker of edge tools, especially of sickles. He was robust, stout, and muscular; was the best and most rapid reaper of his day; was vigorous constitution; plain and simple in his habits and manners, and noted for his excellent sense and sound judgments. Rev. Dr. Brown, President of the Jefferson Collage, used to say that 'the Scotts got all their talent and ability from "Old Josiah."'"

Josiah, in 1760 married Violet Foster. She was born 1749, York, Pa. Their children were;

(1) Sarah Scott, died infancy
(2) Alexander Scott, born Dec.26, 1763, married Rachel McDowell, daughter of John McDowell, they settled on the old McDowell farm in N. Strabane township, Pa.;
(3) Abraham Scott, born 1765, married Rebecca McDowell daughter of John McDowell, he became a Presbyterian clergyman and was connected to Jefferson College;

(4) Mary Scott, born Dec. 1767, died Nov. 28, 1844, she married William Cotton in Nov. 2, 1786, he was born, July 16, 1762, died Mar. 1841. Mary married at the age of 19, she was a beautiful girl, of medium height, eyes and hair brown, complexion fair, form well rounded, active in mind and body, and of a strength of constitution that gave her uniform and remarkable health while she lived. William was the youngest of eight children of Henry and Mary Cotton, whom came from the north of Ireland in 1749 to Lancaster county, Pa., and thence to Washington county in 1760, near Catfish, where they died at an advanced age. William was six feet in height, well built, with dark hair and eyes, and had never a day of sickness till his life was about spent, issue: Violet, born Aug. 16, 1787; Henry, born Sept. 2, 1788; Mary, born June 19, 1790; Josiah, born May 26, 1791; Jane, Oct. 15, 1793; William, born Dec. 13, 1795; Hugh, born Sept. 10. 1797; Josiah 2nd ,March 13, 1799; Alexander, born Feb. 4, 1801; John, born Jan. 20, 1803; Rachel, born Jan. 30, 1805; James, born May 6, 1807; and Sarah, born Dec. 28, 1809;

(5) Elizabeth Scott, born Mar. 12, 1773, died Mar. 10, 1841, she married Robert Stevenson, born 1777, died 1862, Lawrence county, Pa., son of Hon. John Stevenson, born 1735, England , died 1785 and Mary Cowan (McCowan), born 1745, Maryland, died Oct 16, 1808, Elizabeth Scott was a women of fine presence, devotedly pius, strongly imbued with the tenets of Calvinism of the Presbyterian Church of her day; very strict in observance of all religious duties, notably of the sanctity of the Sabbtah. Robert Stevenson was a ruling elder for more than sixty years; was noted for cheerfulness and readiness in conversation on matters of religion and other subjects; had a fine sense of humor and taste for music, and was a most genial and enjoyable man throughout his long life. issue: Josiah Scott, born Nov.3, 1800, Mercer county, Pa., died Aug. 27, 1884, married 1823 to Mary Emory (Emery); Mary, born Sept. 5, 1804 Mercer county, Pa., died 1843, married May 6, 1828, to Mr. Gilkey; James Stevenson, born and died Mar. 1806; Abraham, born Sept. 13, 1807, died Jan 6, 1877, married April 4, 1833, to Elizabeth Love, second wife Oct. 29, 1835, third wife Nov. 21, 1850, Elizabeth J Nesbit; Robert Jr., born Aug. 1809, died Nov.30, 1877, married Nov. 3, 1836 to Eliza Ann Denniston; Joseph, born Jan 4. 1812, died Feb. 24, 1876, married Feb. 4, 1840, to Brinda Sapp; Samuel, born Jan. 9, 1816, died April 7, 1878; Alexander Foster, born May 20, 1818, married Elizabeth P. Plumer; John, born Feb. 17, 1803, died 1866, married April 1, 1829 to Christiana Denniston.

(6) James Scott, born 1771, married Jane Willson;
(7) Jane Scott married Hugh Workman;
(8) Josiah Scott, born 1775, married Sarah Coe; By a second marriage, with Jane Gordon, Josiah had four sons;
(9) Hugh Scott, born 1777, married Jane Blakney;
(10) Robert Scott, born 1779, married Elizabeth Munnel;
(11) Samuel Scott, born 1781, married Mary Ann Wylie;
(12) John Scott, born 1785, married Isabel Vance, daughter of Isaac Vance and Mary Cotton. Josiah Scott died on Oct. 11,1819 of cholera along with his son John, and his wife Isabelle (Vance) and several others.

On July 2nd, 1877 at Washington Pa. Miss Mildred A Bell wrote to Col. John Mannor Scott, of Nevada, Iowa:

"A few days ago I went to the old Cemetery near this place to find, as you requested, the grave of my great-great-grandfather, Josiah Scott. I succeeded in finding it, but the inscription on the tablet, except the name and age, was almost effaced by time, and I concluded it could not be deciphered. But I again visited the spot, and by considerable labor was able to make it out. The following is a copy:- 'In memory of Josiah Scott, who died on the 20th of February, 1819, age 84 years. Having sustained a character exemplary for honesty, piety, and usefulness, he came to the grave in full age, as a shock of corn cometh in season. Job 5th Chapter and 26th verse. Among the representatives of this old blood of Washington county may be named Hon. A. W. Scott, of Toledo, Ohio; Rev. W. W. Colmery, D. D., of Oxford, Ohio; Rev. R. C. Colmery, of Sandusky, Ohio; Rev. D. R. Colmery, D. D., of Los Angeles, Cal.; Rev. Alexander Scott, of Denver, Col.; Col. John Scott, of Nevada, Iowa; Prof. E. M. Cotton, Of Chester, Iowa; Dr. J. E. Scott, of Chicago, and Hon. Lawson, Scott, of Mendota, Ill.; all of whom are great-grandsons of "Old Josiah.'


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