Biography of Lewis Seitz (Sites) 

The following was written and submitted by Caral Mechling Bennett of Arlington,VA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in January 1998.

Circa 1822, the Rev. Lewis SEITZ, leaving his wife and family at home, left 
on a horseback trip to Rockingham County, VA and York County, PA, preaching at 
different Baptist churches en route, and visiting his old home and relatives.
While returning to Ohio, it is said that he was taken ill at Washington PA -- which trail he would have taken through the mountains -- where he died and was buried. The only record which we have of this event, written circa 1915-20, in the flowery style of the day, is by descendant, Rev. Edward Seitz SHUMAKER: "With these sweet memories to cheer him, Lewis started on his homeward journey, still preaching as he went, but God had other plans for His servant, for in Washington, PA, Lewis sickened, and in the land of strangers, perhaps alone with God -- God took him to be with Him. We do not know the date of his death neither do we know of his burial place, and it is quite probable that his grave is unmarked, as he slumbers in that strange land, awaiting the resurrection of the just."

Found in Fairfield Co., Ohio, is the probate records, dated 21 May 1823: "...Daniel SITES and John HITE shall well, truly, faithfully and impartially administer the goods, chattels, and personal estate of Lewis SITES late of the county aforesaid, deceased..."

Lewis may have owned land in Washington County, however no description of this land has been found to date, nor record of disposal, at his death. No connection with Washington County, PA is known for Lewis. He was born in Germany, raised in York County PA, moved to the Shenandoah Valley of VA, then left for religious reasons (slavery issue) for Fairfield County, OH. Why he would have had land in Washington County, is yet another mystery to solve.

Key clues to locating Lewis' grave, or mention in some church records, may be: Baptist faith, and land records.

In case this name, Lewis SEITZ/SITES, happens to appear in some illusive record, this descendant would certainly be overjoyed at hearing the news!

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