Swagler Estate

The following transcription was submitted by Marguerite Bauer of Wadsworth, OH for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in November 1998.

Patent map Somerset Twp. Washington Co. PA. 
Jacob Swagler 269 1/2 acres. Warrant Feb. 21 1788. Survey May 25 1790 
Patent Feb. 15 1798. He called his land "Swaglers Delight."

Jacob married Sophia Huffman, daughter of Rudolph & Dorothy Weiss 
Huffman. They lived on the same road close to one another.

Estate of Jacob swagler Dec'd Orphant Court Docket Book B. pg. 209. 

Petition of Sophia Swagler, widow and relict of Jacob Swagler late of 
Washington co., setting forth that the petitioners, late husband died 
intestate, leaving considerable real estate, Viz: 400 acres of land in 
Somerset Township in said county and leaving the petitioner, his widow 
and three children to wit: Jacob, Jonathan and Christina Swagler, and 
praying the court to award an Inquest to make partition, of the said 
land amongest the children. Sophia and David Huffman appointed 

It was devided into three sections. 1. to Jacob Swagler Jr.; 2. Jonathan 
Swagler and 3. to Elizabeth & Daniel Myers. Elizabeth was a daughter.

The following was found in the Administration packet of Jacob Swagler's 

May 25, 1810 to Jacob Swagler $132.35. 
May 25, 1810 to Mary Swagler $132.35. 
May 25, 1810 to Jonathan Swagler to his Grd. Nathaniel Wallace $132.35. 
May 25, 1810 to Daniel Myers (Betsy Myers) $132.35. 
May 26, 1810 to Christina Swagler in care of George Tombaugh, Grd.

On November 20, 1833, Levi Rogers, Christina Rogers, Jacob Underwood, 
Jacob Swagler, Daniel Myers, Jonathan Swagler and Hannah Swagler, wife 
of Jacob, acknowledge to have received satisfacture in full for their 
distributive share of the estate real and personal of Jacob Swagler 
dec'd, and authorize the clerk of the Orphant Court of the said County 
for the same.

There is a copy of the Jacob Swagler Family history in the Citizens 
Library in Washington, PA.
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