Will of Ella Virginia Warne

The following transcription was submitted by Martha Burns of Anaheim, CA for inclusion at the Genealogy in Washington Co., PA web site in November 1997.

Martha writes:

 Ella Virginia Warne (10/19/1857-4/2/1935, Will Book 52, Washington Co) died, she left a will which specifically left her mother's bureau, then in TP's Carmicheal's home, to her executor, nephew Charles S Warne. Her will, as follows, touched and named everyone in her family:

        Before the Register of Wills of Washington County personally appeared
Charles S Warne, who being duly sworn says that Ella V Warne late resident
of Monongahela, Penna, a citizen of Washington County died at 10:30 o'clock
AM on the second day of April AD 1935 leaving an estate of the estimated
value of $750.00 personalty, and $3,000.00 realty, said real estate being
located in the First Ward of Monongahela, Washington County, Pennsylvania,
fronting 800 feet more or less on East Main Street and extending back to
the Monongahela River of the same width, adjoining property of the Cyclops
Foundry on the East, and Phillips Mill and Supply Company's property on the
west, containing seven acres more or less.  The decedent's legatees and
devisees are as follows:

Theodore P Warne       brother  Carmicheals, Penna
J(oseph) Porter Warne  brother  Wichita, Kansas
Emma Warne Kernan      sister   Wichita, Kansas
Frank Kernan           nephew   Wichita, Kansas
Howard Warne           nephew   Hickory, Washington Co
Mae Warne              niece    Carmicheals, Pa
Goldie Warne Coffield  niece    Pittsburgh, Pa
Albert Warne           nephew   Carmicheals, Pa
Lewis Warne            nephew   Monongahela, Pa
Charles Warne          nephew   Monongahela, Pa
Edith Warne Scott      niece    Monongahela, Pa
Martha (Warne) Baily   niece    Millsboro, Pa
Ella Warne             niece    Carmicheals, Pa
Eliza Warne            niece    Carmicheals, Pa
Lulu Warne             niece    Carmicheals, Pa
Esther Warne           niece    Carmicheals, Pa
Hazel Warne Jensen     niece    Brownsville, Pa
Boyde Warne            nephew   Crucible, Greene Co
Paul Warne             nephew   Wichita, Kansas
Roy Warne              nephew   Wichita, Kansas
Thelma Warne ____      niece    Wichita, Kansas
Gladys Warne ____      niece    Wichita, Kansas

Testator has not married and no children have been born since the execution
of the will offered for probate.
        Petitioner prays that the paper writing filed herewith dated eleventh
(11th) day of September AD 1930 may be admitted to probate as the last will
and testament of said decedent, and to grant letters testamentary thereon
to Charles S Warne, petitioner whose post office address is 242 West Main
Street, Monongahela, Penna.  Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th
dayof April AD 1935.  RJ Coulson, Register
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