Oath of Allegiance

I do solemnly, in the presence of Almighty God, swear and declare that I will faithfully and sincerely support the Constitution of the United States, and obey all laws thereof, and will discontinue opposition thereto, except by way of petition and remonstrance, and all attempts to resist, obstruct, or illtreat the officers of the United States in the execution of their respective duties, so help me God.

Each person, in taking this oath, was required to subscribe his name thereto, as well as sign the following pledge:

In pursuance of the oath hereto annexed, I do hereby engage and associate to and with all others who may subscribe these presents to countenance and protect the officers of the United States in the execution of their duties according to law, and to discover and bring to justice all persons who may be concerned, directly or indirectly, in illegally hindering or obstructing the said officers, or any of them, in the execution of their duty, or in doing any manner of violence to them, or either of them. In witness of all which I have hereunto subscribed my hand the day and year opposite my name.

Bethlehem Township, 29 Dec. 1794

David Enoch, John Smiley, Nathan Meck, David Sutton, James Braden, Abel McFarland, Samuel Meck, Daniel McFarland, Jr., James Gillespie, John James, Lemuel Cooper, David Evans, John Bockius, James Evans, Christopher Horn, Thomas Ijams, Daniel Cory, Valentine Kender, Bazel Barnet, Christopher Cox, John Horn, George Horn, James Graham, Aaron Davis, Caleb Bell, Jacob Young, John Meck, Jr., Isaac Pettit, Sampson Nicholls.

Somerset Township, 30 Dec. 1794

James Dawson, Samuel Ferguson, John Greenleas, Thomas Gill, Archibald Blue, John Huffman.

Bethlehem Township, 30 Dec 1794

Wm. Guthrey, John Fusten, Christian Cockler, John Meck Johnson, Gabriel Nave.

Strabane Township, 30 Dec 1794

Samuel Fitch, James Collins, John Fitch.

Somerset Township, 31 Dec 1794

James Collams, Allen Olfer, Andrew Ault, Jacob Swagler, Henry McDonough, Samuel Crawford, George McIlwaine, James Miller, Grier McIlwaine, Samuel Weir, Francis Keely, Jacob Myers, Henry Hewitt, James Cochran, Wm. McCombe, Patrick McCulloch, Robert McComb, Peter Black, Samuel Shuster, Samuel Moser, Michael Paker, James Leydy, Benjamin Leydy, Wm. Smith, David Huffman, Martin Huffman, Andrew Smith, John Stevenson, Martin Smith, William Thompson, Robert McFarland, John Chapman, Mathias Luse, Frederick Leydy, John Vance, John Kinney, James Dickson, Alex. Porter, Andrew Simons.

Bethlehem Township

Thomas Wier, James Hill, Peter Drake, Joshua Drake, Jonathan Drake, James Beatty, Joseph Hill, Jr., Leonard Roberts, Dickinson Roberts, Daniel Driskel, Thomas Richardson, Wm. Campbell, Richard Richardson, John Weston, Sr., Fred. Dage, Sr., Frederic Dage, Jr., Adam Smith, Pat McDowell, Robert Ferguson, David Sutton, Sr., John Dage, Michael Letherman, John Weston, Jr., John Conkle, Jacob Conkle, Ezekier Bradon, Mich. Dage, And. Rogers, Thomas Caton, Mathias Dage, Gasper Pilts, George Dawson, Peter Hewitt, George Drister, Abm. Barber.

Fallowfield Township

John Sutherland, Jr., George Young, Alex. Moore, Thomas Chambers, Joseph Weir.

Hanover Township, 20 Dec. 1794 - Taken before Samuel Glasgow, J.P.

Miles Wilson, Thomas Moss, Adam Vinnage, John Moor, Augustus Moor, James Proudfoot, Lewis Sadler, Daniel McConnell, John Thompson, Thomas Dornan, John White, Christopher Walters, Elijah Devner, Patrick McDonald.

29 Dec. 1794 - Taken before Wm. Parker

Jacob Book, Andrew Kintner, George Kintner, Daniel Hamilton, Geo. Parker, John Parkeson, Wm. Parker, Jr., James Parker, Wm. McEard, Christopher Elliott, George Stooday, Martin Zuzidant, Daniel Zuzidant, Isaac Lash, George McMillan, Jacob Zug, George Frend.

9 Dec. 1794 - Sworn before Ebn. Goble, of Morris Township

Demas Lindsly, Zeba Lindsly, David Johnson, Leonard Colman, Charles Kinlan, Cyrus Riggs, Mathias Roll, Abijah Leveridge, Joseph Riggs, Samuel Parkhurst, Caleb Lindsley, Jr., John Archer, Caleb Edy, Joseph Coe, Chr. McAlrath, Nathan Axtell, Samuel Ratan, Jno. Lindsly, Price Dille, Constant Rowlee, Caleb Winget, Alex. Scott, Darling Day, Thomas Palmer, Peter Rush, David Conduit, Archer Scott.

2 Nov. 1794 - before Joseph Vance, of Smith Township

Robert Marquis, James Campbell, Hugh Lee, Thos. Pray, Robert Lyle, Adam Hayes, Charles Campbell, James Best, George Day, John Hamilton, John Dodds, James Edgar, Samuel Whitaker, John Coper, Nathan Kiniber, Wm. Hanon, Samuel Marquis, John Wilkins, Wm. Huse, Hugh Montgomery, James Miller, William Johnston, James Gaston, David McCreery, Hugh Dobbins, John McKibler, John Conors, Hnery Fullerton, Robert Kennedy, George Meeaner, Geo. Miller, Samuel Marchant, William Lee, James Boggs, James Wiley, James D. Barr, Joseph Scott, Gorsham Hull, Thomas Elder, John Cook, Charles Murray, James Hammond, James Leech, Philip Burget, Rowland Rogers, James Allison, David Thompson, George Lee, George Burget, Wm. McGee, John McMillin, James Rankin, James Caldwell, John Riddle, Wm. Bay, Alex. McBride, Samuel Barr, Thomas Brice, James Ravenscraft, Moses Hays, John Marquis, Hugh Bays, John Bar, John Montgomery, Wm. McBride, Wm. Jackson, Philip Jackson, William Wallace, Thomas Hays, John Coventry, John Lyle, James Hayes, Robert Magee, James Moore, Thomas Phillips, Adam Glass, David Hays, John Bavington, James Cavert, And. Elliott, James Maxwell, William Leech, James Leech, Robert Stuart, Henry Cooper, Robert Pattridge, Joseph Hays, John McCuoy, Richard McKibben, David Marquer, William Campbell, Joseph Phillis, Robert Wallace, Samuel Strain, Wm. Thompson, Wm. Wilkin, Thomas Thompson, Robert Thompson, John Eakin, Sr., John Eakin, Jr., Samuel Eakin, Joseph Eakins, John Colter, John Duncan, James Moore, William Ferguson, Thomas Rogers, Edward Hatfield, John Shilber, Andw. McClean, James Dunbar, Abraham Russel, John Thinkerd, Sr., James Thinkerd, John Thinkerd, Jr., Wm. Wallace, Sr., John Strain, Alex Robertson, Henry Rankin, John Bell, Robert Holmes.

18 Nov. - 29 Dec. 1794 - before Daniel Depue, in Fallowfield Township

Joseph Depue, Samuel Cole, Samuel Gunsalis, Joseph Parkinson, Thomas Nichols, John Rolston, Adam Wickersham, Jr., Thomas Beaty, Christian Stout, Jacob Stilwagon, Jacob Resasher, Peter Wickersham, Peter Wayant, Peter Erigh, Cornelius Wayant, Andrew Platter, James Coulter, Hammond Cole, Vincent Colvin, Thomas Shaver, Wm. Beemur, Isaac Cole, John Tannehill, Jr., Samuel Coulter, Nicholas Johnson, Robert Galloway, Jacob Rape, Jr., John Ammon, Andrew Cole, Wm. Jewell, Benjamin Morrow, Thomas Legg, William Vanhorn, Edward Loder, Joseph Hall, Peter Bellefelt, Thomas Case, Geo. Grant, John Muller, Nicholas Depue, Samuel Moody, Jacob Rope, Symonds Bandwell, Christopher Reading, William Nitherfreed, Samuel Baxter, Massal Case, Martin Wirt, Samuel Quimby, Daniel McGuire, Thomas Fenton, Wm. Storer, James Baxter, John Lane, Henry Lane, John Johnston, Samuel Baxter, Jr., John Fenton, S. Storer, Richard Storer, Jonathan Hamilton, Nicholas Conley, Isaac Teeple, Richard Jackson, David Grant, Daniel Hickey, Lewis Chatfield, Robert George, Alexander George, Thomas Coulter, John Ruth, Benjamin Gunsalis, James Hill, Conrad Ammon, John Bind, Alex. Stelle, Daniel Hamilton, Jonathan Coulter, Nathan Woodbury, Peter Casner, Daniel Rice, Abraham Crabs, Philip Crabs, Robert Croskeny, Jas. Rice, Robert Williams, John Shouse, Jacob Ammon, Peter Jesseroon, Abraham Hickman, Samuel Lewis, Abraham Frye, Sr., Abraham Frye, Jr., Frederick Cooper, Samuel Willey, Samuel Frye, John Amlin, Jr., James Carson, Abraham Seevers, Abraham Brokow, Thos. Rape, John Slette, Sheddrack Hyatt, Robert Latta, Robert Speers, Henry Falconer, William Ringland, John Cooper, John Stockton, Michael Power, Jacob Crabs, Daniel McComus, Henry Crabs, Jas. Davidson, James Rush, Samuel Vanvoorhis, Daniel Vanvoorhis, Wm. Guilleford, Daniel Brent.

5 Jan. 1795 - before Eleazer Jenkins, Strabane Township

Pals. Frank, Wm. Nivin, John Chambers, John Whitehill, Jas. Duncan, N. Simons, Joshua Davis, John Munel, Jonathan Williams.

15 Nov. - 30 Dec. 1794 - sworn before Wm. Nailer, "I do certify that these persons have taken the oath and subscribed the association prescribed by his excellency Gen. Henry Lee, to the inhabitants of the four western counties of Pennsylvania".

Thomas Cannon, Wm. Nailer, Shebazzar Bentley, James Chambers, John Cox, Benjamin Cox, John Hoven, Shadrack Hyatt, Thomas Thompson, Elisha Teeters, John McCaran, V. Ferguson, James Gelly, Gilbert Samuels, John Riddle, Jos. Blackburn, John Thompson, Edward Duffield, Jonathan Thompson, Abraham Fingby, J. Ferguson, John Happer, Wm. Ramage, Math. Hartford, John Kennedy, Charles Dailey, Isaac Dailey, Richard Sutton, Samuel Gallohar, Wm. Mitchell, John Cormy, Wm. Corn, Henry Newkirk, David Milender, Jacob Auld, A. Miller, Neil Murray, Abraham Southard, Jonas Segby, Jacob Fegley, Sr., Jacob Fegley, Jr., Jas. McCall, James Nailor, Alexander Armstrong, John Anderson, James Parkinson, Arthur Latimer, Henry Harsh, Abraham Frider, Abraham McNitt, Simon Waugh, Joseph Barkley, Christopher Fletcher, Lewis Stacher, J. Clotter, Jacob Repsher, Leonard Englar, Daniel Robbins, Robert Wallace, Matthew Myers, John McCormic, John Welch, John Baldwin, Henry Magner, Wm. Rodgers, Ralph Naylor, John Chambers, Samuel Gaston, John Crague, Moses Rodgers, Edmund Thomas, John Munn, Jr., Liverton Thomas, Thomas Thornley, Joseph Hagerty, Samuel Ogden, Andrew Crawford, Geo. Onstatt, Lewis Onstatt, John Todd, Wm. Armstrong, Benjamin Crawford, Samuel McGornaway, James Huston, Joseph Leweston, Joseph Barr, John Moore, William Fought, Joseph Fowler, Samuel Barr, Benjamin Merriner, Andrew Regan, John Shaw, Samuel Johnson, Benjamin Bebast, William Byers, Thomas Frazer, Benjamin Lyons, Joseph Gladden, David Munn, Benjamin Price, Andrew Wadell, William Dunshee, Robert Crouch, John Crouch, John Young, Wm. Kenney, Henry Morrison, Charles Fox, John Morrison, John Johnston, Amazariah Johnston, Abraham Johnston, Lemuel Sayers, Sr., Lemuel Sayers, Jr., Robert McGee, Andrew Devore, Shadrack Ruark, John Clark, Wm. Jolly, James Meleney, Thomas Patterson, John Patterson, Abraham Stevens, Joseph Calwell, Peter Sharp, James Glass, Lemuel Connelly, Eph. Sayers, James Price, Thomas Deusher, Peter Denburn, John Leedom, Samuel Bebout, William Stuart, Edward Magner, Sr., James Archby, Enoch McFanold, Thomas Bounds, Thomas Pollock, Wm. Pollock, John Pollock, Andrew Sullivan, Isaac Wilson, William Ayres, Matthew Logan, James Logan, John Mitchel, Joseph Scofield, John Hollcraft, A. McFarlane.

24 Nov. - 30 Dec. 1794 - sworn by David Hamilton

Wm. Hannah, Hugh Hannah, Samuel Scott, Abner Biddle, Oliver Brennen, James O. Donnell, James Kobyon, John Scott, John Small, Arthur Gardner, Benjamin Shune, Michael Study, George Branan, Joseph Watt, James Parkinson, John Fune, Maxwell Earicson, James Taylor, Sr., Jas. Taylor, Jr., Daniel Welch, William Parkinson, Joseph Phillips, Abner Lash, Allen Means, Reuben Rennyon, Jacob Shuster, Isaac Rose, Joseph Tuelleg.

Cross Creek, 11 Sep. 1794 - presence of William Rea, Aaron Lyle, Thomas Patterson, Commissioners.

William Rannalls, Henry Graham, Samuel McKibben, Thomas Patterson, Thomas Marshall, Gideon Gibson, John Morrison, Benjamin Bay, John Marshall, William McCaskey, Samuel Johnston, Robert Walker, Elijah Henwood, John Marshall, Robert Forsythe, Joseph Scott, William Campbell, Richard Wells, of James [sic], William Rea, Elijah Robertson, Peter Coe, James Davison, James Marshall, James How, John Leeper, Robert Marshall, Thomas Wiley, Alexander Wells, John Stevenson, George Wells, Wm. McKibben, Elisha Robertson, Robert Moore, James Jackson, Hugh Rogers, William Wells, Thomas Beaty, Isaac Cowan, John McClurg, James Linn, Joseph Riley, Thomas McKibben, William Caldwell, Nathaniel Pettit, Samuel Robertson, John Graham, Philemon Davis, William Young, James Todd, James Leeper, Thomas Graham, Samuel Davis, Robert McComb, Joseph Carter, John Scott, John Beaty, Adam Glass, William Smith, James Dunbar, Samuel Leeper, Thomas Ward, Alexander Johnson, James Clark, Ebenezer Smith, John Cowen, John Stevenson, William Hughs, James Smith, David Hays, John Moore, Samuel Carson, Ephraim Hart, Isaac Johnson, Joseph Reed, Daniel Cameron, Isaac Shannon, Daniel Johnson, Samuel Futhey, James Weaver, William Watson, Samuel Gilmore, Samuel Robb, Stephen Johnson, James Colville, Andrew Ferguson, Andrew McKinney, Richard Davis, Henry Wells, Bobert Colville, Hugh Newell, Timothy Spencer, James Riley, Robert Robb, John Tennille, William Vance, John Stevenson, John Morrison, John Criss, Robert Glass, John Robb, William McClurg, Nicholas Brown, Robert Armstrong, John Brown, John Campbell, John Marquis, John Wagoner, Sen., James Taylor, John Harriman, Jacob Romans, John Robinson, Samuel McMillan, John Wilken, Sen., James Patterson, Thomas Bay, John Lawther, Samuel Smith, James Watson, Sen., James Kirk, William Ayrs, Edward Brown, Cornelius Boyles, Wm. McGarrah, Alexander Ayrs, George Coffman, James Ward, Wm. Shearer, Robert McCready, Joseph Caldwell, John Gardner, William Caldwell, James Doudle, Hugh McClurg, James Satterfield, James Robinson, Joseph Colville, Bosten Burgett, Richard Wells, George Tennille, Daniel Tennille, Peter Linville, John Robb, Tarry McGarry, George Moore, Jacob Buxton, John Poagen.

Alfred Creigh, HISTORY OF WASHINGTON COUNTY, B. Singerly, Harrisburg PA, 1871

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