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Pennsylvania was included in the first census of the Federal government in 1790 and Washington County was among the counties enumerated at the time.  These links were last tested 29 December 2001.

1810 Washington County, PA census is online. We are in the process of posting it on our site too. (1 May 2001)

1830 Federal Census transcriptions for Chartiers Twp. and East Bethlehem Twp.

Image files of pages from the published 1790 Census for Washington Co., Pennsylvania are available on the web.

The National Archives and Records Administration has its census microfilm catalogs on-line. Their worldwide web page has a special genealogy section.

Census Microfilm Rental Program - NARA also has a very reasonable microfilm rental program where genealogists may rent films through the mail and view them at their local libraries for a period of time. 


United States Historical Census Data Browser - Hosted by the University of Virginia Library Data Center. This is a first rate site that lets you interactively get a historic picture, complete with graphs, of what the Federal census data has to tell.

Soundex Conversion Program at the RAND Genealogy Club. 

Pennsylvania Census Links at Census On-line, maintained by by Mark E. Reed. 

Census Catalogs - A very useful collection of census information maintained by Michael Cooley at Genealogy Online.

Federal Census for Pennsylvania:

1790 1800 1810 1820 1830
1840 1850 1860 1870 1880
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