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The Surname Registry for Washington Co., PA lists researchers and the surnames they are interested in. Use the surname registry as a place to find other people researching the same surnames that you are. With a little luck, you may find you can share information. Of course, we welcome your entries in the registry which can be entered via the submission form below.

When viewing a volume of surnames, if you find a surname of interest, use your mouse to click on the submitter's name. This will start your email program. Compose a message to the submitter asking your questions. Then, sit back and wait for a reply!

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Browse Volume 28
? names
15-Mar-2001 to
Browse Volume 25
161 names
15-Dec-2000 to 15-Jan-2001
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189 names
15-Jan-2001 to 15-Feb-2001
Browse Volume 27
298 names
15-Feb-2001 to 15-Mar-2001
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140 names
01-Jul-2000 to 15-Sep-2001
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456 names
15-Sep-2000 to 01-Nov-2000
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251 names
01-Nov-2000 to 15-Dec-2000
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292 names
28-Feb-2000 to 02-Apr-2000  
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315 names
02-Apr-2000 to 17-May-2000
Browse Volume 21
303 names
18-May-2000 to 01-Jul-2000
Browse Volume 16 
363 names
01-Oct-1999 to 13-Nov-1999 
Browse Volume 17
250 names
13-Nov-1999 to 25-Jan-2000 
Browse Volume 18
215 names
25-Jan-2000 to 28-Feb-2000 
Browse Volume 13 
324 names
15-Mar-1999 to 22-May-1999 
Browse Volume 14
328 names
23-May-1999 to 22-Jul-1999 
Browse Volume 15 
314 names
22-Jul-1999 to O1-oct-1999
Browse Volume 10 
311 names
20-Oct-1998 to 22-Dec-1998
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298 names
23-Dec-1998 to 25-Jan-1999 
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329 names
25-Jan-1999 to 14-Mar-1999
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300 names
29-Mar-1998 to 25-May-1998 
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308 names
25-May-1998 to 12-Aug-1998
Browse Volume 9 
314 names
13-Aug-1998 to 20-Oct-1998 
Browse Volume 4 
315 names 
01-Jul-1997 to 28-Oct-1997
Browse Volume 5
257 names
22-Oct-1997 to 23-Jan-1998 
Browse Volume 6 
273 names
24-Jan-1998 to 29-Mar-1998
Browse Volume 1 
293 names 
15-Jul-1996 to 12-Oct-1996 
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299 names 
13-Oct-1996 to 14-Feb-1997 
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316 names 
15-Feb-1997 to 30-Jun-1997