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This list of personal web pages includes those folks with ancestors who resided in Washington County at some time. If you'd like to add your web page to the list, let us know. Links are added and checked frequently.


The links below will take you outside the Washington Co., PA web page to
privately maintained pages.

bullet  - Georgeann Malowney's web page with links to Western Pennsylvania.: CampbellCraig, Curry, Dean, Fry(e), Fulton, GibsonHughes, Lyle, Mitchel, Odenbaugh, Rea, Sloan, Urie, White.

bullet - another website created by Georgeann Malowney, webmaster of ODENBAUGHs were in Washington County & Greene County, PA in the late 1800s.

bullet My Family Histories Including the Durbin, Frye, Roup, Orndoff, Wear/Weir, Kimmons, Murphy, and Wright families from Washington Co. plus others from PA, VA, and WV.


"The Bakers of England, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas (link to: )
Includes Baker, Blair, Clark, Cooper, Corwin, Edwards, Hoopes, Horn, Hunter, Long, McCullough, Ottey, Pyle, Regester, Robins, Sill, Speers, Voorhees, Woodward, Yarnall, and others."


A - Z


bullet Gabel Family Home Page - Including the Gabel and Thornberry/Thornbury families.

bullet Minerd-Miner-Minor National Reunion and Research - Including the Minerd, Miner, Minor, Birch, Harrison, Weir, Mattox, McElfish, White, Farabee, Taylor, Burke, Miller, Bedillion, and Lindley families.

bullet Bill & Sue's Genealogy - Including the Lovejoy, Martin, Baldwin, and Evans families.

bullet LeRoy Shipley's Genealogy Site (link was no longer a genealogy site 1/21/04 please advise new link - Including the Shipley, Van Emon, Van Eman, Bell, and Stevenson families.

bullet Decendents of Alexander and Mary Jane Brown Bailey - Including the Bailey, Donaldson, Smiley, Brownlee, and many more surnames.

bullet East Buffalo Grade School Page - Including the Mounts surname plus many others.

bullet Perry Page and Tabor Too - Including the Claffey, Mounts, Perry, and Tabor surnames.

bullet Pennsylvania LAKE-BOYD Families - Including the Lake, Boyd, McGogney, and Hayward surnames from Washington Co. and the McKinley, Lake, Carnahan, and Bradshaw surnames from Allegheny Co.

bullet KarensKorner Genealogy Quest - Including the Snodgrass, Chambers, McCullough, Vankirk, Ely, Jackson, and McCullough surnames.

bullet Betsy's Home Page - Including the Norris and Young surnames.

bullet  Building Family Trees - Including the Taylor, Griffith, Gillis, Gaskill, Conner, and Cunningham surnames.

bullet Growing Your Family Tree - Chalfant, Crow, Baglin, Ogier, Johnson/Johnston, and Durbin surnames.

bullet Thomas A Brenzovich Genealogy Home Page - Including the Brenzovich and Galinovsky surnames.

bullet Julia A. Heaton Krutilla's Ancestor Page - Including the  Brashear, Brown, Edgington, Heaton, Stewart, White, and Vears / Veirs surnames.

bullet My Family Genealogy - Including the Tedrow and Ely surnames.

bullet Sandie's Kin - Including the Williams surname.

bullet Rebs, Yanks and Italians - Including the Kerns and Washington surnames.

bullet Pennsylvania Pioneers: Families GAMBER - Including the Gamber, Bigler, Beeler, Bumgarner, Davis, Enoch, Summersgill, and Wise, surnames.

bullet Washington County, Pennsylvania, Ancestors - Including the Mosser, Taylor, Good, and Hormish surnames.

bullet Stewart Family History - Including the Algeo, Bonar, Carroll, Fal, Henderson, Leyda, McCandless, Stewart, Taylor, and White surnames.

bullet The Gerald Eugene Patterson Family Home Page - Including the Patterson, Caldwell, and Leech surnames.

bullet Alex Caldwell genealogy files - Including the Caldwell, Borland, Crawford, McClure, Johnston, Speer, and Hazlett surnames.

bullet Jacob Parkhurst - Including the Parkhurst, Craft, and Gard surnames.

bullet Judy Schaeffer's Genealogy Page - Including the Maxwell, Leman, Brownlee, Knox, Clark, Maloy, and Morgan surnames.

bullet Jane Topoly's Lineage Table - Including the Allen, Brown, McMillan, McFadden, Simonton, Fulton, Weaver, Enlow, and McIlvaine and many more Washington Co. surnames.

bullet Gately-Fray Our Genealogy - Includes the Briggs, Cary, Elliott, Fife, McCormick surname.

bullet George E. Gormly Family Home Page - Includes the Gormly surname.

bullet Genealogy - The Ties That Bind - Includes the Ostruh surname.

bullet Ed Burton's Genealogy Page - Includes the Scott and McKinley surnames.

bullet My Genealogical Researches - Includes the Hawkins surname.

bullet My Forever Family - Including the Wisehart/Wishard surnames.

bullet Carol's World of Genealogy - Including the Claffey, Bemberger, Burwell, DeFrance, McDaniel, Martin, Miller, Patterson, Perry, Polen, and Tabor surnames.

bullet The Mounts - Claffey Family Home Page - Including the Claffey, Bemberger, Burwell, DeFrance, McDaniel, Martin, Miller, Patterson, Perry, Polen, and Tabor surnames.

bullet Cheryl's Home on the Web - Including the Beatty and Peairs/Pearce surnames.

bullet K. Edward Lay Genealogy - Including the Fleming, Caldwell, Fetter, and Wilson surnames.

bullet Kate's Kin - as researched by C S Powell featuring Swinehart, Grimm, and Muench.

bullet Sue Crayne's Homepage featuring Crayne/Crane, Grable, Porter, Myers, Evans, Rush, Throckmorton,
Bertalan, Bane, Craig, Crawford, and  many more families that settled in Greene Co. and Washington Co.

bullet Paula Chodacki's Home Page featuring  King, Hertzog/Hartsock, Howell, McGeary, McElroy, Holmes, Carroll, Blayney, Haun, and Smith from Washington Co.

bullet Cherie's Genealogy Page featuring Atkinson, Fife, McDaid and Skiles among others from western Pennsylvania and Ohio.

bullet Jeanne's Genealogy featuring the Jacob Miller family among others.

bullet McQuivey Family Web Site featuring McQuivey/Quivey, etc. 

bullet Gina Kirkland's Surname Page featuring the Brutout family from Washington Co. plus several others from Westmoreland Co.

bullet The Ben Nighthorse Preston Ancestral Home Page featuring the Allison surname.

bullet Ancestors of Ruth Armstrong Pohl Including Criswell, Crawford/Crafford, and Porter.

bullet Uncle Ken's Genealogy Page features Washingto Co. names: Anderson, Claxton, Crawford, Criswell, Gilmore, McCarroll, McCulough, McKee, Meeks, Miller, Poe, Rendall, Rutan, Scott, Stone, Work.

bullet Todd Pelkey's Home Page with several connections to Washington Co., PA.

Broken links on 15 May 2006

  •  National Leyda/Leyde Family Association -

John Leyda/Leyde moved to Westmoreland/Washington Co. before 1773.  Although he and some of his children moved to Mercer Co. PA, and OH in the 1800's, other children and descendents remained in Washington County.  There are descendents living there to this day.

Links no longer working 27 July 2003

bullet 0ne Man's Journey Home (link currently down) - Including Kelly, Allen, Thompson, Linton, Laurrell, Shackleford, Brownlee, Myers, Kelly, Kelley, Dinch, Roupe, Clemens, etc.