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More on the Jacob Miller, Sr. Family of
Donegal Twp., Washington Co., Pa.
      During 1977 The Keyhole in four issues published the Miller Family Record, 
      written in 1908 by William Perry MILLER of Tipton, Missouri (with material added 
      later by Mrs. REEVES, see below).  It is a fairly complete account of the family 
      of Jacob MILLER, JR., but there are a number of error and omissions.
      A much more complete History of the Jacob Miller (Sr.) Family of Donegal
      Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania was published in 1955 by Elizabeth
      Jane Miller HACK of Indianapolis, Indiana with the help of Mrs. W. A. H.
      MCILVAINE of Washington, Pennsylvania.  There is a copy in the library of the
      Washington County (Pa.) Historical Society.  It is accurate, except for the
      children of Jacob Sr.'s son, John.
      Another booklet, History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Jacob Miller
      Sr. of Washington County, was published about 1940 by (Mr.) Cadwallader Blayney
      REEVES of Winter Haven, Florida.  Mrs. REEVES was a Miller descendant.  This
      book used the Miller Family Record in part.     It contains a number of errors.
      There is a copy in the Citizen's Library, Washington.
      In 1977  the writer published The Dutch Fork Settlement of Donegal Township 
      Washington County, Pennsylvania, with notes on these families:  DEEDS,
      The Citizen's Library has a copy.  This gives considerable data on the Miller family
      using court records.  From this work the following information is obtained.
      The earliest record of Jacob MILLER, Sr. in Washington County (Pa.) is 
      the 1775 settlement date from his Virginia certificate land grant.  He 
      likely came from Maryland, for his estate mentions a note in Baltimore.  
      Before that he may have lived in Pennsylvania, possibly in Lancaster County.  
      He may be the Jacob MULLER, who landed at Philadelphia on September 26-1753, 
      age 27, with brothers, Christopher, 24, and,,Frederick, 24.  In the earliest 
      Washington County    records    the  name   is written "MULLER".
                 Donegal Township was under the jurisdiction of Ohio County, 
      Virginia from 1776 to 1781   Jacob MILLER took the Oath of Allegiance 
      October 13-1777   He is listed in an Ohio County court record April 6-1778.  
      On February 17-1780 he applied for 400 acres of land.
                 The court records of Ohio County (1779) and Washington County 
      (1786) list his wife's name as Mary.  Her maiden name is not known.  
      Her old gravestone says "M. M. died 1809, age 73".  The MILLER family 
      cemetery is just east of Dutch Fork Lake.  It is well-kept.  Here are 
      buried Jacob MILLER, Sr. and wife and sons, Jacob and Frederick, also 
      John HUPP and wife and others.  Jacob MILLER, Sr. and John HUPP were killed 
      by Indians on March 31-1782. Modern stones were erected in 1954 under the 
      leadership of Mrs. HACK (see above).
                 The heirs of Jacob MILLER, SR. are listed in the Washington 
      County Orphan Court (A-35):  widow, Mary; children, Mary, Jacob, John, 
      Adam, Catherine, and three under 14, Frederick, Peter, Henry.
                 The children of:
      Jacob Jr. are listed in the Miller Family Record (Keyhole); John are 
      given in his will; Frederick are given in the settlement of his estate; Peter are 
      given in The Bromwell Genealogy by Henrietta BROMWELL (Denver, 1910); Henry 
      are given in Mrs. HACK's History.
      Jacob Jr. and Frederick are buried in the Miller cemetery.  John is buried at Zion
      Church (Donegal Township).  Peter and Henry are buried in Harrison County, Indiana.
      Jacob MILLER, SR. had a brother, Christopher, who died in 1793.  Christopher's 
      children are named in his will.  His sons, William, John and Christopher have markers 
      at Zion Church.
      The children of:
      Jacob, son of Christopher, are given on his administration bond; Christopher, Jr. are
      given in his will; John, son of Christopher, are given in the Commemorative
      Biographical Record of Washington County (1910).  William was not married.
      There were a number of MILLER intermarriages:  Jacob Sr's sons, John and 
      Frederick married Christopher's daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth.  Jacob Jr.'s son,
      Peter, married Lydia MILLER, daughter of Peter (Jacob Jr.'s brother). Jacob Jr.'s 
      daughter, Rebecca married Jacob MILLER, Jr., grandson of Christopher.
      A third brother of Jacob Sr. was Francis MILLER, who lived in Donegal 
      Township a number of years before moving to Jefferson County, Ohio, where
      he died in 1799.  A fourth brother may have been Frederick who landed at 
      Philadelphia in 1753.
      The first three generations are given below.  (Note:In German families
      the middle name was the call name.  John Jacob MILLER was Jacob.  Anna Mary
      LEFFLER was Mary.)
      Jacob MILLER, Sr. b c1726 d Mar 31-1782 Donegal Twp m c1757 Mary --- b 1736 d
      1809 - Jacob may have landed at Phila 1753 - Md to Pa 1775
      1.	Mary b Jan 20-1760 d Oct 15-1842 buried at Zion m c1783 Andrew Deeds son of 
      Adam) Children:  Adam, Jacob d 1856, John 1790-1845, Mary, Isaac 1800-1886
      2.	(John) Jacob b Aug 21-1762 d Aug 12-1830 m 1785 (Anna) Mary LEFFLER
      (daughter of Jacob) b Jan 15-1769 d Nov 16-1839 Licking Co. Ohio Children:
      Catharine 1785-1858, Elizabeth b 1788 d yg, Jacob 1790-1886, Adam 1792-1881,
      Isaac 1793-1858, Mary 1795-1862, Rebecca m MILLER b 1796, Abraham 1801-1891,
      Peter m MILLER 1802-1832, Anne 1806-1888, John 1808-1830
      3.	John b 1764 d Dec 12-1842 m c1785 Margaret MILLER (daughter of Christopher)
      b 1767 d Dec 6-1847 Children:  Adam 1793-1859, John b 1800, Mary, Ann, Ruth,
      Margaret, Elizabeth, Rachel.
      4.	Adam b c1766 d c1792, not married
      5.	Catharine b c1768 likely d in youth
      6.	Frederick b Jan 11-1771 d Mar 27-1814  m c1796 Elizabeth MILLER
      (daughter of Christopher) b 1776 d Sep 23-1838
      Children:     Susanna, Samuel b 1799, Frederick 1801 - 1804, Mary, Elizabeth
      1806 - 1889, William 1809-1880, Margaret, Adam
      7.	Peter b Jul 25-1775 d Oct 10-1842 near Laconia, Ind m Apr 18-1797 Catharine
      LEFFLER (daughter of Jacob) b Apr 21-1782 d Feb 27-1868 Children:  Elizabeth
      b 1798, Margaret be 1801, Jacob 1804-1840, Lydia m Miller 1806-1864, David
      b 1808, Daniel b 1810, Isaac b 1812, John W b 1814, Adeline b 1817, William
      A b 1821, Elias b 1824, Catharine b 1829.
      8.	Henry b Jan 10-1777 d Dec 26-1860 near Corydon, Ind m Feb 9-1801 Agnes
      THOMPSON b 1785 d Jan 15-1834
      Children:   Henry 1803-1871, Mary 1804-1824, Nancy b 1807, Jane b 1810, Peter
      1812-1892,   Ruth b 1814, Elizabeth b 1817, Catharine 1820-1893, Harriet 1823-1891,
      Mary Henrietta 1828-1903 (she died~177 years after the birth of her grandfather).
      Christopher MILLER (brother of Jacob Sr.) b c1729 d 1793 Donegal Twp ml C 1762
      1.	Rachel, mentioned in  will
      2.	Michael, mentioned in will
      3.	Margaret b 1767 d Dec 6-1847 m c1785 John MILLER (see above) m2 c 1769 Mary --
      4.	Jacob b c1770 d Jan 1-1827 m C 1787 ---  ---      
      Children:   Christopher c1788-1866, Jacob m Miller, Joseph, John, and two
      5.	Sarah, Mentioned in will
      6.	William b 1775 d Apr 6-1852, not married
      7.	Elizabeth b 1776 d Sep 23-1838 m c1796 Frederick MILLER (see above)
      8.	Christopher b 1777 d Mar 13-1841 m c1807 Mary --- b 1782 d Jan 28-1845
      Children:  John G 1808-1834, George 1809-1872, Elizabeth, William 1813-1842,
      Jacob 1815-1817  Margaret d 1842, Jesse, Mary
      9.	John b 1780 d Jul 8-1814 m 1802 Margaret Guy b 1777 d May 26-1847 Children:
      William b 1803, John b 1805, Elizabeth 1807-1861, Susanna b 1809, Christopher
      b 1811, George b 1812
      Francis MILLER (brother of Jacob Sr.) b c1738 d 1799 Jefferson Co., Ohio 
                 Oldest son: George

This article was transcribed by Jeanne Walsh of Seward, NE in February 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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