Bell Anthology - President Harding

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

Washington County Ancestry of
President Warren Gamliel Harding
John (son of Thomas) Shannon d 1766 Lancaster Co, Pa m Sarah Reid
1. William Shannon c1742-1794 Shelbyville, Ky, single - sold land 1778
   in what is now Washington Co, Pa
2. Agnes c1744- m James Roberts - to Ky
3. Thomas c1747- m Mary Reid - to Ky-in what is now Washington Co 
   Ch: John, Alexander, James, Samuel, William, Jane (m Alexander 
       Reid) 1767-1855, Sarah (m William Wallace), Agnes (m Michael Wallace)
4. Samuel 1750-1813-Strabane Twp, Washington Co, Pa to Shelbyville 1796 
   m 1783 Martha Bracken 1765-1838 
   Ch: John 1784-, Thomas 1786-, Agnes (m William Boyd) 1787-, Sarah 
       (m John James Roberts) 1790-, Anna (m John Harbison) 1792-, 
       William 1795-, Samuel 1797-1856, Elizabeth (m Salem Wallace) 
       1800-, Martha (m David Emmison) 1803-, Mary 1806- single, Esther 
       1808- single
5. John c1753-1787 died in Chartiers Settlement, Washington Co m Hannah ---, 
   no issue - will names mother and brothers
6. George 1757-1840 m Ann Reid - taxed Donegal Twp, Washington Co 
   1785-89 - to Ky - died in Indiana
7. Ann c1759- m 1777 Thomas Bracken (his second wife) d 1803 Cecil Twp, 
   Washington Co - 1778 York Co, Pa to Washington Co 
   Ch: Reid 1778-, Thomas 1780-, Sarah (m John Thompson) 1782-, Agnes (m John 
       Mathews) 1783-, Hannah (m Joseph Thompson) 1785-, John 1787-, Jean 
       (m Richard Miller) 1790-, Mary (m William Van Eman) 1792-, Henry 
       1794-, Moses 1796-, James 1799-
8. Margaret c1763- m 1783 Thomas Byers 1757-1825 Finley Twp, Washington Co 
   Ch: Samuel 1784-85, John 1786-, Sarah (m Adam Wylie) 1788-, Thomas 1790-1863, 
       Jane (m David Stewart) 1792-, Margaret (m John McDonald) 1794-, 
       Nancy 1796-1796, Ann (m Andrew Yates) 1797-, James 1799-, Nancy 
       (m John Brice) 1802-, Rachel (m Hugh Wilson) 1804-, Samuel 1806-
       1840, William 1808-
9. Jane c 1765- m Brown

These data have been provided by Morrell E Jones, 1101 N Bitting, Wichita, 
Kansas 67203. Of the nine children only Ann and Margaret died in Washington 
County, Most of the others lived in the county in early days.

A Samuel Shannon (relation to above not known) was a tavern keeper in 
Washington, Pennsylvania. He died in 1814. His children: George, Jane m 
Allison, Mary, Martha m Dunlap, John, Elizabeth, Sarah.

This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in September 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.