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Washington Co. Militia

With the formation of Washington County in 1781, it became necessary to organize the militia. This was done under the leadership of County Lieutenant James Marshall. He had as sub-lieutenants: John Canon, Daniel Leet, William McClurg, William Parker, Matthew Ritchie, George Vallandigham.

Five battalions were formed, each with 8 companies -- a total of nearly 3000 men were enrolled. All able-bodied men between 18 and 53 were in this draft. The battalions were headed by Lieutenant Colonels: Thomas Crooke, Henry Enoch, John Marshall, George Vallandigham, David Williamson. Captains were elected.

Their service was on the frontier. No one was in a "battle". Very few lost their lives. Many days were spent on guard watching for possible Indian attacks. Patrols were stationed at forts, especially along the Ohio river and at stockades. At harvest time the militia guarded the reapers. Since the companies were each from the same region, no entire company was ever called out. Instead, each company was divided into classes and classes were required to serve. Now and then there were skirmishes with Indians.

Attacks were made in 1782 on two forts in western Washington County: Miller's in March and Rice's in September. Sporadic attacks continued for a number of years. Probably 10% of the men received pensions in later life. If they could be identified, more could be added to the history of the region.

The list below includes majors, lieutenants, ensigns, captains and colonels. Following the names is given the rank, the battalion number (eg V), the company number (eg 5) and the township in which the soldier resided as well as can be determined.

These abbreviations are used for townships. The number following is the number of officers from each township.

AM Amwell 7 FA Fa llowfield 11 PE Peters 16
BE Bethlehem 10 GR Greene 6 RO Robinson 5
CE Cecil 12 HO Hopewell 20 SM Smith 4
CU Cumberland 7 MO Morgan 7 SO Somerset 6
DO Donegal 4 NO Nottingham 8

unidentified 5

ST Strabane 7

          This information is taken from the Pennsylvania Archives (printed), Series VI, volume 2.

Archer, James Capt I 3 CU

Baccus, Benjamin Lt IV 6 ?HO
Ball, Christopher Ens V 2 BE
Baxter, Edmund Capt IV 8 HO
Bay, Thomas Ens IV 6 HO
Beelor, Joseph Capt II 1 PE
Bell, Zephaniah Maj V FA
Bilderbach, Charles Lt III 4 CE
Blackburn, James Lt I 2 MO
Bradford, James Ens III 1 ST
Brown, George Lt IV 8 ?HO
Bruce, George Ens II 3 NO
          William Capt II 3 NO

Campbell, Charles Ens IV 5 CE
Canon, John Co Sub Lt CE
Carmichael, James Maj I CU
          John Maj V FA
Carpenter, John Lt IV 1 HO
Cessna, Joseph Capt II 4 PE
Cherry, Thomas Ens IV 4 SM
Coe, Moses Ens II 1 PE
Conner, John Lt II 4 PE
Craig, Samuel Ens III 7 ST
Craven, James Capt V 6 FA
Crawford, William Capt I 6 CU
Crooke, Thomas Lt Col V BE
Cunningham, Samuel Capt II 6 HO

Dickerson, Henry Ens I 1 AM
Downing, Timothy Capt III 6 HO
Dunn, Azariah Ens IV 2 ?

Eckley, Joseph Lt II 7 ?NO
Enoch, Henry Lt Col I MO

Farley, Andrew Capt I 2 MO
Fee, John Lt I 3 CU
Fife, William Capt II 6 PE
Forbes, Hugh Lt V 8 SO
Frazee, Jacob Lt I 7 GR

Garrard, Jonas Ens I 7 GR
Graham, Henry Capt IV 6 HO
Gregg, John Ens III 3 AM
Guthrey, John Capt I 4 GR

Halbert, Thomas Lt III 6 HO
Hamilton, Daniel Lt II 8 NO
Harnad, Jonathan Lt V 3 ?BE
Hay, John Lt IV 3 RO
Hood, Andrew Lt II 6 PE
Hopkins, Alexander Ens V 4 FA
          James Capt V 4 FA
Hormell, Henry Ens V 5 BE
Hosack, David Capt III 5 ?HO
Howell, Abner Capt III 3 AM
Hupp, Everhart Lt V 5 BE
Huston, John Capt I 7 GR

Johnston, Robert Ens II 2 PE

Kidd, Peter Capt IV 3 PE

Lapsley, Thomas Ens II 2 PE
Ledlie, William Lt III 8 SM
Lee, William Ens I 5 MO
Leet, Daniel Co Sub Lt HO
          William Capt III 7 ST
Leforge, Abraham Ens V 1 FA
Leonard, Isaac Lt V 6 SO
Long, Gideon Lt I 4 GR
Luellen, Phillip Lt V 2 BE

Marshall, James Co Lt HO
          John Lt Col IV HO
McClurg, William Co Sub Lt HO
McCullough, Samuel Maj I AM
McFarlane, William Lt III 3 AM
McKee, David Lt II 5 PE
McWilliams, William Lt III 2 DO
Miller, Cornelius Lt I 1 AM
          Jacob Ens III 2 DO
          John Capt I 1 AM
          Robert Capt IV 1 AM
Mills, Elijah Lt I 5 MO
Morrison, Samuel Ens III 4 CE
Munn, James Capt II 7 NO
Myers, George Capt V 2 BE

O'Donnel, John Ens IV 7 CE
Orr, Thomas Ens II 5 HO

Parker, William Co Sub Lt SO
Parkeson, Thomas Capt V 1 ?FA
Pigman, Jesse Capt I 8 CU
Polke, Edmund Maj IV ?HO
Powell, Benjamin Ens V 7 ?FA
          Nathan Lt V 7 ?FA

Ramsey, Robert Capt V 8 SO
Rankin, John Lt IV 4 SM
          Thomas Capt IV 4 SM
Redmon, Thomas Ens II 4 PE
Reed, Charles Capt IV 2 ?
          David Capt IV 4 CE
Renn, Lewis Lt IV 7 CE
Ritchie, Craig Lt IV 7 CE
          Matthew Co Sub Lt CE
Ritchey, Robert Lt II 2 PE
          Thomas Lt V 1 FA
Rose, Ezekial Capt V 3 BE
Ruble, David Ens V 3 BE
Russell, Alexander Lt IV 5 ?CE

Sawins, Henry Ens II 7 NO
Scott, Abraham Ens II 8 RO
          Hugh Maj II NO
          James Capt III 8 HO
          William Capt IV 1 HO
Seaton, Francis Ens I 6 CU
          Richard Lt 1 6 CU
Shannon, Samuel Lt III 1 ?ST
Sharp, George Capt III 1 HO
          James Lt II 1 PE
Smith, Isaac Ens IV 1 ?SM
          Samuel Capt Light Troop ?
Stites, Benjamin Capt I 5 MO
Stull, Jacob Ens I 2 ?MO
Summer, Benjamin Ens V 6 ?
Sutton, Benjamin Ens I 4 GR
Swearingen, Andrew Capt III 4 CE
Sweeney, Robert Capt V 5 BE

Vallandigham, George Co Sub Lt
          Lt Col II RO
Virgin, Brice Lt III 7 ST

Wall, John Capt II 8 PE
Wells, Thomas Ens IV 8 HO
White, Daniel Ens I 3 AM
          James Capt V 7 SO
          John Maj III ST
*Wherry, David Ens V 8 SO
Williams, John Ens III 6 HO
Williamson, David Lt Col III DO
          Eleazer Capt III 2 DO
Willson, James Lt II 3 NO
Wilson, James Ens II 5 PE
Wood, Amos Ens IV 3 RO
Wright, Zadock Capt II 2 RO

This article was transcribed by Cherie Atkinson Clark of Kirkwood, MO in May 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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