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The Enlow Family
Abraham Enlow (sometimes Inlow) settled in what is now East Finley 
Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania (coming from Maryland) in 
1773 according to his Virginia certificates.

On April 25, 1781 at the Ohio Count Courthouse there were three Enlow applications for Virginia certificates for land on the main fork of Big Wheeling Creek:

   Abraham Enlow 400 acres, settlement made in 1773
   Abraham Enlow (assignee of Charles Creacraft) 400 acres, settled 1773
   James Enlow 400 acres, settled 1775.

These certificates were granted by Virginia as a results of the settle- ment of the boundary dispute between Virginia and Pennsylvania. The western boundary was uncertain. Abraham did not use the certificates in getting his land, possibly because they were dates a month after the formation of Washington County. Before the time Ohio County, Vir- ginia had jurisdiction. James was likely a brother - there is no fur- ther record of him.

When Abraham's land was surveyed by Pennsylvania in 1788 it was called "Big Flat". Eventually he was granted nearly 900 acres and son Luke 400 acres. Abraham sold some land to sons, Elliott and Michael, and willed land to sons, Henry and William. Four other sons went to Kentucky.

When Abraham came to Washington County, his oldest son, Luke, was about 18. The first record of Abraham is his listing in the court records of the District of West Augusta (Virginia) (later Ohio County). This is now Washington County. He was named a commissioner on September 18-1776. With the outbreak of Indian attacks in 1777 Abraham built a blockhouse for protection. There is record of service by Luke as a lieutenant in the Ohio County Militia 1778 (Ohio County court records) and by Elliott as a ranger on the frontier about 1782 (Pennsylvania Archives). Abraham Jr. was an Indian spy and militia captain 1786-88. The names of Abraham Sr. and Abraham Jr. appear in a 1782 petition for a new state.

The first tax list (1782) shows Abraham with 600 acres, 3 horses, 4 cows and 9 sheep. Luke is taxed for 200 acres, 1 horse, 1 cow. This was Donegal Township until 1788 when Finley Township was set off. In 1789 Abraham had 400 a, Luke 200, Abraham Jr. 200 and Elliott 100. In 1791 Jesse is listed as a freeman and the name crossed out. The last listing for Abraham is for land in 1792. He may have been a non-resident. In 1793 Abraham Sr. had 700 a, Luke 240 and Elliott 100.

The 1790 census shows Abraham Sr. with 1 male over 16, 3 under 16 and four females. For both Luke and Elliott it is 1 2 2. The estate papers for Abraham, who died in 1808, list 9 sons, all living: Luke, Abraham, Elliott, Isom, James, Jesse, Henry, Michael, William. There were five daughters. Rebecca Linch was dead in 1808. The others were Mary wife of Jeremiah Post, Jemima wife of James St Clair, Sarah wife of George Wolff and Rachel wife of Thomas Hill.

Abraham Sr. Married in Baltimore County, Maryland November 28-1754 Jemima Elliott. He was 25 and she was about 17. Henry Enlow, possibly a brother, married May 26-1763 Mary Elliott. Henry may have gone to Kentucky. The family had Quaker connections: (1) they "affirmed" in legal matters; (2) Luke's son, James, became a Quaker for his marriage; (3) some of the family are buried in the nearby Quaker cemetery at Pleasant Grove. A Quaker meeting house was built here in 1797. It was also used as a school. The England and Elliott neighbors were active Quakers. So were the Vanscyocs.

In 1810 the East Wheeling Circuit was formed in the Baltimore Con- ference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. About 1815 preaching ser- vices began at Luke Enlow's. After his death in 1822 the services were held at his brother, Elliott's. In 1830 a church was built, which be- came known as Enlow's Meeting House. In 1833 there were 48 members; in 1959 [sic] 49. This church later (about 1855) became Stony Point Church and was active until the 1970s. The church deed was given in 1863 by John Enlow, son of Elliott.

Of the nine sons four stayed in Washington County. Their death dates are Luke 1822, William 1826, Henry 1838 and Elliott 1848. Michael moved to Monroe County, Ohio about 1809, where he died in 1855. Abraham, Isom, James and Jesse went to Kentucky about 1790. Their marriage dates there are Isom and James 1792, Abraham 1794, Jesse 1795. Isom was a squire in Kentucky, Henry in Pennsylvania. Isom Enlow was a neighbor of Thomas Lincoln (father of Abraham) in (then) Hardin County. In 1814 they were appraisers for the estate of Jonathan Joseph. The names of Isom, wife Mary and son Abraham have often been associated with the birth of Abraham Lincoln in 1809.

Jesse moved on to Montgomery County, Indiana, where he died in 1842. James died in Fleming County, Kentucky in 1844. Isom died in Hardin (now Larue) County in 1816, Abraham in 1839. Buried beside James is Henry 1740-1828, possibly an uncle of James.

ABRAHAM ENLOW b 1729 Md d 1808 Washington Co, Pa m Nov 28, 1754 Jemima Elliott b c1737 living 1810 1. Luke b c1744 d 1822 m c1781 Susannah ?Lackey b c1761    a. Ruth b 1786 d Jul 22, 1847 m 1808 Hugh Montgomery b 1780 d May 17, 1842??    b. John b c1788 m Nov 22, 1821 Deborah Post    c. Thomas b c1790 m c1810 Sarah --- ? Adams co, Ill    d. James 1792-1857 m1 Apr 4, 1810 Sarah John               m2 Oct 8, 1812 Ruth Hewit - Start Co, Ohio    e. Jesse 1794-1829 m Mar 19, 1818 Martha Post - Richland Co, Ohio    f. Abraham c1796-1864 m1 Margaret Post m2 Mary --- - Cass Co, Ill/Ind    g. William b May 24, 1800 d May 25, 1840 m Jane McCoy 1795-1870 - Clark Co    h. Amos b. c1802 m Aug 4, 1822 wid Sarah Crane b 1804 d Jan 4, 1878 (div 1846)    i. Susanna b c1804    j. Jemima b c1806 2. Rebecca b c1758 d 1808 m ?Samuel Linch 3. Abraham b c1761 m Apr 1, 1794 Jemima Johnson - Ky 4. Elliott b Oct 1, 1763 d July 19, 1848 Wash Co m c1787 Martha (dau of     Thomas) Atkinson b 1767 d Jun 13, 1826    a. Mary b 1788 d Jun 25, 1840 m John Patterson b 1788 d Aug 5, 1851    b. Rachel b c1790 m --- Marshall    c. Henry 1792-1876 m Jane Holmes    d. Elizabeth 1794-1852 m Warren Thornberg    e. Eleanor 1796-1872 m James Sprowls d 1837    f. Jemima 1800-1879 m Alexander McCoy    g. John b 1802 d Sep 16, 1876 m1 c1832 Nancy Woods b 1811 b Feb 22 1833         m2 Jemima Post c1834 b Aug 8-1897 d May 6-1883    h. Gideon 1804-1862 m1--- Pratt m2 --- Sargent - Clark Co, Ind    i. Martha b Jul 13, 1806 d Dec 14, 1877 5. Isom b c1765 d 1816 now Larue Co, Ky m Jun 25, 1792 Mary Brooks (Larue)    a. Abraham b Jan 26, 1793 d Dec 14, 1861 m Dec 5, 1812 Jane Vernon    b. Mary c1795-1821 m Allen Singleton    c. Thomas Brooks b 1798 m Sep 9, 1822 Ann McClure    d. Lydia 1800-1858    e. Elizabeth b Nov 3, 1803 d Jun 17, 1867 m Nov 4, 1819 William Fairleigh         b Apr 16, 1797 d Sep 16, 1876 - Meade Co, Ky    f. Malvina b c1806 m R McIntire 6. James b Oct 20, 1767 d Feb 25, 1844 Fleming Co, Ky m Dec 17, 1792     Mary Wilson b Apr 1, 1770 d Jun 25, 1856    a. Nancy b Aug 5, 1793 d Sep 22, 1869 m 1813 Isaac Hilligoss    b. Henry b Dec 5, 1794 d Jan 4, 1814    c. Edward b Dec 5 1794 d May 20, 1850 m Nov 18, 1817 Jane Pinkstaff    d. Mary b Aug 20, 1796 d May 29, 1872 m Simpson G Duty    e. Eleanor b Jan 26, 1798 d Sep 29, 1861 m William Hilligoss    f. Jane b Apr 27, 1799 d July 16, 1863 m 1821 Francis Cassidy    g. James b Oct 15, 1800 d Jun 6, 1828    h. Abraham b Jun 18, 1802 d Jan 25, 1872 m1 Nov 10, 1823 Sophia Bell         b Apr 14, 1806 d May 23, 1828 m2 1828 Mary Jane Payne b 1813 - (Audrain Co, Mo)    i. John b Feb 18, 1804 m Mary S Goddard    j. Delia b Feb 28, 1806 d Jun 24, 1828 single    k. Elliott W b Oct 21, 1806 d Jun 23, 1883 m 1834 Rebecca McCorkle    l. Isham b Sep 17, 1809 d Jun 14, 1891 m1 1834 Martha Cassidy         m2 Mary Sampson    m. Jemima b Feb 9, 1811 d Feb 1, 1905 m 1830 Samuel McCorkle    n. Isaac b Oct 1, 181 d May 28, 1902 m 1840 Lucinda Bell         b Jan 28, 1809 d Sep 14, 1894    o. Elizabeth b May 4, 1814 d Jul 26, 1876 m 1837 Robert Cassiday 7. Jesse b c1769 d 1842 Montgomery Co, Ind m Dec 26, 1795 Eleanor Wilson    a. Edward b c1796    b. Jane b c1798 m --- Galey    c. Elliott b c1800    d. Cassandra b c1802 m--- Baker    e. Jemima b c1804 m --- Nicholson    f. Susanna b c1806 m --- James    g. Abraham b c1808    h. Jesse b c1810    i. Mary b c1813 m --- Stewart 8. Rachel b c1771 d 1831 m c1787 Thomas Hill b c1762 d c1809 Wash Co    a. James b c1788    b. Isom b c1790    c. Rebecca b c1792    d. William b c1794    e. Jemima b c1796 d 1820 m William Eckles    f. Abraham b c1799    g. Elliott b c1802    h. Rachel b c1804 m Thomas Caton 9. Mary b c1773 d Nov 30, 1864 m c1794 Jeremiah Post b 1769 Wash Co d Jun 1, 1848    a. William b Nov 12, 1795 d Jan 6 1866    b. Deborah b c1798 m Nov 22, 1821 John Enlow b c1788    c. Charles b c1801    d. Joseph b c1804 d 1856    e. Jemima b Aug 8, 1807 d May 6, 1883 m John Enlow 1802-1876    f. Martin b 1810 d Jan 30, 1885    g. Jesse b 1812    h. Luke b 1815    i. Mary Ann b c1817    j. Phebe b c1820 d 1856 10. Henry b May 22, 1775 d Jan 26, 1838 Wash Co m 1804 Eleanor (dau of     Thomas) Atkinson b Jan 20, 1786 d May 5, 1849    a. Deborah b May 19, 1805 d 1851 m John Finley    b. Malinda b Aug , 1806 d 1849 m Howard Potter b 1803    c. George b Mar 15, 1808 m1 Feb 11, 1830 Ruby Potter b 1803         m2 Aug 8, 1848 Lucinda Carroll d Aug 28, 1849    d. Matilda b Sep 9, 1809 d 1841 m David Pedan    e. Margaret b May 17, 1811 m Samuel Finley    f. Isom b Apr 2, 1814 m Emaline ---    g. Ruth b Jun 20, 1817 d Aug 14, 1880 m Jan 2, 1838 Samuel Danley d Apr 1, 1891    h. Sarah b Mar 9, 1819 m David Mitchell    i. Cyrus E b Aug 9, 1822 d 1853 m Hannah Sutherland - Morgan Co, OH    j. Henry Perry b Aug 23, 1824 - Tenn    k. John Nelson b Jun 15, 1826    l. Andrew Jackson b Feb 224, 1828 d young 11. Michael b Feb 7, 1777 d Nov 9, 1855 Monroe Co, OH m c1805 Elizabeth ---     Children: James, John, Michael and others
12. Jemima b c1780 m c1798 James St Clair b c1776 d Jan 30, 1819 Wash Co    a. Jesse b c1799 d Jul 25, 1851 Clark Co, Ind m 1823 Margaret         Mitchell b. Jul 19-1798 d Oct 30-1843    b. Abraham 1802-1868 Clark Co, Ind m Eleanor Stoutes    c. James b 1805 m Ellen ---    d. Rachel 1808-1858 m Jan 21, 1836 John Mitchell - Clark Co, Ind    e. William b 1809 m Sep 24, 1835 Elizabeth Pedan    f. Sarah 1812-1850 m Abraham Hill - Clark Co, Ind 13. William b 1783 d Feb 12, 1826 Wash Co m c1807 Sabina (dau of Peter)     Wolff b 1786 d May 11, 1863    a. Abraham b c1808 m Nancy --- - Athens Co, OH    b. Sarah b c1810 d May 17, 1885 m Mar 23, 1830 John Mitchell         b 1800 d Jun 26, 1847    c. Peter 1812-1865 m c 1838 Rosanna --- b 1818 - Vinton Co, Ohio    d. Eve b c1814 m Daniel McCoy - Athens Co, Ohio    e. Elliott b 1816 d Aug 6, 1884 m1 c1842 --- m2 1854 Eleanor Howell 1836-1916    f. Luke b 1818 d Mar 3, 1857 m c1840 Sarah ?Ashbrook b 1818 d Sep 17-1842    g. ?Susan b c1820 m William McCleary    h. Jemima b 1822 m c1842 Richard Humphrey Elliott b 1818    i. Elizabeth b 1824    j. Mary 1 b 1826 14. Sarah b c1786 m c1806 George (son of Peter) Wolff     b c1784 d 1836 Knox Co, Ohio    a. Simon    b. Adam    c. William L    d. Margaret b 1825    e. George b 1828

Main Source: ENLOW by Thomas A Enloe, 1947

The four sons who stayed in Pennsylvania had 20 sons. Of these only three died in Washington County: Luke (of William) 1857; John (of Elliott) 1876; Elliott (of William) 1884. As far as can be ascertained none of the three had Enlow grandsons. Some of the children of Gideon (of Elliott) came back to Pennsylvania.

This article was transcribed by John Patterson of [TBD] in August 1999.

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