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The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

      In Washington County (Pa) in 1783 these Dements were taxed: 
          Donegal (now Buffalo) Twp George --- 2h 3c 1sh 
          Strabane (now Canton) Twp James 200a 2h 3c 4sh 
                                    John 1h 
          Buffalo & Canton adjoin.  Benoni 150a 2h 7c 15sh 
                                    Benajah 300a 2h 4c 7sh 
      Jesse Dement died Jan 17-1781 in (now) Canton Twp (then 
      Yohogania Co, Va. He was a brother of Banajah and George. 
      Jesse's estate was administered by James Dement, "next-of-kin", 
      likely an uncle.
           Three Dement brothers, Benajah in 1773, Jesse in 1775 and George in 
      1776 had made settlements on Little Wheeling Creek, now Ohio Co, W Va. 
      Jesse in 1775 had also made a settlement on Chartiets Creeek, now Can- 
      ton Twp. In 1780 Indian troubles drove Benajah, Jesse and George to 
      Canton Twp. Jesse died in 1781 and in 1784 Benajah and George returned 
      to Ohio County. George died in 1798 and Benajah in 1817.
           Benoni, likely a brother of James, was in Kentucky 1774-1776, Can- 
      ton Twp 1777-1784, Kentucky 1785. The Indians had captured Benoni's 
      son, Jarrett, in Kentucky in 1776. Jarrett and brother, James, served 
      under Captain William Leet 1777-1782 in Pennsylvania. In Jarrett's 
      1833 pension application (S30984) he said that he moved to Pennsylvan- 
      ia early in 1777.
      A summary of places of residence is: 
           Ky                       W Va                     Pa 
      1775 Benoni                   Benajah, Jesse, George   Jesse (land) 
      1777 Benajah, Jesse, George   James, Benoni 
      1780 James, Benoni            Benajah, George          Jesse d 1781 
      1785 Benoni                   Benajah, George          James 
      This was one of many western Pennsylvania families with connections 
      in Kentucky. Elijah Nuttle (Nuttall) lived near the Dements in Canton. 
      He went to Kentucky in 1785, about the same time as Benoni Dement, who 
      was in Kentucky May 5-1785. A Dement son married a Nuttall daughter.
           Edna Scott McKechnie and Glenna Gandy Carlson have provided this: 
      GEORGE DEMENT b c1675 d 1729 Charles County, Maryland, son of George 
      married three times (d 1702 
      1. ?Timothy c1700-1747 Va 
      2. George c1704- - son John 
      3. William c1706-1764 Charles Co m 1730 Mary --- 
         a. Elizabeth b May 20-1731 m Dec 8-1747 James Moore 
         b. Mary b May 7-1733 m William Somerset 
         c. Anne b Nov 15-1735 m Feb 28-1754 James Walters 
         d. Benajah b Aug 17-1738 d 1817 Ohio Co, W Va m c1763 Alice Barnett 
            1767-68 Loudoun Co, Va; 1773 W Va; 1778 oath of allegiance 
            and tax list; 1779 militia; 1783 Washington Co; 1784 W Va 
            Ch: Ann c1764- m Harding, Elizabeth c1766- m Finley, ?Mary c1768- 
            m Gilmore, Sarah c1770- m 1790 Ezekiel Rogers, ?Mary c1772- 
            m Pickens, William c1774-1858 Ohio Co m Jane --- 
         e. Jesse b Oct 10-1740 d Jan 17-1781 now Canton Twp, Washington Co 
            m c1773; land in W Va & Pa 1775; 1778 oath of allegiance and 
            tax list Ohio Co, W Va; 1779 militia 
            Ch: David 1774-, Rebecca 1776-, Catharine 1778-. Elizabeth 1780- 
         f. George b Jan 10-1742 d 1798 Ohio Co m1 c1767 Sarah Gordon; m2 
            1794 Joeaster Wealaxton; 1776 sold Md land; 1776 W Va; 1778 
            tax list; 1779 militia; 1782 ejectment Washington Co; 1783 
            Donegal Twp; 1784 W Va; 1782 Washington Co militia
            Ch: William c1768-1853 Monroe Co, Ohio m 1801 Eleanor Dailey, 
            George c1770-, Elias c1772-, Ruth c1774- m 1794 James Knox, 
            Henry c1776- m Susanna ---, Sarah 1778-1843 m 1802 Joseph 
            Whittam, Rachel c1780-, Samuel c1782- Methodist circuit 
            rider, Anna c1784- 
         g. Susannah b Mar 29-1745 d 1784 m Dec 12-1762 William Roby 
         h. Dorcas b Apr 1-1747 
         i. Lydia b May 26-1749 
         j. William b Apr 30-1753 d w Pa in youth 
         k. Walter b May 1-1755 d w Pa in youth 
      4. Mary c1708- m Jonson 
      5. John c1710- 
      6. 7. ? 
      8. ?Edward 
      9. ?Richard ?Ky 1800 
      10. ?James b c1726; administrator 1781 as "next-of-kin" for Jesse 
          Dement - both in now Canton Twp, Washington Co, Pa - James 
          taxed 1782-88 gone 1789 - ?son John taxed 1783-84 
      11. ?Benoni c1728-c1798 Ky m c1758 Barbara Goodin; Loudoun Co, Va 
          1760-73; Ky 1774-76; Pa 1777-84; Ky 1785 
          a. James 1759-?Cincinnati 1789 
          b. Jarrett 1760-1850 Carroll Co, Ky m Oct 30-1786 Martha Price 
             (dau of Elijah) Nuttall - 1833 in Gallatin Co, Ky 
          c. ?John c1763- to Illinois 
          d. ?George c1765- m 1792 Sarah Kinnley - to Ill 1811 
          e. ?Benjamin c1767- m 1795 Cynthia Martin - Cincinnati 1789 - Ill 
          f. Susanna c1769 m 1789 Jacob Smith 
          g. Sarah c1773- m 1793 Aaron Bowman 
          h. Nancy c1775- m 1795 Daniel Donahue - Illinois 
          i. Jesse c1778- - Illinois
      Raymond Martin Bell 
      413 Burton Ave. 
      Washington, Pa. 15301

This article was transcribed by Nola Elliott of Blacksburg, VA in February 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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