Bell Anthology - McColloch Family

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

McColloch of Ohio County, West Virginia
      John McColloch to Gloucester County, New Jersey 
         father of 
      Samuel McColloch b c1700 d 1748 Deptford Twp m Elizabeth 
         (daughter of George) Ward - dead 1748
      1. John McColloch b c1726 d 1777 Ohio Co W Va - justice of the peace 
            1769, exploratory trip to W Va - c1772 moved to Ohio Co from 
            Hampshire Co, W Va m May 24-1749 (sic) (NJ) Sarah (dau of James) 
            Inskeep b Sep-14 1726
         a. Elizabeth b Oct 30-1748 (sic), d Jan 17-1814 Ohio Co, m 1768 
            Ebenezer (son of William) Zane b Oct 7-1747 d Nov 19-1812
            his sister Betsy of Fort Henry fame - 1793 Methodist preaching 
            at Zane home.
            i. Catherine b Jul 7-1769 
           ii. Ann b May 27-1771 d young 
          iii. Sarah b Feb 23-1773 
           iv. Noah b Oct 1-1774 d young 
            v. Rebecca b Oct 19-1776 
           vi. Noah b Oct 23-1778 
          vii. John b Apr 30-1780 d young 
         viii. Samuel b May 12-1782 d young 
           ix. Samuel b Feb 26-1784 
            x. Hetty b Oct 8-1786 
           xi. Jesse b Oct 5-1790 d young 
          xii. Daniel b Oct 25-1788 d young 
         xiii. Daniel b Aug 3-1792
         b. Samuel b 1750 d July 30-1792 in Indian attack m Jan 1782 
               Mary Mitchell - she m2 Andrew Woods - - Samuel major in 
               1777 - famous for his leap
         c. John b 1752 d Apr 6-1821 Short Creek, W Va - major - Methodist 
               preaching at his house in 1793 - m 1776 Mary (dau of John) Bukey 
         d. Abraham b 1754 d May 5-1839 m Alcy Boggs
         e. George b 1756
         f. Sarah b 1758 m Jacob Coleman
         g. George b 1756
         h. Sarah b 1758 m Jacob Coleman
      2. George McColloch b 1728 - in Ohio Co in 1777 - justice of the peace
         a. ?William d 1812 m ?Elizabeth (dau of Silas)Zane
         b. George Jr b 1769 - spy
         c. Rebecca
         d. Jane
         e. Silas
         3. Mary McColloch b c1730
      4. Elizabeth McColloch b 1732 m Apr 6-1754 (NJ) Henry Crawford
      5. Hannah McColloch b 1734 m Oct 6-1756 (NJ) Joseph (son of James) 
            Inskeep b May 10-1733
      Sources: New Jersey Archives 
               Draper Manuscripts
                                                        Raymond M. Bell 

This article was transcribed by Elizabeth Burns of Mesa, AZ in February 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.