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Unlisted Estate Papers
     Among unlisted papers in the office of the Register of Wills (Washington 
County, Pa) Joan Bruno recently found the following:

     (1) the 1778 will and 1779 bond of James Seaton of Monongalia County Va - 
now Cumberland Twp, Greene County - H L Leckey in his THE TEN MILE COUNTRY (p 
514) could not find it 
     (2) the 1781 will and bond of Adam Snyder of Dunlaps Creek Settlement, 
Monongalia Co, Va - now Fayette Co 
     (3) a copy of the 1778 will (probated 1788) of John Gregg of Shelburne 
Parish, Loudoun Co, Va - see Leckey page 533 
     (4) the bond (1803) and final accounts for John Patterson, who lived near 
Parkisons Ferry. 
     The Patterson bond, dated April 30-1803, was issued to Margaret Patterson and 
Moses Scott, administrators. This may be the John Patterson who was in 
Nottingham Twp in 1790 with wife and one son. 
     The Gregg will lists the children (four of whom married Greggs) including two 
not listed in Leckey: 
     Lydy Howell (b c1754) and Rebecca Gregg (b c 1756) - m Francis Seaton There 
is no known reason why this copy should be in Washington County. 
     The Snyder and Seaton wills were both written before Washington County was 
formed. Adam Snyder's will was written February 10-1781. The bond was issued 
March 12-1781 by the Monongalia County court to the executors, Chares Heckman 
and George Craft. Named in the will are wife, Barbara, first-born, Adam and 
other unnamed children. 
     The will of James Seaton (called Captain in the accounts file) was written 
December 21-1779. A bond was issued by the Monongalia County court March 9-1779 
to James (Jr) and Elizabeth Seaton. James Carmichael and Elias Garard signed 
the bond. The accounts (S 8 1787) tell of a coffin made for James Seaton Sr 
January 7-1779 and one for his young daughter, Margaret, eight days later. 
      The will gives son, John Seaton, 20 pounds; wife, Betty, the rest of the 
estate during her lifetime, unless she remarries; son, James Seaton, the land 
"whereon I now live" - bought from Richard Chenowith - and a negro boy, Joseph; 
son, Kenner Seaton, the land he lives on - bought from Neal; daughter, Rebecca 
Hyde, a negro girl, Letty; daughter, Betty Seaton, a negro girl, Mildred; 
daughter, Peggie, a negro girl, to be bought: daughter, Sarah, a negro girl, 
     All the rest of the estate of James Seaton (Sr) is to be divided among his 
sons, George Seaton, Francis Seaton, Richard Ayliffe Seaton, Rodham Seaton, 
Howson Kenner Bonom Seaton, William Seaton, and Samuel Seaton. 
     The witnesses were: (Dr) Charles Wheeler, Nicholas (?) McCarty, Edward 
Rawlens, John Mundel. 
     The inventory (total P2965.16.0 - probably inflated) lists slaves: Stephen 
P600, Lucy P120, Jobe 16 sh; Patrick P600, Moses P600, Jude P160. In 1782 these 
slaves were registered by Betty and James Seaton: Patrick age 30 Stephen 20, 
Moses 20, Joseph 14; female, Jude 40, Luce 40, Pendy 8. 
     A bill was presented to the estate from a man in Berkeley County, W Va, for 
items purchased Jun 14-1773 to August 6-1774. So James Seaton may have migrated 
to Greene County shortly after this. The final accounts were filed in 1787 by 
James (Jr) and Betty Seaton. 
     From data in Leckey and the order of the names in the will the following is 
James Seaton b c1718 d about Jan 6-1779 m1 c1744 Mary Ann Kenner, 
   m2 c1750 Elizabeth Kenner (sister of Mary Ann) living 1793 
1. John Seaton b c1745 to Kentucky 
2. Kenner Seaton b c1747 m c1777 ---, taxed 1783, left 1786 for Ky 
3. James Seaton 1751-1830 m 1780 Mary Clark 1758-1824 - 
   Cumberland Twp 
4. Rebecca Seaton b c1752 m cl774 Samuel Hyde - 1800 Greene Twp 
5. George Seaton b 1754 living 1840 Breckinridge Co, Ky, freeman 
   1782-86 Cumberland Twp, m c1787 ---, left 1789 for Ky 
6. Francis Seaton b c1756 d 1820 Knox Co, Ind m c1780 Rebecca Gregg 1758-1822, 
signed petition 1782, first taxed 1782 -1800 living in Cumberland Twp 
7. Richard Ayliffe Seaton b c1758, freeman 1782-85, no further data 
8. Elizabeth Seaton b c1760 m1 c1780 James Carmichael (d 1796), 
   m2 Jay Thompson - living 1800 Cumberland Twp 
9. Rodham Seaton b c1762 d 1805 Jefferson Co, Ky m Mary - left c1783 
10. Howson Kenner Bonom Seaton b c1764 d 1803 Jefferson Co, Ky, signed 
petition 1782, m c1787 Sarah, left 1788 for Ky 
11. Margaret Seaton b c1766 d about Jan 14-1779 
12. Sarah Seaton b c1768 m c1786 John Boreman (d 1814), 1800 Franklin T 
13. William Seaton 1770-1814 m 1792 Sarah Myers 1771-1814, Cumberland T 
14. Samuel Seaton b c1772, named in 1778 will, may have died young.

This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in August 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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