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Henry Moore: Pioneer Physician
Family records tell us that Dr. Henry Moore was born at Boyle,
Ireland March 18-1742.  On December 10, 1762 he married Mary Dodd.
He studied medicine in Ireland.  Sailing from Dublin with his 
family in March 1773, he landed in Baltimore two months later.
On October 1 he set out for the western frontier, reaching what is
now South Franklin Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania
November 8.  He traveled by horseback over what later became the 
National Road.  On his first trip he brough his sons and man-
servant and maidservant.  He built a cabin, cleared some land and
raised a crop of corn in 1774.

In September 1774 he returned east and brought his wife and 
daughter, Ann (Nancy) to their new home.  The family record indicates
that Dodd families also came west about this time.  This is likely
the brothers, Charles and John Dodd.  Their sister was Mrs. Henry
Moore.  Charles got land near Dr. Moore.

The arrival of a physician on the frontier at this early date
was welcome news for the settlers.  Not many records remain of Dr.
Moore as a physician.  His don Daniel told Lyman Draper that the
family forted at Atkinsons's and Wolf's during the war and that his
father dressed wounds after Indian attacks.

Moore and the Dodds are listed in Ohio County (Virginia) records.
Virginia then claimed jurisdiction.  Henry Moore and John Dodd are
listed as privates in Captain Reason Virgin's company.  Virgin was
a  neighbor of Morre.  In the account of the attack on Rice's Fort
(Donegal Township) September 14-1782 one of the men is recorded
as having gone to Dr. Moore's for information about impending In-
dian attacks.  Moore is listed in Donegal 1783, Strabane 1784-91,
Canton 1792 on - now South Franklin Township.

As a part of the boundry settlement between Virginia and Penn-
sylvania (Washington County formed in 1781), settlers, who
thought they were in Virginia, could apply for a certificate which
would be recognized by Pennsylvania.  Henry Moore applied for 400
acres on the waters of Chartiers Creek on December 9-1779, stating
that he had made a settlement in 1773.  It was entered in the Vir-
ginia record book May 29-1780.

When the land was surveyed November 17-1785 it was named "Battle-
field".  A warrant to accept was granted September 18-1788 and a
patent issued January 14-1789.  Charles Dodd had land three farms
to the southwest, Reason Virgin two to the east, Jonathan Leet 
three farms to the northeast.

In 1783 Henry Moore was taxed for 150 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow
and 4 sheep.  In 1792 he had 400 acres, 4 horses, 5 cows, 3 ser-
vants and one still.  In 1800 he had a pair of oxen.

In his will written June 26-1824 and probated April 24-1826 
Henry Moore named his children.  The farm went to William. Named
are a number of grandchildren.  Son, Robert, was named executor.
Of the three surviving sons:
	William farmed the old farm;
	Daniel became a leading citizen of Washington - merchant,
		stage master, squire;
	Robert became a lawyer and went to Beaver County, where he
		became a general in the War of 1812 and a Member of Congress
		from 1817-1821.

Charles Dodd bought land near Henry Moore in 1775.  He sold it 
in 1779.  After the town of Washington was laid out Charles and his
brother, John Dodd, each opened a tavern.  First court sessions
were held at the taverns.  Charles went to the Wheeling region
about 1784.  John Dodd took up land at the edge of Washington.
He operated his Washington tavern until his death in 1794 while
on a trip to New Orleans.  Jonathan Leet, whose wife was a niece
of John, told Draper that Dodd was killed by Samuel Mason and his
gang.  mason had been an associate judge in Washington County in 1781,
and had likely frequented the Dodd taverns.

Family records say that Dr. Moore belonged to the Church of
England in Ireland.  As sometimes happened, persons who belonged to
this church, on the western frontier found the Methodists most 
like the church of England.  Methodist circuit riders began preaching
in the Washington area in 1784, preaching at Thomas Lackey's, about
5 miles east of Moore's.  In 1793 there was preaching in town and at
the cabin of John Jones, two miles from Moore's.

It is not known when the Moores became Methodists.  When Washing-
ton became a full-time preaching point in 1819, records show that
Henry Moore was a class leader at a class meeting at his house,
and son, William, was leader of a country class meeting at the
church after the Sunday morning service.  in this latter class
was Geoge Nixon, ancestor of Richar Milhous Nixon.  [ex-president
of the USA]

After the death of Mrs. Moore in 1822, the doctor moved the
four miles to the town of Washington and lived with his son,
Daniel.  Henry became a member of a class in town - now the First
United Methodist Church.  His death April 13-1826 is listed in 
the church record and local newspaper.

Henry Moore b. Mar 18-1742 d Apr 13-1826 Washington m Dec 10-1762
   Mary Dodd b 1744 d March 4-1822

1.  Ann b. 1763 d jan 13-1827 near Washington m c1787 Daniel Carter
       b 1760 d Dec 22-1847
    a.  Mary b 1790 d Sep 18-1865
    b.  Henry b 1794 d Aug 28-1822
    c.  Nancy b c1796 m Sep 30-1818 Samuel Findley - Belmont Co, Ohio
    d.  Elizabeth b. c1798 m Jacob May s - Belmont Co
    e.  Daniel b c1800 d Jan 8-1840 m Dec 28-1825 Sarah Hughes b c1804
           daughter of James and Mary (Lacock) Hughes
    f.  Drusilla b c1802 dead 1847 m --- Lee
    g.  Richard b c1804 m Amanda --- - Belmont Co

2.  Henry dead 1824

3.  Daniel b Jun 1768 d Aug 27-1851 Washington m1 c1800 Margaret
       Wilson b c1776 d c1826, daughter of James and Margaret (Barry)
       Wilson, m2 Dec 11-1827 Jane Simonson b 1776 d Aug 23-1852
    a.  Henry b Oct 23-1800 d Nov 24-1883 Baltimore - Washington Col-
           lege 1815 - m1 oct 16-1822 Matilda Denniston, m2 Dec 22-
           1829 Ann McGovern, m3 Maria McBlair
    b.  James Wilson b Dec 1803 d Feb 3-1821
    c.  Rebecca b c1805 d Apr 23-1826 Uniontown m Nov 24-1824
           Lucius W Stockton
    d.  Elizabeth b c1809 d Jan 2-1824
    e.  Mary b 1814 d Jun 14-1833 Washington DC m Apr 24-1833
           Charles W Kelso
    f.  Daniel b c1817 d Jul 6-1826
    g.  Sarah b 1820 d Jul 31-1837

4.  William b 1775 d Nov 20-1842 on the old farm m c1807
        Sarah --- b 1778 d Jun 6-1851
    a.  Lucinda b Jan 1-1808 d Jan 21-1859
    b.  Mary b 1813 d 1846 m Dec 5-1833 James McKee 1813-1847
    c.  Daniel b Apr 1-1815 d Jun 26-1878 m1 May 6-1841 Jane McKee
           b 1820 d Jan 10-1850, m2 Lenora b 1816 d 1903
    d.  Elizabeth b 1817 m Adam Malone
    e.  Margaret b 1819 m William Brownlee
    f.  Henry b c1821 d 1849 m Feb 15-1843 Nancy Walker d 1864
    g.  ?dau m Hepler

5.  Robert b mar 30-1778 d Jan14-1831 Beaver Co, Pa m Oct 18-1804
        Mary Stibbs b Jul 12-1783 d Jun 2-1829, dau of Joseph and
        Henrietta Stibbs
    a.  Joseph b Aug 29-1805 d mar 12-1826 - Washington College 1822
    b.  Henrietta Maria b Oct 31-1807 d Apr 8-1826
    c.  Elizabeth b 1809 d Oct 1-1888 m Jul 4-1831 Daniel Agnew, judge
           b Jan 5-1809 d Mar 9-1902
    d.  Henry C b c1812 m Sep 12-1837 Amelia Ann Whippo d Dec 11-1845
           Connersville, Ind - dau of Charles T Whippo
    e.  Amanda Z b c1815
    f.  Alfred Robert b Mar 2-1819 d Nov 18-1902 Tidioute, Pa
           m1 Nov 2-1843 Jane Small b 1823 d may 5-1891, dau of Henry
           and Martha (McIlhaney) Small, m2 1892 wid Elizabeth Richardson
    g.  Franklin b Feb 14-1822 d Jan 22-1870 California - Methodist
           minister - DD - Washington College 1842 - m Jun 22-1847
           Rebecca B Wickersham b Jan 9-1820 d Nov 18-1875 dau of Isaac
    h.  Caroline L b 1825 d may 1-1847

6.  Mary b 1780 d Feb 2-1839 m c1801 Jonathan Leet b Nov 1768 d mar 9-
        1853, son of Isaac and Rebecca (Vaughn) Leet - lived near Wash
    a.  Isaac b c1802 d Jun 10-1844 - Washington College 1822 - Member
           of Congress m May 16-1827 Margaret Swearingen Cook
    b.  Daniel b c1806, judge, Sedalia, Mo
    c.  Maria M b 1810, single 1850
    d.  Rebecca Vaughn b c1812 m Apr 25-1833 Louis B Williams
    e.  Jonathan Duke b 1814 d 1881 m 1840 Mary Ann Calahan
    f.  Mary A b 1819 d May 13-1851

7.  Elizabeth b 1784 d Nov 23-1817 m 1809 Sheshbazzar Bentler, Jr
        b 1786 d 1866 lived Bentleyville, Washington Co., Pa
    a.  Mary b c1810 m William B Pusey
    b.  Hannah b c1812
    c.  Henry Moore b c1814
    d.  Ann b c1816

Our thanks to Helen Clear of New Brighton, Pa.

Sources:  cemetery, census, church, college, court, estate land and
              tax records
          histories of Beaver and Washington Counties
          newspaper files
          Draper Manuscripts, Madison, Wis - 2S2, 2S7, 2S12

Moore - Addenda
After writing the above new data were found. Henry was a son of Daniel Moore. Henry married, not born in Boyle, County Roscommon. His mother came to America with him and died in Baltimore in 1773. His son, Henry, died at Nassau. There may have been two other children: "Kitty" died at 48, before 1824; Samuel, who went to Kentucky.

This article was transcribed by Neil Morton of [TBD] in September 1998.

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