Bell Anthology - Virgin Family

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

The Virgin Family in Washington County, Penna.
           This is the story of Jeremiah Virgin and his sons: Reason, 
      Brice, John, Thomas, who lived in what is now South Franklin 
      Township between 1774, when Reason made a settlement and 1788, 
      when Brice was last taxed on Chartiers Creek. The area where they 
      lived was near the point where Monongalia, Ohio and Yohogania 
      Counties, Virginia came together (formed 1776). It was also at 
      the boundary between Amwell and Strabane Townships (formed 1781).
           This account is written for two purposes: 
      (1) to show what sources give information on this family, 
      (2) to explore the genealogy of the Virgin family.
           Apparently the family first settled (From Frederick Co,Md?) 
      on the east side of the Monongahela River soon after 1770 in 
      what is now Luzerne Township, Fayette County. Reason Virgin got 
      l land grant opposite the mouth of Ten Mile Creek (and land of 
      George Teagarden), adjoining Jonathan Arnold, his father-in-law. 
      In July 1773 Brice Virgin is listed in Westmoreland court records. 
      Fayette County was formed from 'lestmoreland later in 1783.
           When Francis Main wrote his will September 30-1774, Jeremiah 
      was a neighbor, living on Chartiers Creek, now South Franklin 
      Township. He and his family had moved from Fayette County. This 
      date is confirmed by Reason Virgin's 1774 date of settlement on 
      his Virginia land certificate. Reason had married about 1771 
      Jemima, daughter of Jonathan Arnold. Brice was likely still single, 
      as were John, 21, and Thomas, 15. The daughters were Eleanor, 
      Clara and Lucy.
           The beginning of the Revolution in Massachusetts in April 1775 
      caused Maryland and Pennsylvania to raise rifle companies. Michael 
      Cresap of Oldtown, Maryland, well-known in southwestern Pennsyl- 
      vania, raised a company in June 1775, which included Brice Virgin 
      as sergeant and John Virgin as private, plus 20 others from west 
      of the Monongahela. They enlisted for one year.
           The company left Frederick, Maryland July 18-1775 and reached 
      Boston in August - marching the entire distance. Brice and John re-
      turned home at the end of the year. Soon after (1776) Reason and 
      John went on an exploring trip to Bracken County, Kentucky.
           In February 1775 Reason had been named constable and in December 
      l776 Brice became constable. At the outbreak of the war in the
      west in January 1777 Reason became captaing Brice and John were 
      privates. The 1778 tax list for Ohio County, (West) Virginia included 
      Reason, Brice and John. Thomas was under 21. 
           About 1781 Jeremiah moved a few miles to the south to land 
      on Ten Mile Creek, and Reason returned to his Fayette County home. 
      The first tax list (1782) for Washington County shows Brice on 
      Chartiers Creek, and Jeremiah and younger sons, John and Thomas 
      on Ten Mile Creek. Soon after the reopening of the land office 
      in July 1784 each Virgin son obtained a land grant in Washington 
      County: Reason, Brice and John on Chartiers waters, Thomas on Ten 
      Mile. They sold their land in 1785, 86, 87.
           The 1783 tax lists shows
      Amwell Township  Jeremiah 100 acres, 3 horses, 2 cows, 3 sheep 
                       John     200        2 
                       Thomas   100        2 
      Strabane Township Brice   400        2         4       7 
           In December 1785 Jeremiah sold the Ten Mile farm and moved back 
      to Chartiers Creek, where in May 1786 his daughter, Eleanor, was 
      married to Van Swearingen. A few months later Jeremiah moved to 
      Ohio County, (West) Virginia, where he was taxed in 1787. Swearin- 
      gen lived nearby, Jeremiah lived near his brother-in-law, John 
      Dickerson in Washington County. In 1777 Brice Virgin witnessed the 
      will of John. On November 13-1794 Jeremiah witnessed the will of 
      Asa, son of John Dickerson. 
           After Van Swearingen's death in 1793, Jeremiah Virgin lived 
      for a while with his daughter Eleanor. His place and date of death 
      are not known. Eleanor with her second husband, John Newhouse 
      moved to "The Barrens" of Kentucky in 1804. Reason went to Ken-
      tucky about the same time. He died at Oldtown, Greenup County in 
      1819. Brice was lieutenant and Thomas private under neighbor, Cap-
      tain William Leet in 1782. Brice left Washington County soon after 
      1788. In 1792 he was in Cincinnati, in 1810 a few miles to the 
      north in Butler County, Ohio.
           The last record of John Virgin is as a witness in Ohio Co 179O. 
      There is no record of Thomas Virgin after he sold his land in 1785. 
      It would be interesting to find out what became of them, and to 
      find out where they lived before coming to Pennsylvania. 
           The following data were obtained from records available in 
      Washington, Pennsylvania. 
      1774         Reason made settlement Chartiers Creek 
                                          Va Genealogist 7, 162 
           Sep 30  Jeremiah neighbor of Francis Main on Chartiers 
                                          Washington co Will Bk 1, 37 
      1775 Feb 23  Reason constable in West Augusta District 
                                          Crumrines Hist Wash Co 206 
           May 17  Reason on road survey Crumrine 207 
           Jul 18  Brice and John join Capt Michael Cresap and leave 
                    Frederick, Md for Boston, Mass - 1 year enlistment 
                                          Leckey: Ten Mi Country 15 
           Sep 20  Reason on road survey Crumrine 209 
      1776 Jan 17  Reason replaced as constable 
                                          Crumrine 210
           June    Brice and John return 
                   Reason and John to Bracken Co, Ky 
                                          Leckey 16, 17 
           Nov 3   Three Virginia counties formed - Monogalia, Ohio, Yohogania 
           Dec 23  Brice constable Yohogania Co 
                                          Crumrine 213 
      1777 Jan 7   Reason captain, John private in Ohio Co militia 
                                          Crumrines Va Court Records 365 
           Jan 28  Reason at Council of War, Washington, Pa 
                                          Crumrines Hist 185 
                   Reason mentioned several times 
                                          Va Court Rec 377-389 
           Jun 8   Reason at Fort Henry (Wheeling) 
                                          Crumrine: Hist 85 
           Aug 4   Reason's house meeting place to set Ohio-Monongalia 
                    boundary Crumrine 214 
           Aug 27  Brice sued by Richard Yeates, Yohogania co 
                                          Crumrine 215 
           Sep 4   Reason took Oath of Allegiance, Ohio Co 
                                          Wingertner: Hist of Wheeling i 63 
           Oct 8   John took Oath of Allegiance, Ohio Co 
                                          Wingertner i 69 
           Nov 15  Brice witness to John Dickerson will 
                                          Wash Co W B 1, 45 
      1778 Nov 3   Reason, Brice, John taxed Ohio Co (Thos not 21) 
                                          WPGSQ 12, 25 
      1779 Jan 9   Reason sold land to Daniel Leet - Brice witness 
                                          Ohio Co Deed Book 1, 24  
           Nov 8   Brice on eligibility list - in service 
                                          WPGSQ 12, 25 
           Dec 12  Reason applied for Va land certificate 
                                          WVU Liby, Ohio Co Entry Bk 
      1780 Jun 22  Reason's certificate entered 
                                          Crumrine 797 
      1781 Mar 28  Washington County, Pennsylvania formed 
      1782         Jeremiah, Brice, Thomas taxed Washington Co 
                                          Tax Lists Citizens Library 
           Jan     Brice and Reason on Wash Co jury, Reason removed 
                                          Crumrine 239 
           Jul 4   Brice and Thomas in Wash Co militia 
                                          Crumrine 130 
      1783         Jeremiah, Brice, John, Thomas on tax list 
                   Rigby land adjoins Jeremiah 
                   Veurs land adjoins Thomas 
                                          W & J Liby Histl Coll warrants 
      1784         Jeremiah, John, Thomas on tax list 
           Jul 1   Land Office reopens 
           Jul 7   Brice lt in Wash co militia - Crumrine 137 
           Aug 3   Brice sold land to James Wilson 
                                          Wash Co Deed Bk A 303 
      1785         Brice on tax list 
           Mar 4   Thomas and John warrant land 
                                          Horn Papers iii map 65 
           Jun l0  Leet adjoins Reason Crumrine 797 
           Jul 12  Brice sold land to Reason 
                                          Deed Bk B 167 
           Oct 9   Thomas sold land to John Dodd 
                                          Deed Bk B 272 
           Nov 13, 14  Reason and John land surveyed 
                                          Horn iii 65 
           Nov 19  Brownlee land adjoins John - Crumrine 801 
           Dec 31  Jeremiah sold land to Cahhill Dennis 
                                          Horn iii 65 
      1786         Thomas and John on tax list 
           Feb 21  Reason warrant to accept - Horn iii 65 
           Mar 2   Reason land patented Horn iii 65 
           Apr 18  Thomas land surveyed Horn iii 65 
           May     Eleanor marries Van Swearingen 
                                          Rev Pension W5415 
           Jun 20  Reason sold land to David Adams of Franklin Co, Pa 
                                          Deed Bk C 90 
                   Reason bought 2 slaves from David Adams 
                                          Deed Bk C 97 
           Aug 21  John sold land to Van Swearinaren 
                                          Deed Bk C 134 
      1787         Brice on tax list 
           Jun 25  Reason sold land to James Ross 
                                          Deed Bk I 160 
           Aug 9   Brice land warranted Horn iii 65 
      1788         Brice on tax list 
           May 11  Brice land surveyed in name of Reason 
                                          Horn iii 65 
           Persons interested in the Virgin family 
      Helen E. Vogt, 121 Blaine Ave., Brownsville PA 15417 
      Dolores C. Rutherford, 1758 Carmelo Dr., Carmichael CA 95608 
      John E. Davis, l000 San Pedro Ave., Coral Gables FL 33156 
      Jeremiah Virgin m Lucy Dickerson 
      1. Reason Virgin b: c1744 d 1819 Oldtown, Ky m c1771 Jemima Arnold, 
         daughter of Jonathan (d 1799 Luzerne Twp) and Sarah Arnold 
         a. Kinsey b c1772 d c1815 Oldtown m c1794 Rachel (daughter of 
            George)Teagarden b Mar 13-1774 d 1828 Porter Twp, Scioto co, O 
            Children: (to Mason co, Ill) Mary (Auxier), Jemima (Sikes), 
             Rachel (Sikes), George Teagarden, Abraham 1800-1878, Reason 
             1803-1872, Charity (Clark), Kinzey 1807-1852, Ephriam 
         b. Eli b c1774 d 1819 Fayette Co, Pa m c1797 Nancy Hyatt- 
            she m2 Henry Heaton 
            Children: John Hyatt 1798-1858 Menard Co IL, Belinda (Railey), 
             Reason, Eli 1803-1826, Katherine (Doty), Nancy (Hill), 
             Ruth (Church), Noah Hyatt 1812-1892 Plattsville WI, 
             William, Jesse 
         c. Reason - Ky 
         d. Rachel m David Enslow, Scioto Co, Ohio 
         e. Delilah f. Hannah 
         g. Eleanor 
         h. Rebecca 
         i. Cassandra 
         j. Elizabeth 
      2. Brice Virgin b c1746 d 1821 Butler co, Ohio; to Ky 1790, Ohio 1792 
         Children: Thomas P. William Greenlee, Jeremiah (Ind), Hiram, 
          Matthew, John, Cassandra, Mary, Reason 1779-1873 Fairbury IL 
      3. John Virgin b c1753, single 1786 - Ed 1790 Hamilton Co, Ohio 
      4. Thomas Virgin b c1759, single 1784 - ?d 1830 Hamilton Co 
         At Hull surrender 1812 Detroit 
         Children: Jeremiah, Joseph, Hall (Ia), Thomas (Cal), Allen, 
          and daughter 
      5. Eleanor b 1763 living Columbus, Ohio 1850 ml May 1786 Van 
         Swearingen 1743-1793 Ohio co, W Va: m2 John Newhouse d 1830 
         Children (Swearingen): Van 1787-1822 Clermont Co, Ohio, Lucy 
         (Stephenson), Thomas - also Newhouse children 
      6. Clara b c1766 m Stuart 
      7. Lucy b 1769 d 1847 Oldtown, Ky m 1800 (Cincinnati) J Downs 
         Children: Sarah (Virgin), Emzy (male), Jeremiah, Eleanor 
         Lucy said that George Washington was at her father's house in 1773.
                                                    Raymond M. Bell 

This article was transcribed by Bobbi Jo Harville of Middleburg, FL in April 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.