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The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

The Leatherman Family of Washington County, Pa.
      Two Leatherman brothers, Daniel and Michael, sons of Bishop 
      Daniel Leatherman, came from Frederick County, Maryland in 
      the 1770s.  They were members of the Church of  the Brethren
      (Dunkard - German Baptist). Daniel, the younger  was also
      a minister. His grandson, Jonathan Letterman 1824-1872, is
      Before the Revolution, four members of the Leatherman family
      staked out 400-acre tracts on Pigeon Creek in Washington County.
         Christian Sr 1774; Son Christian Jr 1774
        ?Brother Peter 1772; ?cousin Daniel 1776.
      All of these tracts, except that of Christian Jr, were surveyed
      after the War. Located on the Somerset-Bethlehem Township
      boundary, they totaled almost 1000 acres.
         Daniel to the west 393 acres; Peter to the east 276 acres 
         Christian to the south 364 acres.
      Daniel died on his farm in 1799. Christian sold his farm to 
      George Myers and went to Kentucky. Peter sold his farm to 
      Michael Hosick and may have gone to Ohio.
         Daniel's younger brother, Michael,was in the first (1782) 
      Washington County tax list; he was single. He died in West
      Bethlehem Townshop in 1811. Other Leathermans listed in early
      Washington County tax lists are:
         Frederick, Peter son of Christian, Jacob son of Peter.
       All the Leathermans served in the militia in 1781-82.
        Where Christian settled in Shelby County, Kentucky about 
      1785 came to be known as the Leatherman Settlement. Research 
      in Kentucky will give more data on these Leathermans.
      1790 census
      Frederick Co, Md: Daniel 1 1 3, Godf'rey 1 2 5, Henry 1 0 5, 
      Jos 1 0 2 Washington Co, Pa: Daniel 1 3 3, Michael 1 1 3, 
      Frederick 2 1 4  Donegal Twp
                                                (Donegal Twp)
              Washington County Tax Lists beginning 1782
              Frderick:: Fallowf'ield 1782-84, Bethlehem 1785
              Christian Jr: Somerset 1782-84
              Peter:  Somerset 1783 - no land
              Daniel: Bethlehem 1782+
              Michael:        Bethlehem 1782+
              Christian:      Bethlehem 1783
              Peter:  Bethlehem 1783
              Jacob:    Bethlehem 1783 single
            Cemetery, Census, Church, Deed, Estate, Tax Records
            Penna Archives (printed)
            Letherman, I John: All Leatherman Kin History,
               Napponee, Ind 1940
            Schildknecht, Calvin E: Monocacy & Catoctin I, 
               Shippensburg, Pa 1985
            Tracey, Grace L & John P Dern: Pioneers of' Old Monocacy,
               Balt, Md 1987
      Bishop DANIEL LEATHERMAN b c1710 buried Nov 11-1797 Frederick Co, Md
      m c1753 Catharine (daughter of' Michael & Rosina) Bigler b c1730
      living 1790 - Daniel organized Church of' Brethren congregation
      near Hanover, Pa 1738 - land Frederick Co c1752 - she may have d Ohio
      1.Daniel b c1754 d 1799 Washington Co, Pa m c1772 Elizabeth---
           to Pa 1776 - minister
        a. Theobald b 1773 d Jan 23-1803 - land in Ohio
        b. (Dr) Jonathan b 1775 d Apr 1844 m Anna Ritchie
           Ch:Jonathan 1824-1872 see below, Craig 1826-, 
              William 1832-1881, Elizabeth (Smith)
        c. Elizabeth c1777- living 1799
        d. Hannah c1779- m Lazier
        e. (Mary) Salome 1781- m 1800 Gabriel Swinehart 1774-1804 
              German Twp, Montgomery Co, Ohio
           Ch:Anna (Shidler)1801-, Elizabeth (Ellis) 1803-, Gabriel 1804-
        f. (Dr) Joseph b 1783 d Apr 20-1837 m Sarah Mercer
           Ch: Blackstone 1817-1822, (Dr) Joseph H (1819-1886)
      2.Peter b Nov 15-1757 d Nov 2821845 m Sep 2 1786 (Mary) Anna Swigart 
           (dau of Daniel) b Dec 9-1764 d May 10-1835 - Maryland
           Ch: Catharine, Jacob, Mary, Hannah, Peter
      3.Rosina b c1759 d young
      4.Michael b Jan 9-1761, see below - m Catharine (dau of George)Balmer
      5.Susanna b 1763 d 1804 m John Moser, son of Conrad - d bef 1799 
           Washington Co, Pa
           Ch:Anna, Jonathan, Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah
      6.Catharine b Apr 7-1765 d Sep 22-1844 m Nov 28-1784 
           George Custer, son of Paul - 1744-1829 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio
      7.Joseph b Dec 10-1766 d Dec 7-1837 ml Elizabeth Margaret Rechner, 
           dau of Peter - d 1818, m2 Deborah --- b Dec 25-1766 d Dec 29-1853 
           no issue - Maryland
      8.Hannah b 1769 m John Baker
      9.(Anna) Mary b Apr 2-1772 d Oct 6-1841 ml Apr 22-1802 Isaac 
           Shriver d c1827, m2 Jonathan Moser 1785-1836 - no issue - Md
      10.Magdalena b Aug 11-1774 d 1843 m Abraham Moser b 1767 d before
           1805 Fayette Co, Pa - she to Ohio
      11.John b 1776 d Feb 21-1867 m Nov 28-1798 Catharine Miller, dau 
           of Joseph - b 1777 d Sep 18-1850 - Tuscarawas Co, Ohio 
           Kosciusko Co, Ind
           Ch: Daniel, Sarah, Catharine, Nancy, Elizabeth, Joseph,
              Isaac, Polly, John, Hannah
      JONATHAN LETTERMAN (Jonathan, Daniel, Daniel,)
       b Dec 11-1824 Canonsburg, Pa d Mar 15-1872 Sar~ Francisco, Cal
      M.D. Jefferson Medical College 1849. Organizer of the field 
      medical service of the Union Army in the Civil War. He completely 
      reorganized the field medical service. On Nov 13-1911 the 
      military hospital at San Francisco was designated the Letterman 
      General Hospital. 
              (Dictionary of American Biography.)
      MICHAEL LEATHERMAN b Jan 9-1761 d Apr 23-1811 m 1785
        Catharine Palmer b 1765 d Apr 25-1844 - Washington Co, Pa
      1.Elizabeth b 1786 m Jacob Custer 1782-1830 - she d Jan 21-1852
        Ch:Catharine, Susanna, Samuel, Elizabeth, George, Peter, Jacob, 
           John, Jonathan, Hannah, Daniel, Elijah
      2.John b Sep 2-1788 d Sep 20-1867 Washington Co, Pa m Apr 11-1816 
        Christina Myers b Oct 31-1792 d Feb 6-1881
        Ch:Demas, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Lydia, Catharine, 
           Rueanne, Lucy, Elvira Jane
      3.Magdalena b 1790 - Allen Co, Ohio m 1809 Jacob Swinehart 1787-1829
        Ch:David, Jacob, Sarah, Catharine, Susanna, Mary A, Elizabeth, 
           Lucinda, Rachel, Magdalena
      4.Catharine b Dec 25-1792 d Oct 18-1876 Knox Co, Ohio m 1813 
        John Diehl Baker d 1859
        Ch:  Jacob, John, Park, Addison, Eliza, Amos, Maria, Michael, 
        Catharine, Isaac, Sarah
      5.Daniel b 1794 d 1854 Linn Co, Iowa m Nov 24 1836 Rachel Swain
        d Apr 1892 to Allen Co, Ohio; then Iowa
        Ch:  John, Susanna, Mary, Daniel
      6 Peter b Jan 24-1795 d Jun 29-1874 Tuscarawas Co, Ohio m1 Elizabeth  
        Diven d 1863, m2 Susanna Madden 1828-1898      (Mar 11, 1819
        Ch:  Jacob, Phoebe, Michael, Deborah, Margaret, Simon, Demas, 
             Daniel Moses; William Jonathan
      7.Joseph b Jan 21-1797 d Sep 4-1881 Licking Co, Ohio ml Sarah -- -
        1797-1867,    m2 Catharine Miller (Bishop) b 1829 d 1908
        Ch:  George, Cyrus, Jack, Henry, Josie
      8.Michael b Jan 16-1799 d Jul 22-1866 Allen Co, Ohio m Dec 20-1820
        Hannah Oller 1801-1886
        Ch: Henry, Hiram, Michael, Sarah, Adam, John, Elizabeth, Thomas, 
            Catharine, Hannah
      9.Susanna b Nov 30-1801 d Mar 1-1878 Whiteside Co, Ill m Mar 11-
        1823 George Hurless - Tuscarawas Co
        Ch: Samuel, Cephas, Abner, Catharine, Parker, Martin
      10.Maria b Jul 2-1803 d 1883 Allen Co, Ohio m 1822 
         Richard Hill d 1847
         Ch: Asa, Eleanor, Polly, Elizabeth, Thomas
      11.Sarah b Aug 3-1805 d Feb 2-1896 Allen Co m Apr 6-1826 
         Robert Guthrie 1803-1887
         Ch: Catharine, John, Margaret, Maria, Demas, Elizabeth, 
             Susanna, Joseph, Sarah, Robert, Mary, William

This article was transcribed by Jeanne Walsh of Seward, NE in April 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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