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Craig Family
John CRAIG settled on 10 mile Creek 1774, according to his
Virginia Certificate issued about 1780 in Monongalia County W. Va.  This
became Amwell Towhship Washington Co., PA in 1781, later Morris, now 
South Franklin Twp.  he had four sons, Samuel and Robert had adjoining
warrents for 374, 300 and 234 acres respectively.  William bought 167 
acres nearby from John DODD in 1788.  [Note - this is exactly as the 
text appears.]

According to his grandson (Beers p. 1313), John CRAIG came from 
Ireland, when son William (B c1762) was "a small boy".  In 1784 John
CRAIG adjoined with Levi HOLLINGSWORTH and Thomas SHIELDS of 
Philadelphia to take out 54 warrants (440 ac each) on vacant land in
(now) southwestern Washington and (now) northwestern Greene Cos.  CRAIG
obtained 18 of the warrants, a total of 7200 acres.  INn 1792 as a 
non-resident he was assessed for 5000 acres in Finley (now Richhill)

As agreed September 17, 1784, John CRAIG on Oct. 5, 1786
(Washington Co., DB D-45) sold 600 acres to his sons, Samuel, Thomas,
William, Robert and Jesse (a minor) and 600 acres to his daughters,
Cynthia, Desdemona, and Artimes.  Numerous deeds tell of the disposal of
this land.

John CRAIG "Esq.", was taxed for land in present day South Franklin 
1782-1787.  In 1790 census listed John, William and Robert.  Samuel left in
1790.  John's name is on the tax list in 1793 for the last time.  Thomas
left that year for (West) Virginia.  In 1793 John was a non-resident in
Richhill Twp., now Greene Co.  In 1794 John and Jesse were
non-residents.  John likely moved to Richhill about 1796 and lived with
Jesse, who had a house with $70 and 400 acres in 1798.  John is in the
Richhill 1800 Census.  The last record of John is when he patented land
on Richhill in 1802.  Jesse and Thomas are in the 1804 Richhill tax
list.  Robert left his farm in 1804.  Jesse was in Richhill Twp. in 1810,
Thomas in 1810 and 1820.  There were no further record of them.  William
remained in South Franklin.

John CRAIG b c 1730 d aft 1802 m c1755. left Ireland c1766,
settled in Washington Co., 1774.  Children named in Deed Book D-45.

1.  Samuel CRAIG b. c 1756, ensign under Capt. William LEET 1781-82, land
grant 1785, taxed 1782-89, sold land and left 1790.

2.  Thomas CRAIG B C1760, sergeant under Cat. William LEET 1781-82, may 

have gone to Kentucky or Ohio after 1820, m.1 c1788 Ann CLEMENS
daughter of James b. 1771 d c1802 Richhill Twp. (water of Wheeling 
Creek), in 1806 "late wife of Thomas CRAIG", Thomas m.2 1803.....b
c1789 taxed 1783-92, 1793 "gone", went to Parkersburg, (W.) VA,
returned to Richhill c1800, taxed 1804, census 1810, 1820.

a.  Jessie Richley CRAIG (MD), in Bethel, Ohio 1824; Cynthia, Ind. 1829; 
brother in Flemingsburg, Ky. and several others.

1818 a letter from Buffalo:

I met a daughter of Craig's, the father lives 20 or 30 miles off.

Mary C. Clemens history:

They first lived in the Old Clemens homestead in Washington County
and then moved to Virginia, a short distance below Marietta, Ohio.  They
afterwards returned to Pennsylvania on Wheeling Creek, where Ann (Nancy)
died.  Thomas married a second time a young girl about 14, the age of
his oldest daughter, the youngest was 2.

3.  William CRAIG b c1762 Ireland d July 30, 1823, about 60, at son's 
near Cinncinnati on returning from Indiana (Washington Examiner) m 1787
Ludia (likely dau of Thomas) STOKELY b c1767 d June 26, 1848, taxed 
from 1787, bought 167 acres oct. 22, 1788 from John DODD, now S. 
Franklin Twp., gristmill, squire, house worth $85. in 1798, children 
listed in Beer's p. 1313.
   a. Eli		b. May 17, 1788
   b. Otho		b. Apr. 2, 1790
   c. John		b. Sep. 2, 1792 ?d young
   d. Arthur		b. Jul. 13, 1794 son Ira
   e. Thomas		b. Mar. 13, 1796
   f. Elizabeth		b. Jul. 31, 1798
   g. Samuel		b. Jun. 22, 1800
   h. Prudence		b. Feb. 14, 1803 m May 7, 1829 Anthony TENNIS
   i. Cornelia		b. Feb. 14, 1803
   j. Martin Bom 	b. Feb. 8, 1808 m. Dec 24, 1831 Sarah Elliot.

4.  Robert CRAIG b. 1764 m. c1789 Sarah
    land grant 1785, taxed 1789-1803 house 1798 $16
    1800 Census 1 son 3 dtrs
    sold land and left 1804.

5.  Jesse CRAIG b. c1770, brothers sold him land in Richhill Twp., in
Richill 1792, and 1798, house worth $70.  on tax list 1804, in 1810
census 3 sons, 2 daughters.

6.  Cynthia CRAIG

7.  Desdemona CRAIG

8.  Artemis CRAIG

This article was transcribed by Jean Suplick of Plano, TX in October 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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