Bell Anthology - Militia

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

Washington County Militia Officers 1782
  July 1980
  Washington County Militia 1781-82
  (Pennsylvania Archives Series VI, volume 2)
  1-st Battalion
  Lt Col Henry Enoch, Morgan Twp
  Capts 	John Miller, Amwell
  	Andrew Farley, Amwell
  	James Archer, Cumberland
  	John Guthrie, Greene
  	Bejamin Stites, Morgan
  	William Crawford, Cumberland
  	John Huston, Cumberland
  	Jesse Pigman, Cumberland
  2nd Battalion
  Lt Col George Vallandigham, Robinson Twp
  Capts	Joseph Beelor, Peters
  	Zadock Wright, Robinson
  	William Bruce, Nottingham
  	Joseph Cessna, Peters
  	Samuel Cunningham, Peters
  	William Fife, Peters
  	James Munn, Nottingham
  	John Wall, Peters
  3rd Battalion
  Lt Col David Williamson, Donegal Twp
  Capts	George Sharp, Hopewell
  	Eleazer Williamson, Donegal
  	Abner Howell, Amwell
  	Andrew Swearingen, Cecil
  	David Hosack, Cecil or Hopewell
  	Timothy Downing, Hopewell
  	William Leet, Strabane
  	James Scott, Hopewell
  4th Battalion
  Lt Col John Marshal, Hopewell Twp
  Capts	William Scott, Hopewell
  	Charles Reed, Hopewell
  	Peter Kidd, Robinson
  	David Reed, Cecil
  	Thomas Rankin, Cecil
  	Henry Graham, Hopewell
  	Robert Miller, Cecil
  	Edmund Baxter, Hopewell
  5th Battalion
  Lt Col Thomas Crooke, Bethlehem
  Capts	Thomas Parkeson, Fallowfield
  	George Myers, Bethlehem
  	Ezekiel Rose, Bethlehem
  	James Hopkins, Fallowfield
  	Robert Sweeney, Bethlehem
  	James Craven, Somerset
  	Jacob White, Fallowfield
  	Robert Ramsey, Somerset

This article was transcribed by Cherie Clark of Charlotte, NC in August 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.