Bell Anthology - Leatherman

The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

Leatherman-Lederman Note

     In KEYHOLE for October 1991, XIX, 177, is a record of Daniel 
Leatherman, who did November 9-1797 in Frederick County, Maryland. 
Two of his sons: Daniel, died 1799 and Michael, died 1811, came to 
Washington County (Pa), as did a Christian Leatherman.
     Annette K. Burgert in her 1992 EIGHTEENTH CENTURY EMIGRANTS FROM 
THE NORTHERN ALSACE lists a Daniel Lederman, baptized at Langen-
soultzbach, Alsace November 6-1718 and a Christian Lederman born 
August 27-1730, baptized at Falckner Swamp (Pa). These were sons 
of Diebold Lederman and his wife, Mary Engel, of Mattstall, Alsace. 
Diebold landed at Philadelphia in 1727. Is this Daniel of 1718 the 
one who died in 1797?

This article was transcribed by Liz DuBois of Bremerton, WA in August 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

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