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The Robins Family of Cecil Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania
The record of this family is found in 3 wills: Job Robins, written and proved 1777 (Deed Book 1B41) - then Yohogania Co, VA - see KEYHOLE Oct 1991.
Daniel Robins (his brother), written 1777, proved 1797 (Will Book 1-326).
Ann Robins (their mother), written and proved in 1785 (Will Book 1-47).
Job and Daniel, both "very sick", wrote their wills about the time. Daniel survived for 20 years.

Job's will, written Aug 15, 1777, proved Aug 15, 1777 executors wife and Benjamin Custard; witnesses Joseph Brown and Francis Sproul; accounts filed 1792 by Custard. The will names children: Amos, James, Ann, John and wife Rebecca Elizabeth. Jams as son of Job of Cecil was over 14 in 1785, John under 14, Ann likely dead, Amos over 21. Job willed his farm to his sons Amos and James. They had it warranted under a Virginia certificate in 1785, patented in 1797 and sold in 1798. Amos is applying for the certificate, said a settlement had been made in 1773. The name of Amos appears nowhere else.

Daniel's will, written July 24, 1777, proved Aug 26, 1797, executors John Faucett and John Philips; witnesses John Bradley and Jacob Springer; no accounts filed. The will names mother Ann, brother-in-law John Philips, sister Ann, niece Jane Carter, brother Jacob, deceased brother of John. No wife ore child is mentioned. Daniel willed his land to John Phillips, but there is no record of a land grant. Strangely enough, the name of Daniel appears in no tax or census record, similar to that of Amos.

Ann's will, written Feb 15, 1785, proved Mar 31, 1785, executors John Faucett and Richard Boyce; witnesses Matthew McConnal, Robert Park, William Roberts; accounts filed 1786 by Faucett and Boyce. The will names her three daughters, Lesa Carter, Mary Philips and Agnes Donahue - also grandsons Amos, James, John Robins (sons of Job) and granddaughter Ann Philips. Philips and Donahue are not listed in Washington County in the 1790 census. They were taxed 1785.

In nearby Nottingham Township were a John Robins (1782-96) and Daniel Robins (1782-85), possibly cousins of Job. John (1760-1840) married Sarah Dailey. In 1790 they had 2 sons and 4 daughters.

From the above the following can be made: Ann Robins b c1710 d 1785 m c1739

1. Lesa m Carter - 1777 daughter Jane
2. Mary m John Philips - 1785 daughter Ann
3. Agnes m John Donahue
4. Ann - 1785 dead
5. Job b c1749 d 1777 m c1763 Rebecca Elizabeth ---
      a. Amos b c1764 ?d 1833 Salt Creek Twp, Holmes Co, Ohio m Elinor ---
      b. James b c1767 - 1785 over 14
      c. Ann b c1770 - 1785 dead
      d. John b c1773 - 1784 under 14
6. John - 1777 dead
7. Jacob - 1777 living
8. Daniel d 1797

The family may have originated in Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey for in the late 1700s these Robins names are found: Amos, Daniel, Job, John. No direct connection can be made. In nearby Monmouth County was a Robins Quaker Meeting House.

This article was transcribed by John Patterson of [TBD] in August 1999.

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