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The Raymond M. Bell Anthology

     In 1777 Samuel Byers, wife and all his children, except William, the oldest, settled in what is now East Finley Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania. They had originated in Chester County, Pennsylvania and had lived for a while in what is now Adams County, Pennsylvania. Samuel's brother, Andrew, was then living in Fayette County, just east of Washington. Indian attacks drove Samuel and family to Fayette County in 1782. The sons returned to Washington County before the father.
     The father of Samuel was likely James Byers. Samuel's wife was Jane White. They had 6 sons and 2 daughters. As late as 1789 Indians killed a family living near Byers'. Two sons went to Ohio, one to what is now Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. The five oldest served in the militia during the Revolution. The family was active in the West Alexander Presbyterian Church.
     Samuel Byers b. c1719 d. April 1796 m. c1750 Jane White 1727-1801
1.   William b. Feb 1751 d. c1822 Portsmouth, Ohio - to Ky 1794 - to Ohio 1805 - m1Dec 11-1781 Mary Munn (Froman) b. Apr 1-1761 d. 1807, daughter of John Munn, widow of Solomon Froman. William m2 May 25-1815 Hannah Smith (Bunnell)
     Children: Jane, Hannah, Margaret, William, Mary, Samuel, Nancy, Exira.
2.   Samuel b. c1753 d. Jan 19-1828 m c1781 Agnes Lawson, daughter of Thomas and Mary Lawson of Fayette Co.
     a. Thomas b c1782, single
     b. Mary b. Apr 28-1784 d. Sep 2-1872, single
     c. & d. son & daughter died young
     e. Jane b. 1792, single
     f. Agnes b. Dec 21-1795 d. Aug 15-1868, single
     g. Andrew b. c1798 m. Sarah --- b. 1808
     h. William b. c1800 d. 1834, single
     i. Elizabeth b c1802 m her 1st cousin Samuel Byers
3.   James b c1755 d Sep 7-1835, single
4.   Thomas b Sep 7-1757 d Aug 30-1825 m Sep 18-1783 Margaret (daughter of John and Sarah) Shannon b. Mar 30-1768 d Aug 4-1829
     a. Samuel (I) b Jul 10-1784 d Jan 16-1785
     b. John b Jul 22-1786 d Jul 27-1871 Batesville, Ark - m1 c1809 Sarah Bonar 1786-1817, m2 1822 Hannah Hadden, m3 Elizabeth Bolen 1793-1868
        Children: William, Thomas Newton, John Hancock
     c. Sarah b Mar 25-1788 d Mar 1880 Ripley, Ohio m May 11-1809 Adam Wylie 1785-1839
        Children: Thomas Byers, Adam Newton, Eliza, Margaret Shannon, W B Franklin
     d. Thomas b Apr 22-1790 d Sep 8-1863 Washington, Pa m Apr 5-1813 Margaret Hamilton 1794-1881
        Children: Robert Hamilton, Thomas S, Mary, Margaret, John C, Samuel, Alexander, Hetty, Sarah Ann
     e. Jane b Apr 3-1792 d Nov 4-1874 Washington, Pa m Sep 1-1814 David Stewart 1781-1852 West Union W Va
        Children: Mary, Margaret, Sarah, James, Jane H, Thomas B, Rachel W. Anne, Nancy B
     f. Margaret b Feb 7-1794 d May 1867 West Alexander, Pa m 1817 John McDonald 1788-1868
        Children: Thomas B, Barbara, Mary Shannon, Eliza J, George, John McClusky, Rachel
     g. Nancy (I) b Jan 9-1797 d Aug 25-1796
     h. Anne b Jun 25-1797 d Aug 26-1887 m May 25-1820 Andrew Yates 1795-1876 - lived Ohio Co, W Va
        Children: Mary Faris, Thomas, Byers T, Margaret Shannon, Willia, Andrew, Anna Byers
     i. James b Jun 20-1799 d Oct 18-1874 Wayne Co, Iowa m Apr 3-1823 Nary Stevenson, Thomas Marquis, John Wilson, Sarah, Margaret, James Edgar, Rachel Ann, Samuel, Elizabeth C
     j. Nancy (II) b Feb 21-1802 d May 8-1871 Belmont Co, Ohio m John Brice d 1881
        Children: Mary Jane, Thomas Byers, John, William Shannon, Margaret, Robert Stockton, Sylvester L, Rebecca Ann, Sarah E
     k. Rachel b Jun 22-1804 d Oct 5-1834 Sidney, Ohio m Oct 28-1824 Hugh Wilson 1795-1841
        Children: Thomas Byers, Robert Stewart, Thomas Shannon, Margaret Ann, Hetty Jane
     l. Samuel (II) b Jul 15-1806 d May 13-1840 Sidney, Ohio m Jul 14-1831 Ann Wilson
        Children: Rachel, Margaret, Esther, Sarah Jane
     m. William b Mar 8-1808 d Jun 4-1877 Butler Co, Pa m1 Apr 10-1834 Rebecca Ann McCurdy 1808-1855 m2 Mrs. Martha Thorne Oct 31-1856 - she d 1881
        Children: Margaret Jane, Rachel Mary, Thomas Shannon, James McCurdy, Matilda Agnes, William Stewart, John Eagleson, Rebecca Cecilia
5.   Agnes b c1759 - had daughter Ann Slone
6.   Rachel b c1761
7.   Ebenezer b 1763 living now Lawrence Co, Pa 1840 m ---
     Children: John, Ebenezer, Jane, Samuel (m 1st cousin Elizabeth Byers)
8.   Andrew b c1766 d Dec 30-1815 Belmont Co m c1793 Catherine Lawson, sister of Agnes, c1768-1856
     Children: Elizabeth, Samuel, Thomas, Andrew, Catherine, John, Sarah, Nancy
                           Raymond Martin Bell

This article was transcribed by Helen S. Durbin of Charleroi, PA in February 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.