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In 1789 5 Wolf brothers, sons of Peter Sr, were living in Washington County, Pa. They had come in the 1770s from the Swatara Creek region of what is now East Hanover Township, Dauphin County, Pa. Their names were: Jacob 45, Peter 44, John 42, Christian 39 & William 32. Nearby were 3 sisters: Barbara 41, wife of Lawrence Stricker, Rosana 38, wife of Michael Dennis - Christina 35, wife of Michael Ely.

The father, Peter Sr, was born at Gangloff, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany in June 1714. He landed at Philadelphia November 25-1740 with brothers John and Jacob. On August 8-1742 he married Hannah Wolf, born 1717 at Vigourie, Alsace. Tradition says that Peter Sr died in Washington County - possibly in 1789.

Jacob was the more prominent. When Indian attacks began about 1777 he built a fort and was named lieutenant in the militia. Lawrence Stricker also built a fort. The other Wolf brothers were privates. In 1793 Jacob was named squire. In 1798 he had a 2-story log house with 4 windows and 48 panes plus a kitchen. About 1802 he and others built Wolf's Meeting House, now the East Buffalo Presbyterian Church.

The children of Peter and Hannah were:

1. Magdalena b Jun 1-1743 m1 1761 George Helt, m2 1768 Christian Bamberger -
    Children (Helt) John, Thomas, George    
    Ch: (Bamberger) Magdalena, John, Christian, Michael, Anna, Catharine, William

2. Jacob b Jun 27-1744 d Apr 20-1835 Buffalo Twp, m1 1770 Elizabeth (daughter
    of Henry) Kline b 1752 d Sep 2-1817 m2 Aug 16-1819 Barbara (widow of Henry)     Reitzel d 1845
    a.   Sabina 1771-1845 m 1789 Hugh Henry Brackenridge 1748-1816
    b.   John 1773-1857 m 1793 Elizabeth (daughter of John) Devore 1776-1829
    c.   Mary 1776-1832 m 1794 William (son of) James Clemens 1767-1849
    d.  Barbara 1778-1861 near Louisville, Ky, m c1797 William McConnell
         1764-1826 Wheeling, W Va
    e.   Elizabeth 1780- m 1799 Abraham (brother of William) Clemens 1769-1841
    f.   Jacob 1781-1866 Troy Twp, Richland Co Ohio m c1818 Priscilla
         (daughter of Joshua) Martin 1787-
    g.   Margaret 1788-1859 Blooming Grove Twp, Richland Co, Ohio m c1808
         John (son of James) Cleland 1778-1828
    h.   Delilah 1791-1868 Blooming Grove Twp m c1810 John Magaw 1780-1857
    i.   Rosanna 1793- m1 1810 John Sherer d 1824  m2 1825 John Tarleton -1838
         - 1860 Rosana in Chillicothe, Ohio

3.  Peter b Aug 25-1745 d c1829 Knox Co, Ohio
     m c1770 Elizabeth (daughter of Simon) Ashbaugh 1753-bef 1840
    Ch: Catharine, John, Mary, Peter, Christian, George, Sabina, Eve, Susanna, Margaret

4.  John b Feb 2-1747 d Jan 15-1833 Canton Twp m 1776 Barbara ?Kline
     a. Jacob 1777-1857 m c1810 Catharina (daughter of Abraham) Bedillion 1793-1868
     b. John 1780-1860 m 1800 Catharine (daughter of ?David) Cook 1776-1852
     c. Mary 1782-1854 Indiana, enroute to Illinois m c1808 George Helt, above
     d. William c1784-1876 m c1803 Catharine (daughter of Michael ) Dennis
         c1784-1842 see below
     e. Catharine c1786-1878, single
     f. Henry c 1788- m Sarah Sears (widow of Joseph) Waters - Ohio
     g. Barbara c 1790 m c1808 Hugh Waters
     h. Hannah 1793-1880 Carrollton, Ohio m c1817 Henry (son of Abraham) Cox

5.  Barbara b Feb 5-1748 d 1817 m c1766 Lawrence (son of William) Stricker d Apr 1816
     Ch: Catharine, Christina, William, John, Jacob, Elizabeth, Hannah, Daniel, Mary

6. Elizabeth b Jun 3-1749 m Oct 20-1765 John Foulk

7. Christian b Dec 16, 1750 "went to Ohio" - ??d Shelby Co, Ky Mar 8, 1814
    wife Catharine

8. Rosana b Dec 5-1751 d c1815 m c1773 Michael Dennis b c1748 d May 1812
    Ch: Mary, Elizabeth, Philip, Christina, Catharine, Michael
          Hannah, John, David, Jacob

9. Susanna b Sep 2-1753 ?d young

10. Christina b Nov 25-1754 d 1822+ m c1775 Michael Ely "Jr" b c1750 d c1830
      Morrow Co, Ohio
      Ch: Peter, ?Catharine, Rosanna and 4 daughters

11. William b Mar 14-1757 d Oct 16-1839 Washington Pa
      m1 c1781 Susan (daughter of Simon) Ashbaugh b 1759 d Jul 11-1818 -m2 ----
      a. Mary c1782 m c1800 James Skiggin
      b. William 1784-1838 m c1809 Margaret Schuster 1790-1867
      c. Peter 1786-1865 m1 Sarah McGonigal 1790-1846 m2 Nancy --- 1794-1880
      d. John 1789-1868 Wheeling, W Va m1 c1811 Frances Dagg
          m2 1839 Lucinda Baker 1796-
      e. Elizabeth c1791- W Va, single
      f. Simon S 1793-1879 m c1817 Mary Daniels 1798-1878
      g. Christopher 1798-1882 St Francisville, Missouri
          m1 c1821 Eleanor ?Taylor 1796-1845  m2 1848 Margaret Wilson 1821-1884
      h. Susan 1802-1865+ m 1820 Leonard (son of Henry) Dickerson
          b 1801 - 1850 Washington Twp, Morrow Co, Ohio

12.  Daniel b May 21-1759 ?d young

                                                                          Raymond Martin Bell

This article was transcribed by Jeanne Walsh of Seward, NE in March 1998.

Raymond M. Bell Anthology     Genealogy in Washington Co., PA

Published with permission of Raymond M. Bell.